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Bell Gardens Health Club – Are you tired of standing line for the darn cardio machines at the Bell Gardens health club? Then this little page might just have exactly what you’re looking for so that your workouts will from now on be perfect and fast.

Beverly Hills Health Club – Fact is, most Beverly Hills health clubs don’t really want you to come back as soon as you sign on the dotted line for a membership. However, they love to keep billing you of course.

Century City Health Club – If everyone that ever signed up to the health clubs in Century City would show up every day of the week, the fire marshalls would have to shut the building down… So how anxious do you think the health clubs are to get you back in?

Cerritos Health Club – Think twice before getting in with that Cerritos health club – you may just regret it when you see how busy it often gets.

Corona del Mar Health Club – Get fit in a heartbeat, so fast that you’re friends and family will believe you used magic.

Costa Mesa Health Club – When it comes to the health clubs in Costa Mesa, be prepared to share the facility with hundreds of others.

Culver City Health Club – Flat stomachs are guaranteed with Fit Body Boot Camp – who else can make such a bold promise with a workout program like ours?

Downey Health Club – Ever had definition in your arms that made people turn their heads twice in amazement as you walked by? This is your chance!

Fountain Valley Health Club – Who ever through Fit Body Boot Camp would outsell the health clubs in Fountain Valley and still keep that personal touch which keeps the members coming back for more every day.

Huntington Beach Health Club – Girls, don’t worry about getting bulky if you lift weights. That’s one of the biggest fitness myths around and it will seriously prevent you from truly getting the body that you deserve. Not only does resistance training make you stronger and more firm, it also improves your immune system so that you’re full of energy throughout the day. Just don’t overdo it to the point where you’re sore for many days.

Irvine  Health Club – If you train under the guidance of Fit Body Boot Camp’s highly qualified instructors you are certain to get the 100% correct techniques to achieve that body of your dreams. Never again will you do any exercise wrong or waste time on stuff that gets you nowhere.

La Mirada Health Club – Don’t be fooled by how big the health clubs are in La Mirada, many times the personal training skills lack in experience and once you’re there you’re out on your own to achieve the fitness goals you so desperately desire( with no help at all).

Laguna Beach Health Club – What would you rather pay? $1 per day for access to a bunch of machines or $6 a day for 5 days of fitness boot camp per week where you make a bunch of friends and workout in a group that keeps you consistent towards the sexy legs of your dreams?

Los Angeles Health Club – For the legs that look more toned than anyone else in a radius of 60 miles from Los Angeles, look no further than Fit Body Boot Camp and their unstoppable fitness formula.

Mar Vista Health Club – Get the best results of your life all in just 1 hour of exercise per day.

Marina del Rey Health Club – Did you know that regular exercise improves your posture as well as your vigor throughout the day? Just a few more reasons to come check out our bootcamp in Marina del Rey.

Newport Beach Health Club – Here’s how you can eat more and still lose weight – it’s all in the fitness formula used by Fit Body Boot Camp and their crazy energetic instructors who don’t take no for an answer.

Newport Coast Health Club – All killer and no filler in our fitness boot camp that is literally drawing all the Newport Coast locals into awesome shape.

Norwalk Health Club – Imagine how it would feel to finally get back into those skinny jeans after only a few hours of exercise per week? It’s an amazing feeling.

Pico Rivera Health Club – Who else is looking to leave their boring workout routine and replace it with something that gets mindblowing results without all the hassle of long cardio sessions and impossible diets?

Santa Fe Springs Health Club – No diets necessary when you skip the Santa Fe Springs health clubs and sign up for our boot camp instead. Try us out and you’ll feel your metabolism firing up to a million degrees.

Santa Monica Health Club – On a scale of 1 to 10 our bootcamp clients rate us 12, see here why – there’s really no risk!

South Gate Health Club – How does this fitness bootcamp become more popular than whichever health club in whatever city it goes? It makes you wonder on what types of exercises they do

Venice Health Club – The difference between Venice health clubs and personal fitness training boot camps is the individual attention and the amount of fun you’ll have in class.

Whittier Health Club – Make boatloads of friends while you get in shape with our boot camp and leave nothing to chance when it comes to losing that stubborn belly fat that, until now, seemed to never go away.





Bell Gardens Gym – Are you tired of being tired? Get the energy of a champion by attending our ‘unlike-any-other-gym’out-there’ bootcamp workout and see why we’re so excited about our fitness program.

Beverly Hills Gym – Never step foot in a gym again and still get the results of your life with one simple 60 minute workout per day, click here if you are curios how Beverly Hills does it.

