Weight Loss


Bell Gardens Weight Loss – Shedding the pounds has never been so easy, especially now that Fit Body Boot Camp  has an establishment in the beautiful city of Bell Gardens

Beverly Hills Weight Loss – Can you imagine how much better you’d look if you were to lose all those unwanted pounds, and do so in the fastest way possible? Well now you can with workouts that leave gasping for air and wanting more.

Century City Weight Loss – Don’t be fooled by the weight loss clinics promising you amazing results in Century City. What you really need is a solid workout program, solid eating habits, and a strong motivation. Here’s where you can get all that together in one exciting package.

Cerritos Weight Loss – Pave the way towards your weight loss goals with this proven formula for fitness and overall health in general. Click here to apply now for a free week trial in which you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Corona del Mar Weight Loss – This boot camp may be the bridge that will lead you over the troubled waters of your weight loss efforts. Come try us out today and find out for yourself why we are slowly but surely becoming the talk of the town in Corona Del Mar.

Costa Mesa Weight Loss – Most people confuse weight loss with fat loss. Over all of America there are millions of people looking to ‘lose weight’, not knowing that they really just need to lose the FAT. See, fat weighs more than muscle (a lot more actually), and you want a lot of muscle and as little fat as possible. So really, if you were to lose a bunch of fat and gain just a little bit of muscle… your weight would stay the same but your overall health would greatly improve. And here’s where most women get confused with what they really want. So as long as they see the numbers on the scale dropping they falsely assume they’re on their way to their goals. It’s a fact that low body fat percentages make you look lean and attractive, no matter how much you weigh. Really, as your bootcamp instructor… I really don’t care how much you weight (I really don’t), I care about your bodyfat percentage. It’s our job at Fit Body Boot Camp to bring that to an all-time low, and the way we do this is by raising the intensity in our workouts very high. This doesn’t mean your workouts will be unbearable, it just means that you’ll be doing the max amount of effort in the minimum amount of time (which is the definition of intensity). This is the number one way to burn that stubborn belly fat. No gimmicks or weight loss fads will ever get you the same results as this little technique. Period.

Culver City Weight Loss – Click on this page and see how you too can get rid of the fat, and not the fun, of your weight loss efforts, trials, and tribulations.

Downey Weight Loss – Losing weight can be lots of fun with bootcamp, it’s unlike anything else out there and you’ll burn off the unwanted pounds without even noticing it.

Fountain Valley Weight Loss – Some say success is not for everyone, but we can guarantee that anyone who joins Fit Body Boot Camp will get back into the body of their dreams.

Huntington Beach Weight Loss – Stop watching what you eat and skipping the exercise. Of course we want you to make healthful choices in the kitchen, but much rather we’d have you up the exercise so you’ll actually burn the calories off (and not starve yourself).

Irvine Weight Loss – For a successful weight loss campaign in Irvine watch out for the “I’ll workout tomorrow” trap and watch out for the cookie monster that will feed you those fried fattening oreos which you know will ruin your journey towards the body that you want. Whenever in doubt of whether you should have the cookie, think of how you’ll feel 5 minutes after eating it.

La Mirada Weight Loss – Now that everyone in La Mirada is losing weight so fast, you’re next! Sign up today for Fit Body Boot Camp and get the body you deserve.

Laguna Beach Weight Loss – Our workouts are never the same at our Laguna Beach boot camp. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever done the same workout twice, this is a little trick we use to speed up your weight loss so you never reach a plateau ever again.

Los Angeles Weight Loss – Russian twists, Burpees, Lungejumps, obstacle courses and more. It’s all in a day’s work at our boot camp in Los Angeles. It may sounds complicated and confusing, but don’t worry as we promise it will make your tummy tighter and your legs way more firm.

Mar Vista Weight Loss – Paul from Mar Vista joined our boot camp and after 2 months he lost 14 pounds of pure fat. Read here how he did it.

Marina del Rey Weight Loss – One of the most important foods you can ever eat for weight loss is green vegetables. It’s a shame that too many Americans skip out on the veggies, mostly because they’re considered to be boring and tasteless. Nevertheless, they are so packed with nutrients it would be a crime to deprive your body from them.

Newport Beach Weight Loss – When in doubt of what to eat at night, go for the fat free cottage cheese and put some sliced almonds in there. The cottage cheese has slow-digesting protein (casein) and will keep your stomach busy for a few hours during our sleep. This prevents your body from going into a catabolic state, in which you lose muscle.

Newport Coast Weight Loss – Don’t be afraid of refried beans. Just don’t order them in a cheap restaurant where you don’t know where the beans came from. Right now you can actually get refried beans that are just made out of pinto beans and salt and they come in cans at local Newport Coast health food stores.

Norwalk Weight Loss – To lose the weight you want to increase your exercise efforts, but don’t forget to take in enough protein. If this is a challenge for you, consider getting some extra protein powder – if you only get 1 supplement I’d recommend this one.

