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To all Seal Beach residents,

Are you having a hard time staying consistent with your workouts? Or maybe you still need to start one? And if you are already working out…do you ever feel like you keep doing the same things?

This is the problem of many Seal Beach residents, and to be honest, it used to be one of my frustrations as well. Up until 6 years ago I had no idea how to switch up my exercise routines. And this would cause me to get bored…and eventually quit for a while.

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not hard to keep your workouts fresh. In fact it only takes some minor changes. I should know since I spent more than a year studying what really works and what doesn’t. 

I used to be out of shape, was chubby, had back pain, was lazy, had no motivation, etc, etc. This annoyed me so much that I totally changed my routines and started studying the science behind weight loss and toning up. In the end this led me to start up Personal Training in Huntington Beach and Seal Beach, and so far I have trained over 37 clients from Seal Beach alone – all of which have been a pleasure to work with.

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With all that said, the main way you should be keeping yourself excited to workout is…to find variety. Not only will this keep you interested – your body will also be ‘guessing’ on what routine you’ll be hitting next (and it’s this exact technique that the Fitness Models use to get in bikini-ready shape).

A solid Fitness program involves Cardio workouts and Resistance training. If you’re not doing both right now – make sure you get this step down first. Cardio workouts increase the size of your lungs and health of your heart, while resistance training boosts your metabolism and strengthens your muscles and bones.

For tips on how to alter your resistance training programs, enter your information in the little box to the top right corner and I’ll send it to you through email. Concerning cardio though…whatever you do, don’t repeat it too often. Cardio can actually be the most fun if you know how to switch it up. The best way to do this is to incorporate cardio in your resistance training workouts.


However if you do cardio by yourself and you’re feeling bored at times – then switch it up by performing short intervals on the bike where you do one minute high resistance and the next minute low resistance. And then keep switching to make your body burn a crazy amount of calories. Or if you’re with a Training partner, occupy the Stairmaster and set it on the fastest speed. Then keep taking turns of 1 minute on the machine until you’ve had about a dozen 1 minute intervals on the machine…by then you should be worked.Other great ways to get more cardio done in less time is just by simply doing jump rope. There’s a reason why boxers use this simple equipment in their training. To learn more and to find out about my Personal Training in Seal Beach, visit


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Or to schedule a first session at the cost of $1…call today

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Mention the name of ‘Seal Beach’ and you’ll most likely also stir up thoughts of it’s popular nearby cities. Therefore I am proud to also present Straight-Up Fitness’ Long Beach Personal Trainers.

The city of Seal Beach was formerly known as “Anaheim Landing” since many residents from Anaheim would enter shore through the ports now residing in Seal Beach. As far as I know there are not that many Personal Trainers in Seal Beach, but of course the city itself it not that big and Long Beach of course lays right next to it. In my opinion, to call yourself a Seal Beach Personal Trainer you must know a bit about the city and how the residents prefer to workout. My Seal Beach Personal Training program therefore offers custom-tailored programs that often have you workout right on the beach. And the atmosphere in Seal Beach is always awesome. One time I remember I was training 2 of my Seal Beach Personal Training clients late on a Friday afternoon, where after we all went out to this Irish place of which I forgot the name. Even the nightlife in Seal Beach has a laid back attitude; though I remember that night we were one of the 10 people in the whole bar.

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