Signal Hill Personal Trainer gives clients the answers they need for the body of their dreams

If you live in Signal Hill, you can burn fat easily


Dear Signal Hill residents,

If standard exercise programs and diet fads have left you frustrated with no results…and you almost feel like just giving up, then take the time out to read this page as it may change your life starting today.

It’s obvious that either you or a friend of yours suffers from being overweight since you’re reading this article. What’s not so obvious is the real deal on how to lose weight. And this is only made worse by all ‘quick fix’ weight loss products out on the market today. From what I’ve seen in Signal Hill, many people jump on the bandwagon of the latest ‘weight-loss-craze’.

And this is where the problem starts – In Fitness (and life in general) the fastest solutions are often the weakest. I know this myself as I have tried every product out there that was too appealing to turn down because of the fast results and convenience that it promised. And for me, absolutely nothing worked until I started following what I already knew deep inside…

To get in the best shape of your life, and make it part of your lifestyle so that you never have to revert back to crazy tactics in the future…you want to have:

  • Healthy nutrition habits
  • Strong motivational factors
  • Workouts that incorporate a Total Fitness approach.

All my life I figured it would be like that, but I was just always too lazy to go that first step. Up until I was totally fed up with the way I looked, I kept on choosing the ‘easy’ approach towards weight loss. Though once I made the definite decision to get in the best shape of my life, my whole life turned around and all of a sudden things just started ‘working out’ for me…I felt more confident, I would jump out of bed, and my stamina was sky high.

Shortly after, I started training others to get them the same phenomenal results, just for fun at first. But to my surprise they were getting into shape fast. And once these ‘free clients’ started referring me other people it didn’t take long before I was too busy to take on anyone else. That’s when I started Straight-Up Fitness and my Signal Hill Personal Training program. 

The most important part of losing weight…is to start. It’s really that simple. You can continue lingering, but your excess fat is not going away without your attention. It may even get worse.

It’s easy to burn all the fat…if you know what to do and you have someone pushing you to do it.

That’s why hiring a Signal Hill or Seal Beach Personal Trainer may just be one of the best things you’ve done for yourself. My workouts will bring you the most effective calorie-burning sessions in town and I’ll take you to school on nutrition so you can become who you’ve always wanted to be on a step-by-step basis. I even go so far that I guarantee your results: 

For more information I gladly refer you to my main page with some more testimonials:


Personal Trainers Signal Hill

Or you can call

(562) 413-6325


Many Signal Hill residents work or frequently visit Long Beach, and for that reason Straight-Up Fitness has the Signal Hill Personal Trainers work closely together with our Long Beach Personal Training program.



Although I call myself a Long Beach Personal Trainer, I often find myself training clients in Signal Hill that I decided to start up a separate service for my Signal Hill Personal Training clients. Many believe that the hill of Signal Hill was custom made as all other surroundings are so flat, but this hill has actually been around for a while. In fact, the Tongva tribe used it to make signal fires, hence the name Signal Hill. I actually almost bought a condo in Signall Hill but the view was blocked by another condo so I had no way of seeing the views that are possible when living on this hill. So I decided to live somewhere else, yet I have trained over 9 clients that all had these views and it’s a pretty awesome sight to deliver my Signal Hill Personal Training on a balcony that makes you feel like the king of Long Beach and surroundings.

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