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Here’s How Our “Rapid Fat Loss Program” Can Make You Lose 6 Inches Off Your Waist

(…In Less Than 21 Days)







21 Days of Fit Body Boot Camp including a Tailored Meal Plan to make you Burn the Maximum amount of Fat, for $247




From: Michael Duivis
Date: Saturday Sep 11, 2010
Los Angeles, CA


Wouldn’t you like an easy, proven, and low cost program for getting the body of your dreams?


If so, I’d like to give you 21 days access to Fit Body Boot Camp. We have helped hundreds of once-frustrated exercisers trim down their entire body without wasting any time. Best of all I’d like to give you all 21 days for only $97.


But before you start questioning “Why?”…



Here’s the Catch…or better put, Here’s my Sneaky Reason for practically GIVING AWAY almost an Entire Month of Boot Camp…


It’s simple really…


…It’s because I know that once you start seeing the inches melt away, once you start feeling more energetic, and once you start getting compliments from people you don’t even know on how great you look…all in such a short amount of time…that you’ll keep coming back to Fit Body Boot Camp for all of your fitness needs.


Another reason is that we just opened up a brand-spanking new indoor facility in the city of Norwalk. So instead of spending tons of money on expensive advertising, I’d rather take on 12 clients who live in the area on a discount…just to create a ‘buzz’ in the neighborhood.


And to make this even better…our “Rapid Fat Loss” program will be fully geared towards making you lose the maximum amount of fat in the shortest amount of time possible. So even if you were to never come back to us…you’ll still get into shape FAST.


So really this is a win/win proposition, wouldn’t you agree?




“Done Bootcamps in the Past, but NOTHING comes close to this!”







“I’ve seen my Body Completely Change and I can do things I could never do Before!”







“We’ve lost inches…MANY MANY Inches!”

















How Did Fit Body Boot Camp come to happen? And Why Do We Guarantee Results?


We guarantee that you get the results you want because we’re THAT confident in our program. I know myself how it feels to be out of shape and totally unhappy with the way my body looked. On top of that, I have horrible genetics that make it very hard for me to keep the fat off. I used to feel I had to eat perfect all the time just to keep my weight the same.




At a certain point in my life I decided to do whatever it takes to get that dream body that I wanted…but because I was too eager, I opted for all the ‘quick fixes’, such as the weight loss pills, workout dvds, liquid diets, low-carb diets, etc, etc. And NOTHING seemed to work. Although I would see results initially, it wouldn’t take long before I bounced back to my old habits.


All in all, I realized I needed a lifestyle change. And especially after making all those silly mistakes at first, I knew I needed a proven workout regimen, healthy eating habits that any regular person can stick to, and a positive mindset to keep me going towards my goal.




And this is where everything changed. I practically got into mindblowing shape overnight, and it wasn’t long before I decided to pursue my career in what I was passionate about. Therefore I opened up Fit Body Boot Camp to share my Fitness Formula with as many people as possible in both the Culver City and Norwalk/Downey area…





Here’s what you get with the “Rapid Fat Loss Program”…


  • 3 Weeks Access to the most Cutting-Edge and Advanced Workouts in your neighborhood – We combine SCIENCE with proven workout techniques and make it FUN so you’ll transform your own body FAST.
  • Consistency – Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it…So next January I want you to skip the “new years resolution” craze – because you’re already fit and you kept at it all-year long (57% of US population who starts working out on their own, quits within 60 days…that won’t be you)
  • Ongoing coaching – If fitness would come in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. That’s why we’re here for you 24/7 to coach and motivate you through the transformation that will change your life!
  • Fun workouts – 63% of America has issues at work that include a mean boss, incompetent coworkers, and an overload of stress. Release all that negativity with fun workouts that improve your attitude, energy, and life in general. Plus, if it wasn’t fun you’d probably not show up.
  • Individualized workout plans – Ever wondered whether your exercise was actually ‘doing something’? NO more of that! With my instructions and routines your every move makes sense.
  • Nutritional guidance – Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork… Instead, go to school with us on nutrition and you will finally discover what to eat, when to eat, and even how to eat. I warn you, you’ll be shocked when I tell you what foods are bad and how bad they really are (…you probably had one of them in the last 24 hours)
  • Workouts that push you beyond your comfort zone – If necessary, we’ll put you on track. And we have no problem in pushing you to get things going for you.



I think we all know that being fit is worth a million dollars by itself. You only have one body and treating it right is priceless. However, you get everything for just one small investment of $97. And just to take any doubt away that you may have about this special discounted 21-day program…we also offer an amazing guarantee that no other boot camp can match:





For only $97, (less than $4.62 per day) you get 3 weeks access to SoCal’s #1 Rated Fitness Boot Camp. Our workouts are proven to make you trim down, and we guarantee you’re going to love the results you get from training with us.





Comitted to your success,
Michael Duivis
1 (800) 425-1296



P.S. Just so you know, some people think our previous clients on this site had some “magical genetics” which made it easy for them to get in shape so fast. But this whole thing is not about them, it’s about our Fitness Formula.






Around 10 years ago I stumbled onto a discovery that has become Fit Body Boot Camp’s very own “Unstoppable Fitness Formula”. Since then, I have continually worked away, refining it, adding to it, perfecting it.

The result is a workout program that has given people real results time and time again. We’ve practically done all the work for you, all you have to do is show up!



P.P.S. We’re only taking on 12 people, and this is NOT some fake scarcity method. Our purpose is to create a buzz in the neighborhood, and this special is therefore only reserved for our newest locations only. We don’t even make a profit off of this (… we’re practically giving it away), so I’m pretty sure this will sell out soon.



P.P.P.S. Remember, your success is totally guaranteed! If you follow our workouts and mealplan advice and you still can’t make it work, we’ll refund you every last penny of your investment!


Fair enough?



$247 $97


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