Santa Monica Weight Loss – Pico Rivera Weight Loss – When looking to lose weight don’t be too eager and go more than 3 lbs/week. The more natural you lose the weight the longer it will stay off. And it all makes sense, if you lose weight too quickly, you can regain it all too quickly too.

Santa Fe Springs Weight Loss – Shed the weight and still enjoy 6 delicious meals per day with our bootcamps proven workouts that will have you grinning at weight loss once and for all.

South Gate Weight Loss – You can now look fabulous without every feeling like you flat-out need to ‘starve yourself’ to cut the calories. All that’s required is that you increase your metabolic rate through vigorous exercise.

Venice Weight Loss – Check this page and see the most dominant reason why weight loss centers are really not the most effective choice for your needs in Venice.

Whittier Weight Loss – Weight loss centers in Whittier are going nuts and are left scratching their heads seeing all the bootcamp clients from Fit Body get into amazing shape.

Pico Rivera Weight Loss – If there was ever a holy grail for weight loss it would be this and just this only: Solid workout program combined with an exuberant motivation and a great consistency.



Fitness Centers


Bell Gardens Fitness Center – If you’re tired of doing the same thing for the same type of fitness goals at the same old boring fitness centers, then be sure to check out this page as it will give you a new perspective on getting fit.

Beverly Hills Fitness Center – Losing weight and looking great has never been so easy with our bootcamp, which in fact is a new type of fitness center, but then just a whole lot more fun.

Century City Fitness Center – Ever heard of a fitness center where the staff calls you to see where you’ve been when you haven’t shown up in a while? It’s called Fit Body Boot Camp and you have to try it out!

Cerritos Fitness Center – Cerritos fitness centers have so many machines that require so many instructions, how about just deciding to do a bootcamp and get rid of the unwanted pounds with an instructor teaching you all the way?

Corona del Mar Fitness Center – Get the stomach that’s flatter than a pancake with our new fitness center type workout in Corona del Mar.

Costa Mesa Fitness Center – Fitness centers in Costa Mesa will never be the same after Fit Body Boot Camp arrives.

Culver City Fitness Center – Here’s where so many fitness centers drop the ball on customer service, just visit the page to see what we mean.

Downey Fitness Center – Make the guys turn their head at the beach! Get into super shape without any hesitation at our bootcamp.

Fountain Valley Fitness Center – Come rain or come sunshine, many regular fitness center goers are now switching over to Fit Body Boot Camp, where 15 minutes could save you 15 lbs or more.

Huntington Beach Fitness Center – All over Huntington Beach people are raving and questioning why Fit Body Boot Camp is becoming ever more popular than the fitness centers. See here why we believe this is happening.

Irvine  Fitness Center – Know what you’re doing in your workouts, stay consistent through a solid motivation, and push yourself further than how you would yourself – that’s the key to an awesome workout every single time.

La Mirada Fitness Center – Whether you’re vegetarian or a steak-lover you’ll definitely see results with the high-intensity workouts that we provide at the La Mirada fitness centers, check it all out right here.

Laguna Beach Fitness Center – No need to detox your body when you’re working out at our fitness center in Laguna Beach. You’ll stay fit and trim for 365 days a year!

Los Angeles Fitness Center – When you have a fitness goal in mind, make sure you write it down on a piece of paper and look at it every day. This will increase your awareness of what you’re looking to achieve and it’ll make the universe realign itself for you.

Mar Vista Fitness Center – What you believe you can achieve, and when you join our fitness center in Mar Vista you’re practically guaranteed to succeed in whatever goal you may have.

Marina del Rey Fitness Center – The best news about our high-end fitness services in Marina del Rey is that you will only pay $6 per day, which is really the cost of 2 cups of coffee – but then to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

Newport Beach Fitness Center – I hope you brought an appetite for success because our Newport Beach fitness center will leave you wondering where all the stubborn pounds went.

Newport Coast Fitness Center – Make your partners or friends say “wow” when you start toning up in weeks after starting at our Newport Coast fitness center. You’re going to love your very own results.

Norwalk Fitness Center – Hard work pays off, and don’t let your hard work at the Norwalk fitness centers go to waste. Hire a fitness instructor from us and you’ll whip your body into a beautiful physique within just 1 month.

Pico Rivera Fitness Center – There’s a real reason why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, it’s all because we truly believe in our services and the fact that we don’t even want your money if you didn’t see results.

Santa Fe Springs Fitness Center – Can you imagine what it would be like to melt all your bellyfat and feel more firm than you’ve ever felt before in your life?

Santa Monica Fitness Center – Lose the inches and feel the energy when your lifestyle turns into a fitness lifestyle thanks to our bootcamp.

South Gate Fitness Center – Impress everyone around you by getting into shape with your eyes closed at Fit Body Boot Camp. Now taking on applications for new members, but only action takers will be accepted.

Venice Fitness Center – Everybody that was ever successful in life can agree that you have to take action in order to succeed. This is your turn where all you have to do to take action is try us out for 1 week free. How hard can that be?

Whittier Fitness Center – Try our bootcamp in Whittier and you’ll ask yourself who anyone would ever want to do anything else to get fit!



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