Boot Camp




Bell Gardens Boot Camp – Bootcamps are so much more fun than any regular type of training – you can check it out for yourself now by getting a week for free.

Beverly Hills Boot Camp – Who ever though that a Bootcamp in Beverly Hills would get so many people into shape? It’s pretty crazy if you come to think of it.

Whittier Boot Camp – We can’t believe how many Fountain Valley locals show up 15 minutes early to our fitness bootcamp every single day. I guess it’s addicting to workout in a group.

Century City Boot Camp – Get fit without doing all that stuff that doesn’t work. This Century City bootcamp will make you tone up in just 1 hour per day.

Cerritos Boot Camp – It has been scientifically proven that working out in a group is so much better than going at it alone.

Corona del Mar Boot Camp – Here’s what you need to do to live a healthy life: Drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables, and if you live in Whittier, then do lots of bootcamp!

Costa Mesa Boot Camp – Watch out now! This Irvine fitness boot camp will have you tone up so fast you may just surprise your friends and family… so much that they may stop recognizing you!

Culver City Boot Camps – are getting more and more clients now that the public has caught on to the amazing results that they give. Come get yours now and get that killer definition in your arms!

Venice Boot Camp – Culver City is the birthplace of our Fit Body Boot Camp, so it will always have a special place in our business. And of course the workouts have always been absolutely mind-blowing.

Fullerton Boot Camp – Check out the results these local Fullerton residents are getting with our kick-butt workouts & nutrition guidance. It’s truly a sight to behold, if you ask me!

Downey Boot Camp – Bootcamps used to be thought of as too military or too strict. And they were in the beginning, but now with our revolutionary new approach pretty much anyone can join and get the results of their life.

Long Beach Boot Camp – With so many boot camp alternatives around in the beautiful city of Long Beach, one can wonder which one to go for? Well, the more competition, the better for the customer! At Straight-Up Fitness Boot Camp we offer not only the most advanced & cutting-edge workouts on the planet… our 45 minutes sessions are also indoors and offer tons of exercise variations.

Fountain Valley Boot Camp – Show up to this bootcamp and your life will never be the same… we even guarantee that with a pretty weird type of money-back guarantee (one in which if you see results, you can still get your money back, just don’t tell anyone.

Orange Boot Camp – Who ever heard of a fitness boot camp that just knows they will get all their clients amazing results? They know it so surely that they will gladly pay you all your money back if you were to ever be unsatisfied about anything in the bootcamp.

Anaheim Boot Camp – With the city of Anaheim being one of the largest in the Southern California area, it’s only natural that Straight-Up Fitness opened up an Anaheim Boot Camp to enforce their vision of helping as many people as possible in SoCal get the body of their dreams. Try this one out soon before it gets too full and you have to be put on a waiting list to claim your Anaheim boot camp opportunity.

Huntington Beach Boot Camp – Don’t be afraid that fitness bootcamps are too tough. That’s just an image that’s been thrown out there much too often. We actually workout on a spring-loaded floor, so it’s in fact better than anything else out there.

Irvine Boot Camp – Lose fat, tone up, and finally fit back into that little black dress (we know most women have one hanging in their closets)

La Mirada Boot Camp – The number one factor that keeps our La Mirada bootcamp clients coming back for more is the group environment and how everyone keeps each other accountable.

Laguna Beach Boot Camp – The bootcamp in Laguna Beach is often called a ‘playground’ for adults, since we use trampolines, obstacle courses, ropes, and a bunch of other stuff to workout with.

Los Angeles Boot Camp – It’s weird to see so many people that attend bootcamp get better results than they ever saw when they had a personal trainer…. Just weird if you ask me.

Mar Vista Boot Camp – With bootcamp rates being as low as $5 per day, who would ever say no to such kick-butt workouts where all you have to do is just show up and get into the best shape of your life? It’s just a total win-win for everybody, no wonder bootcamps are the hottest thing in fitness right now… and I don’t think they’re going anywhere soon.

Marina del Rey Boot Camp – Check out this bootcamp workout. I’m not saying it’s super intense that you’ll want to quit – it’s more of a ‘good’ type of intensity in which you’ll be motivated by the fast results you’re going to see.

Newport Beach Boot Camp – Getting fit in Newport Beach is as easy as 1,2,3 now that Fit Body Boot Camp is in town!

Newport Coast Boot Camp – If we weren’t teaching these bootcamps, we’d probably join one ourselves! Such an awesome way to stay trim throughout the year.

Norwalk Boot Camp – Not your average military style army bootcamp where you get yelled at and scolded while you workout, not at all, at the Norwalk boot camp it’s all about fitness results and how to get them as fast as possible.

