How a new Yorba Linda Personal Trainer is shaping people up fast…

You don’t need to live in the gym to lose inches off your waist


If you are a busy individual (like most people are in Yorba Linda) then you might find it increasingly hard to keep up with a Fitness regimen.

You want to lose weight, tone-up, burn fat, and fit in smaller sizes…but you just get too busy at times.

Me being a Yorba Linda Personal Trainer I know too well that many of you have started a routine in the past…only to lose motivation within months and return back to square one swiftly. I understand things get hectic at times. Especially when you have this thing called a life. And that life is having you work over 40 hours per week, taking your kids to school…and not to mention the dishes – that’s a never ending story by itself.

I understand if you’re frustrated about your lack of workout time. I’ve been there myself. Up until my early twenties I figured I had ‘better things to do’ than wait in line for cardio equipment at the nearest gym…

…Until I shifted my thinking. The fact was, I was dead tired of the way I looked. And even more tired of the way I was feeling. It would be a struggle to get out of bed, and I had a hard time concentrating on difficult subjects in school.

All these negative emotions led me to fully devote myself to get into shape. I had always secretly wanted a six-pack…but I always thought it wasn’t for me. Ironically the only things holding me back were these self-limiting beliefs.

You become what you think about…that goes for your stomach as well… 

If you want a flat stomach you’ll need 4 main components. These include a solid Fitness program, an exciting Cardio routine, a healthy amount of motivation, and healthy eating habits.

There’s actually a whole lot more, but I don’t want to overwhelm most readers of this page with some technical info on how-to-lose-weight. However, if you want to learn more on my secret routines and workout tips, enter your information in that red box at the top right corner of this page. I’ll then keep you updated 2 times a month with some insider secrets that tell the truth on getting results.

And we all want to get results. Whether you want to lose weight, tone & firm, or you are already in shape but you want to stay that way…Having a Personal Trainer in Yorba Linda may just be the next best thing you can do for yourself. I’m saying it ‘may just be’…but in reality, if you sign up with me you are guaranteed to see results. 


Yorba Linda Personal Training testimonial

With our Yorba Linda Personal Training program and Personal Training in Villa Park…we deliver full-body workouts that turn your body into fat burning mode so you won’t waste any time in your efforts. Besides this I will take you to school on nutrition and teach you step-by-step how to opt for a healthy lifestyle (I don’t use the word ‘diet’).

To get started you must first try me out for a session. This session costs $1, and after the first session you can tell me whether you liked it or not – it’s your decision and you’ll have no obligation to buy any package. Here’s what you need to do: 

Call (562) 413-6325


Or (to see more raving testimonials) visit


Yorba Linda Personal Trainers

In case Yorba Linda is a little out of your area, Straight-Up Fitness can also accommodate your needs through a carefully selected amount of Fullerton Personal Trainers.


Yorba Linda was the birthplace of one of USA’s most controversial president, Richard Nixon. And though there were some movies filmed in Yorba Linda in the 1950’s, the city of Yorba Linda always developed itself rather quietly to the beautiful streetscape that it provides at the moment. I started delivering my Yorba Linda Personal Training after I got referred to a Doctor living in Yorba Linda through a Psychologist living in Villa Park. Soon enough both these clients wanted to train at the same time so I decided to meet up with them both in Yorba Regional Park and started somewhat of a boot camp. The very first time I did this I was asked for my business card by several Yorba Linda residents and ever since I have been pretty booked with boot camps in Yorba Linda. For me I can’t think of anything better as I love the environment and that’s why I’d be happy to have my Yorba Linda Personal Training program continue for years on end.

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