It feels good to work with a variety of extraordinary clients. Throughout my career I have trained many great clients who like to have a positive outlook on things just like I do. Somehow all my clients find themselves to become more results-focused as time goes on and I am honored that they have turned to Straight-Up Fitness for their fitness coaching. I was told that one will not fully believe anything until it is heard from others, so below please see what some of my clients wanted to mention about Straight-Up Fitness Personal Training:

Here is a video testimonial from my long-term client Anita:

Linda lost 80 lbs and is still going strong:

“I have been overweight and a classic yo-yo dieter for most of my life. Although I would lose weight, I would eventually grow bored and go back to my old ways, regaining it all over again (and then some). The only exercise I ever felt I could do was walking. Just as I grew bored with dieting, the walking would eventually stop as well; and I could never seem to get the two in sync. Still one not to give up, I visited with my doctor and mapped out a plan. She gave me healthy guidelines for both diet and exercise, but I admitted to her that I was intimidated by a gym.

By this time, I was well on my way with proper nutrition, but lacked the knowledge and discipline to ‘go it alone’ with my fitness goals. Therefore I decided to try Straight-Up Fitness through a trial of 3 sessions. Although I was skeptical at first to stick to a fitness regimen, I felt comfortable with Michael right away and signed up for three months of personal training.

He constantly worked with me on body mechanics, form and technique. Through the weeks and months I not only began to see results, but I was having fun. Finally, I understood how exercise and nutrition work together! After the three months were complete, I immediately signed up for another three. Michael believed in me from the start, even before I did, and continues to push me forward towards my goals. I have lost 80 lbs to date and feel like I am finally adopting the way of life I have always been striving for.

Thanks, Michael!”

Jennifer was referred to me through her friends:

Patricia always gives me 100%:


“As a real-estate agent I believe it is imperative to make a good impression onto my clients, so of course I always want to look as good as possible. I really can not waste any time with useless workouts, so I need a workout that is efficient and delivers results. This is why last year I shopped around for a Personal Trainer. I came across Michael and decided to go with him due to his professional attitude in our first meeting. I have 5 kids, yet Michael knows exactly how to keep me trim, plus I really enjoy his sessions and the way he targets my problem areas. It’s fun to train with him and my results have been outright amazing. Not only do I feel great, I’m also more confident and I have more energy to spend on my family. I truly recommend him to everyone out there looking for a trainer that will bring the Highest Value.”

Yessenia has been training with me since day 1:

Here’s what Maria had to say:


“I have always wanted a dream body, ever since I was in high school. But as work and family happened I never committed to get in great shape. I lost faith in it ever happening until I met Michael through a close friend who had trained with him earlier. I never really considered having a personal trainer; I was too busy with my career. I figured I just needed to do some cardio, eat breakfast, and do some jumping jacks whenever I had time. But after trying Michael out for a couple of sessions I was proven very wrong. Not only did he open my eyes on fitness and well-being, he also taught me how to workout by myself so I can squeeze it into my busy schedule.
Now, my clients admire me. They find it incredible that I work so hard but stay in shape. Since starting with Michael I lost 25 lbs and I feel great throughout the day. The only downfall is that I had to buy a whole new wardrobe, all of my old clothes are too big for me now…”

Juanita has been losing 2 lbs a week ever since she started:


“I love training with Straight-Up Fitness because I can workout on my own terms. Before I would spend money on gym memberships every month and I would never see results. Through Michael I learnt that it’s really not impossible to lose those love handles. I can not rave enough about how my body looks and feels now that I have trained with Michael. I feel like I am getting younger every day, and I really don’t think I’m going to stop any time soon!”

Don’t wait, schedule today! Call me at (562) 413-6325 or email me at
I look forward to hearing from you.

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