Pico Rivera Boot Camp – There are tons of reasons why you should try this bootcamp out today… just click on this link and watch the video to see a few

Santa Fe Springs Boot Camp – 9 out of 10 people who signed up for this Santa Fe Springs boot camp were skeptical before they joined. Thank goodness they tried us out… together they have lost over two hundred pounds together.

Santa Monica Boot Camp – Which  would you rather have? A bootcamp setting where there’s a friendly atmosphere and everyone keeps you accountable to get you to your fitness goals? Or just a regular membership at the local gym (boring….)

South Gate Boot Camp – This boot camp in South Gate has been accused of using some ‘secret’ workout techniques, but little do ‘they’ know that it’s all because of our unstoppable fitness formula that men and women are getting the body of their dreams left and right.


 Fitness Training


Bell Gardens Fitness Trainer – See here what the difference is between having a fitness trainer in Bell Gardens and all the other options out there.

Beverly Hills Fitness Trainer – We have fitness trainers doing personal training in our fitness boot camps – if that doesn’t sound like an awesome formula then I don’t know what does.

Century City Fitness Trainer – This fitness trainer in Century City is not quite sure what to think of the new boot camp rage… see here what we think of it.

Cerritos Fitness Trainer – Don’t think that all fitness training in created equal in Cerritos. This page will have your jaw dropping because of the results that one method will get you, and how little results you’ll get from the others.

Corona del Mar Fitness Trainer – One-on-one fitness training is a thing of the past. Bootcamps are the way to go now we’re beyond 2010.

Costa Mesa Fitness Trainer – Get fit and ripped with this Costa Mesa fitness trainer who performs bootcamps instead of regular private sessions. She says she gets more results if people workout in groups (which makes sense).

Culver City Fitness Trainer – Seven reasons why not to go with your gut when it comes to what fitness training program in Culver City to choose.

Downey Fitness Trainer – If you want to get lean and stay attractive no matter if it’s winter of summer, then talk to this Downey fitness trainer and ask him what the best type of workouts are nowadays.

Fountain Valley Fitness Trainer – Regular fitness training will give you cardio and weight. But our Fountain Valley Fit Body Boot Camp will splash you with crazy fun workouts that make everyone jump up in excitement.

Huntington Beach Fitness Trainer – Most fitness trainers have the problem that they work too many hours performing one-on-one sessions with their clients. Not only does this burn them out, their clients also notice it in their lack of energy – especially during late-night sessions.

Irvine Fitness Trainer – The three most common problems with fitness trainers in Irvine is that they don’t see their job as a career. And often times they will have a job on the side as well, so they can see their fitness training as a ‘part-time’ gig (which gives you ‘part-time’ results as well)

La Mirada Fitness Trainer – Get everlasting results with a lifestyle change through our boot camp that’s taught by one of these La Mirada fitness trainers – you’re going to like what you see when you look in the mirror.

Laguna Beach Fitness Trainer – In our boot camp pretty much everything is done for you. All you have to do is show up and do the exciting workouts, under the guidance of our highly-qualified Laguna Beach fitness trainers.

Los Angeles Fitness Trainer – Did you know more than 70% of the fitness trainers in Los Angeles are uncertified still? Yet they claim to produce the most awesome results…

Mar Vista Fitness Trainer – If you’re looking to get fit with no questions asked look a little further than the regular Mar Vista fitness training programs, our bootcamp does everything just that much better.

Marina del Rey Fitness Trainer – Have you ever heard of a fitness training program in Marina del Rey costing you less than $6 per day and offering a guarantee for your results? It’s called Fit Body Boot Camp – go check it out!

Newport Beach Fitness Trainer – The most prominent problems people have with Newport Beach fitness trainers and how we’ve solved them.

Newport Coast Fitness Trainer – Here’s how you can lose over 6 inches off your waist without ever hiring a Newport Coast fitness trainer and doing something much more fun instead.

Norwalk Fitness Trainer – When Fitness trainers in Norwalk started hearing about our bootcamp, many of them applied to be an insctor – however we only hired the elite few that were total go-getters.

Pico Rivera Fitness Trainer – The workouts that most Pico Rivera fitness trainers are giving are ok, but with your results depending largely on your nutrition as well – it only makes sense they can’t guarantee results like Fit Body Boot Camp does.

Santa Fe Springs Fitness Trainer – Are you looking for a fitness training program in which you don’t pay an arm and a leg for your sessions? Then look no further than this link right here – it may just change your life starting right now.

Santa Monica Fitness Trainer – Look stunning at the beach this summer and do it all without spending money on a Santa Monica fitness trainer.

South Gate Fitness Trainer – Hiring a fitness trainer in South Gate without knowing about Fit Body Boot Camp is like mopping the floor while the faucet is still running – you’re just never going to get the result you’re looking for.

