Exercise Programs


Bell Gardens Exercise – Get the best results of your life all in just 1 hour of exercise per day.

Beverly Hills Exercise – Did you know that regular exercise improves your posture as well as your vigor throughout the day? Just a few more reasons to come check out our bootcamp in (city).

Century City Exercise – Exercise your way to a happier life, healthier body, and a new you that looks revitalized and both stunning in a bathing suit.

Cerritos Exercise – To get the most out of life, your daily routine should consist of a healthy breakfast, brushing your teeth, and 1 hour of awesome exercising per day – that will keep the doctor away.

Corona del Mar Exercise – No more sleepless nights for you on how to lose the stubborn fat when you sign up for Fit Body Boot Camp’s ultimate fat-loss exercise program. Jump in today and experience a workout solution that takes no prisoners in melting all the fat off your body.

Costa Mesa Exercise – Millions of people wonder every day what the best type of exercise is to get fit and look great with no clothes on… now you’ll have the answer to all this by test-driving our Costa Mesa exercise program.

Culver City Exercise – Try us out and we’ll promise that you won’t forget any of the exercises you do in our fun fitness boot camp. And you’ll achieve unforgettable results by the intensity of our workouts, so much that you’re going to have a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Downey Exercise – With Fit Body Boot Camp slowly taking over the city of Downey, it’s becoming pretty obvious what exercise program is the #1 pick for all men and women.

Fountain Valley Exercise – To really get tone and firm you’ll need to reduce your body fat. There are no such things as ‘spot reduction’, contrary to what most Fountain Valley exercise programs want you to believe.

Huntington Beach Exercise – Wake up to a bowl of oatmeal and go to bed after having a cup of fat-free cottage cheese – that’s a perfect way to make sure your exercise efforts do not go to waste.

Irvine  Exercise – Don’t be a prisoner to the tedious and boring Irvine exercise programs that repeat the same thing day after day. Instead, join up with Fit Body Boot Camp and get into the very best shape you ever could dream of!

La Mirada Exercise – Click on this link and you’ll find just a few reasons to come try Fit Body Boot Camp and their unstoppable formula for fitness which will trim you down in a matter of weeks.

Laguna Beach Exercise – Who ever stated that doing machines at the gym is a great way to exercise for fat loss must have never heard of Laguna Beach’s own Fit Body Boot Camp.

Los Angeles Exercise – Girls, never worry if you’ll get too big when you use weights in your exercise program. Just make sure to eat a little bit less than you need to lose weight when you exercise.

Mar Vista Exercise – The best way to get healthy is to up your exercise and eat the same. So don’t drop your calorie intake to an absurd level, instead increase your exercise so your arteries, cholesterol, and overall body notice the difference and improved their functions.

Marina del Rey Exercise – Cutting carbs is something that genius marketers are using every day to sell the latest and greatest ‘low-carb-craze’ product. Try to steer away from these silly products and realize that your body needs carbs in order to survive, and then in particular your brain.

Newport Beach Exercise – Newport Beach locals are raving to find out what exercises are next in their bootcamp workouts at Fit Body Boot Camp. What’s so surprising is that they’re doing extremely new things and seeing much better results than before.

Newport Coast Exercise – Our exercise program in Newport Coast is big on bodyweight training. Our philosophy is that if your body can not carry it’s own weight first, how are you supposed to load it up with extra weight?

Norwalk Exercise – The guys from the movie 300 used the very same exercises that we do in our Fit Body Boot Camp in Norwalk. Come try us out to see how much you can handle.

Pico Rivera Exercise – There really is no difference in exercising when one wants to lose weight or tone up. It is all based on having the most amount of calories burned in the shortest amount of time. That’s exactly what we look to accomplish in Fit Body Boot Camp in Pico Rivera.

Santa Fe Springs Exercise – Who else is looking to get rid of their unhealthy habits and join Santa Fe Springs’s #1 exercise program where the pounds literally fly away?

Santa Monica Exercise – Exercise has never been this much fun with Fit Body Boot Camp now in Santa Monica. Many are claiming that it is some sort of ‘playground for adults’. Come see what they’re talking about.

South Gate Exercise – This is your golden opportunity to see what South Gate and it’s 5 neighboring cities have been raving about for quite some time now. It has everything to do with exercising and it is guaranteed to make you tone up in the blink of an eye.