Century City Gym – Men and women in Century City are burning fat left and right without any of the usual ‘gym horror stories’. Our bootcamp is quite the opposite of what you’d usually expect from a gym, no long lines and especially no meatheads in the free weight area.

Cerritos Gym – Even though our bootcamp is in the early morning, don’t skip breakfast before the workout. Your first meal of the day should be the biggest one, eat like a king in the morning and like a poor man at night.

Corona del Mar Gym – It’s amazing to see so many women eat cereal right before they go to bed. Sign up today with Fit Body Boot Camp and learn the right types of food to eat and when to eat them during the day.

Costa Mesa Gym – Discover here the 7 secrets why most people never see results at the Costa Mesa gyms.

Culver City Gym – With nearly all of our instructors coming from a gym environment before they applied to be a boot camp instructor, we know all too well how busy it can often get at these gyms and how difficult is is to get a quality workout in every time you visit.

Downey Gym – Lose weight, drop inches, and go down in size – all here at our amazing new bootcamp.

Fountain Valley Gym – Get that quality workout every single time you come to boot camp. In fact, if you feel like you’re not satisfied for whatever reason under the sun with us, we’ll just flat out refund you your money.

Huntington Beach Gym – Where the main Huntington Beach gyms are all about the numbers and selling the most amount of memberships, our bootcamp cares about your results. As long as you’re ecstatic about your experience with us we trust you’ll bring in a boatload of referrals.

Irvine  Gym – Whenever you refer a friend into our bootcamp you’ll get 50% off your next month. So really, all you have to do is get in amazing shape with us, tell your friends about us, and because they’ll probably notice how much better you look they’ll want to come with you to class. Super easy!

La Mirada Gym – Sonia lost 13 lbs with us, Kate dropped 4 sizes, and that was all in the very first month of bootcamp. So think twice before joining that gym nearby… does it promise results like we do?

Laguna Beach Gym – Your weight loss is our concern. We’ll make sure you get rid of every one of those last pounds as you slender yourself down to that beloved size 4,2, or 0.

Los Angeles Gym – Check this page to see the top 3 reasons why gyms in Los Angeles are slowly losing terrain to the bootcamps in LA and OC.

Mar Vista Gym – Have you ever skipped breakfast and felt ravenous later on the day? It’s all because your first meal of the day is by far your most important one. Skip breakfast and you’ll be entering the day with a low blood sugar level, and this causes fat storage like no other.

Marina del Rey Gym – The gyms in Marina del Rey won’t tell you this, but most women in Marina del Rey do not get enough protein. Make sure to get that chicken, turkey, or even red meat in at night. Not only does protein repair damaged muscle tissue, it also strengthens your immune system.

Newport Beach Gym – Even if you feel you’re too tied up at work to get fit and achieve your weight loss goals, you’ll have no excuse once you see how easy it is to get in shape with Fit Body Boot Camp. Just 1 hour per day can give you 300% more energy throughout the day.

Newport Coast Gym – Our bootcamp in Newport Coast will make sure you leave with strong hamstrings, this is often regarded as the most important muscle in your body. And it is also the tightest amongst most office workers as all they do during the day is sit down.

Norwalk Gym – Be sure of a size zero by this summer with Fit Body Boot Camp, no worries on your way to getting in supreme shape.

Pico Rivera Gym – If you already know what you want to accomplish, your best bet is to gou out and choose a workout program that is as close to a sure-fire way to results as it gets. Fit Body Boot Camp for instance, where they offer a 30 day guarantee for your satisfaction.

Santa Fe Springs Gym – Take it from an ex-personal trainer who used to slave away at the Santa Fe Springs gyms… you too can lose the fat and tone up your entire body, but you may not want to do so in a gym… read here why.

Santa Monica Gym – All you have to do to come try us out for 1 week free in Santa Monica is click on the big yellow buttons on this site and register to not only receive 7 days on the house, but also a bunch of free downloads.

South Gate Gym – Our instructors at our bootcamp are big on the transverse abs, these muscles are responsible for keeping your belly flat so you don’t have to ‘suck it in’ all the time.

Venice Gym – Come experience the workout that not other gym can match in Venice. But of course nothing what I say can mean as much as what your friends and neighbors have said about our fitness program, see inside for all the details.

Whittier Gym – Boy oh boy will you be looking great both in winter and summer time, no matter what the weather may be – you’ll stay fit year round because of our ever-changing workouts at Fit Body Boot Camp.

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