Venice Fitness Trainer – Become more healthy and do the best type of functional training that you can imagine all without having an expensive fitness trainer look over your shoulder.

Whittier Fitness Trainer – You’ll be glad once you check out our Fit Body Boot Camp. Especially if you were originally thinking of getting a Whittier fitness trainer.


Personal Training


Bell Gardens Personal Trainer – Personal Training is one thing, but having personal training in a fitness boot camp is from a different universe when it comes to working out!

Beverly Hills Personal Trainer – Get the body you always wanted and get it without spending any money or time on things that haven’t been proven to work, time after time, with a 100% success ratio.

Century City Personal Trainer – If you’re thinking of getting a personal fitness trainer, read this eye-opening report and see how you feel afterwards.

Cerritos Personal Trainer – The video in this website will make you look at Cerritos personal training a whole lot more different than before… and it may just save you a bunch of wasted effort too.

Corona del Mar Personal Trainer – Personal trainers in Corona Del Mar will get you to your goals, but will they also guarantee success like our Fit Body Boot Camp? Perhaps not, so whichever option you decide to go for, make sure it makes sense (and that it’s safe…)

Costa Mesa Personal Trainer – More and more people from Costa Mesa are raving about a new type of fitness program that is unlike anything ever seen (even personal training).

Culver City Personal Trainer – Look better, feel better, and get 200 times more energy throughout the day with our fitness formula that will shed the pounds at lightning speed.

Downey Personal Trainer – Our personal trainers don’t do one-on-one sessions anymore, they rather focus on training groups. Not only do they get more people fit in less time, the group also creates an extra dimension when it comes to the exercise experience.

Fountain Valley Personal Trainer – Whenever we hire a personal trainer we put them through a rigorous test to see how much passion they really have for their job – that’s how we came up with our personal trainer in Fountain Valley.

Huntington Beach Personal Trainer – Getting a personal trainer in Huntington Beach is definitely the right thing to do, just make sure yours have an insane amount of enthusiasm – your workouts will then never be the same!

Irvine Personal Trainer – Get results now and not later with personal training at Irvine favorite fitness boot camp.

La Mirada Personal Trainer – The most important thing when it comes to personal trainers is that they show a lot of appreciation for their clients and the work that they do every day.

Laguna Beach Personal Trainer – Personal trainers have the best job in the world. Who else can say they’re improving many people’s lifestyle every day and geing paid to help such a large amount of people at such a rapid rate?

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Here are 14 reasons to stay away from the Los Angeles personal trainers, and 14 more why you should join a fitness boot camp instead.

Mar Vista Personal Trainer – Get into your swimsuit and look fabulous while at the beach this summer, all thanks to your Mar Vista personal training program!

Marina del Rey Personal Trainer – You’ve been warned that your new found physique may have you turning heads fast when you sculpt your new body. So fast that some people may get a whiplash as they do the double-take when you walk by with your beach body.

Newport Beach Personal Trainer – Surfs up when you hit the waves in Newport Beach this summer, and your defined abs couldn’t look any better now that you joined Fit Body Boot Camp.

Newport Coast Personal Trainer – Who ever thought doing a simple bootcamp would turn your entire life upside down like this? The funny thing is that the personal trainers in Newport Coast would love to teach the thing, but also attend it!

Norwalk Personal Trainer – Look like a celebrity in your little dress that shows off all your hard work at the local Norwalk personal training program in our bootcamps. No wonder you’re getting so many compliments, All your hard work has definitely paid off.

Pico Rivera Personal Trainer – Get the smooth skin, not because you’re using some sort of skin cream, but because of how firm and toned your arms and legs finally are. Those tricep dips and backward lunges are giving you the body of your dreams.

Santa Fe Springs Personal Trainer – Getting into super shape requires a decent workout program and very health nutrition habits. With Fit Body Boot Camp this is all done-for-you so you’re left with zero of the guesswork.

Santa Monica Personal Trainer – When you finally get into better shape you’ll notice all of a sudden that the little nuisances in life don’t bother you so much anymore. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself whistling on your way to work while you’re stuck in traffic. Or how you get commented on your good mood by total strangers out of the blue. This is all caused by the ‘feel-good’ homornes that are released during exercise, and also afterwards. It’s one of the reasons why people that exercise are just plain happier than those who don’t.

South Gate Personal Trainer – This South Gate personal training program is the ultimate ‘no-excuses-allowed’ program that whips you into shape whether you really like it or no

Venice Personal Trainer – The Venice personal trainers in our bootcamp will push you all the way to your results. Whether you still have a mountain to climb or if you’re within 100 feet from the finish line.

Whittier Personal Trainer – Abs are made in the kitchen, let our personal trainers from the city of Whittier prove it to you.



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