Personal Training in Villa Park takes a new turn

Have you tried to tone up your hips & thighs, and flatten your stomach…but nothing you ever do seems to really work?…Then read this page, I know how you feel…

Dear Villa Park,

We all want to look like a Million dollars. However, nowadays there are a little too many ‘magic-bullet’ products on the market that promise you the body of your dreams…and this just leads to more confusion.

As a Personal Trainer in Villa Park I have trained many clients who, up until they met me, would actually spend too much time on their workouts. See, the secret to having a real fat-burning workout is to constantly be moving. But if you go to your local gym you’ll probably  see 2 types of workouts taking place – either cardio OR resistance training.

Both of these are good, though each only serves one single purpose. The solution is to perform workouts that incorporate a Total Fitness approach…I believe that’s why so many Villa Park residents get frustrated with their ‘lack of time’ to workout. They think they need to do 40 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weight training…and who really has time for that anyway?I used to think the same way, until I decided to study the science behind Fitness and Weight Loss to get myself into shape. The truth is, I know exactly how it feels to be overweight and constantly out of breath.

The first 20 years of my life went by without me ever being happy with the way my body looked. At a certain point I got so frustrated that I made the definite decision to do whatever it took to achieve my Fitness goals. All in all it took me over a year to finally get it right and come up with my own Fitness Formula – since then I’ve been using it on my Villa Park and Orange Personal Training programs with great success. I have tried every single “fast & easy” technique on the market…all with no result. So rest assured, I know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Because of my own experiences and studies, I go so far as to guarantee your Fitness results. I understand losing weight can be very challenging – I’ve been there myself. And quite frankly I would have never hired a Personal Trainer in Yorba Linda or Villa Park back in the day. I would think it’d be too risky. That’s why I want my clients to feel comfortable in the process, knowing that they either improve their total lifestyle, or not pay a dime.

Tone-Up your entire body now, while you still can

So far I have a 100% success ratio with my Villa Park Personal Training clients, and if you want to be the next one all I ask from you is to truly desire to look great in a bathing suit. Desire is always the starting point of success, and I am hesitant to accept any clients that aren’t willing to fully go for it.

To get started I can offer you a first session at the cost of $1. If you like my style of Personal Training and you feel it would be a good fit for your needs, we can take it from there. However, I’d understand if you want some more information, so to read more testimonials or find out what it is you REALLY get with my Villa Park Personal Training, visit:


Villa Park Personal Trainers

Or call Today

(562) 413-6325

Many Villa Park residents may work close to home in nearby cities. Therefore we can also provide you with one of our elite Placentia Personal Trainers.

Villa Park is one of my personal favorites to perform my Personal Training. With many other cities, limited space may force me to meet up with clients at local gyms or parks – which are awesome as well – yet with my Villa Park Personal Training program I often have the luxury of delivering my Personal Training in my clients’ front yard or even driveway for that matter. Up until this very day I have not failed on any of my Villa Park Personal Training clients, which is greatly due to their everlasting persistence in working out hard and listening to what I tell them to do. In Villa Park it seems results come faster than average, which is why I am expecting to see many more testimonials and before/after pictures come from Villa Park exclusively in the nearby future.

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