Venice Exercise – Venice exercise programs are slowly joining forces to see if they can possibly match the true greatness of Fit Body Boot Camp and their secret formula that has made Chris lose 43 lbs and has returned Jane back to her originally body that she had before having a baby.

Whittier Exercise – It would be a shame for you not to join Whittier’s new exercise program when practically everyone else is and is seeing impeccable results.


Workout programs


Bell Gardens Workout – Have you heard about these LA people eating whatever they want… and still looking lean throughout the day? It must be because of their workout…

Beverly Hills Workout – Got major fitness goals that you want to accomplish no matter what? Work it out with our workout where your body will get worked intensely.

Century City Workout – Most workouts get stale after only a few weeks of doing them, that’s why with Century City’s Fit Body Boot Camp we switch them up every day!

Cerritos Workout – Look stunning in a bathing suit thanks to our workout program in Cerritos – so many others have done it, now it’s your turn.

Corona del Mar Workout – No other workout in the world will have you coming back for more like with our bootcamp. Get rid of the jiggle in a heartbeat and come to feel like a champion after achieving the body you so badly wanted for so long.

Costa Mesa Workout – Take action and test out our workout in Costa Mesa that will leave your legs shaking in anticipation for what’s next.

Culver City Workout – We’re so confident in our Culver City workout program that we guarantee your results with an unheard of offer that literally takes away any risk you may have had.

Downey Workout – There’s really no reason NOT to try out our Downey workout. Click here and look at the testimonials to see what type of results you can expect.

Fountain Valley Workout – Get into our bootcamp in Fountain Valley and work out as hard as you can for just an hour – doing so will give you unsurpassable results that will get you into amazing shape practically overnight.

Huntington Beach Workout – We designed our workouts in Huntington Beach to be quick, efficient, and fun. Combine these 3 together with a solid nutrition guidance and you’re set for success with us.

Irvine  Workout – Only go to this workout page if you want to see how Irvine is slowly turning into workout fiends through our fitness boot camp.

La Mirada Workout – Working out on your own in one way to go about your fitness goals. However if you desire to get more accountability and have tons of fun in the process, consider doing a group workout. Many La Mirada locals are now fans for life and couldn’t imagine ever going back to the regular solo training they used to do before.

Laguna Beach Workout – Too many girls in Laguna Beach believe that working out with weights will make you bulky. We totally understand this, however we’re here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. If you use weight training type workouts you’ll find yourself to get toned much quicker than if you were to do just cardio.

Los Angeles Workout – Lose weight, feel great with Los Angeles’s top-rated workout program

Mar Vista Workout – When you start this Mar Vista workout you’ll never really know what exercise you’ll be doing next since we switch it up every single time. This causes something called ‘muscle confusion’ and it shakes up your results by never having your body ‘know’ what to expect.

Marina del Rey Workout – Workouts in the morning have been proven to make people stick with their fitness routines much longer than people who work out at night. In fact, you’re nine times more likely to stay consistent if you get it over with in the morning. Rise and shine!

Newport Beach Workout – We offer workouts as early as 5am in Newport Beach – are you up for the challenge? If so, be prepared to start looking wonderful within just a few weeks.

Newport Coast Workout – You can set anything you put your mind to, however when it comes to your fitness goals you can always use some extra help – here is where Fit Body Boot Camp’s ultra-effective workouts come in handy and push you that much further than you would yourself.

Norwalk Workout – With our Norwalk workouts you’ll get more energy throughout the day – and there is really no value you can put on something like that. You’ll probably be better at your job, you’ll make more friends, and you may even improve your current relationships while you’re at it.

Pico Rivera Workout – If you live in Pico Rivera, here are 6 great reasons to start working out today and not tomorrow.

Santa Fe Springs Workout – If only you started this Norwalk workout program 2 months ago, then you would’ve been on our website as another success story with amazing fitness achievements. However, it’s never too late! Get on board today and see for yourself how much fun these workouts really are.

Santa Monica Workout – Don’t spend money on buying clothes, at least not for the next couple of months as you may likely end up losing a bunch of sizes when you start this new type of workout in Santa Monica.

South Gate Workout – Regular workouts are stale and boring compared to this supersonic new workout – just click to see what’s going on in South Gate.

Venice Workout – Here’s a new type of workout that doesn’t involve any of the usual boring cardio sessions or complicated weight-lifting routines. In fact, everything is done for you, all you have to do is just show up.

Whittier Workout – The last thing you’ll want to do is skip your workout and say “you’ll make up for it tomorrow”, read here why…



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