Top-Level Personal Trainer in Santa Monica tells how to Stay Fit Forever

How to STAY tone and firm in Santa Monica

Dear Santa Monica resident,

Many things in life go up and down without you having any control over it. The economy, the weather…and unfortunately for many it could be your weight as well. As a Personal Trainer in Santa Monica I see many residents either give their Fitness goals too much or too little attention. Being gung-ho about your workouts is great, but often leads to burnout…while not doing anything is the obvious way to pack on pounds in your problem areas.

And I should be the first to say that. For the first 18 years of my life I avoided exercise like the plague. Not because I didn’t want to get fit, it’s just that I never saw results when I tried. This all ended when I decided to devote a year of my life studying every single book/lecture/article there is on Fitness and Weight Loss, where after I applied my new-found science upon myself (…and later on through my Culver City Personal Training)

The results were great. Everything else I had done before seemed useless after I discovered how to really lose weight and keep it off. Once I got into better shape I felt like my whole life turned around, all of a sudden my confidence was through the roof and this led me to even help others out as I wanted to share my knowledge.

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At the time I knew nothing about Personal Training, though after the very first 2 clients that I trained lost a total amount of 41 lbs I decided to pursue it as a career. Mind you back then I was just training people for free – I still felt like I wasn’t qualified to ask for money for my services.


That’s why I got 3 major Personal Training Certifications (NASM, CES, and AAAI). Soon after, things became more official…and through all the referrals that my ‘free clients were giving me…I saw my client roster blow up almost instantly.


Personal Trainer in Santa Monica testimonials

At this point there was no turning back; I had the ultimate desire to become one of Santa Monica’s best Personal Trainers. I knew there was a lot of competition, especially in a city like Santa Monica…so just to step it up a bit, I started offering something no other Personal Trainer in Santa Monica was offering: 

And once I did this, I made it my #1 focus to get every single client in the utmost mind-blowing shape that they had ever been in. I didn’t like to spend much on advertising; I figured it was a better idea to have my clients be my ‘walking billboards’ so to speak.

The key to SUCCESS… to burn fat without wasting time

So now that I am an established Santa Monica Personal Trainer, I offer my program on-location. This means I can train you wherever you desire. Many times I have trained in-home, though Beach workouts can also be a lot of fun.

And that’s what my Santa Monica Personal Training program is based upon. Together we make it part of your lifestyle, so you never have to make any ‘new-years resolutions’ again. In fact, once you get into shape and stay that way you’ll find yourself serving as role model for others – which could be friends and family…or coworkers wanting to be just like you. However, the most important part is TO START…and that’s why you can try my service out for just $1. This will get you a real session that will give you a taste of what my Personal Training is like. If you feel it is something you want to go for then you’ll still be protected by my now famous 60-day guarantee. 

So really, all the risk is on me…though I must be honest and tell you that I only accept people that truly want to reach their goals. Nothing works unless you do, and Fitness is like everything else in life…it will take some work to get you where you want to be. Therefore having a Santa Monica Personal Trainer motivate you through the process may be one of the best investments you ever make.


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Personal Trainers in Santa Monica


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Personal Training in Santa Monica is awesome. Often I find myself staying put a while after I’m done with my clients in this city. However, once traffic gets bad it’s a pain to get out of the city. Therefore, if you feel like you want to train somewhere else – I will be happy to put you in contact with our high-quality Personal Trainers in Beverly Hills.

Santa Monica is a city that’s known al over the world for its Los Angeles Beach life and it’s high-end yet historic type of residential neighborhoods. The city of Santa Monica was slowly dropping in popularity in th late 80’s, though once the Casa Del Mar was renovated with a $60 Million Dollar investing, and the likes Bill Clinton were became common guests, Santa Monica re-established itself as one of the ‘cream of the crop’ cities in Los Angeles. Santa Monica has always held an upscale nature, though most of it was in the Northern part until the Southern Ocean Park neighborhoods became favorite hangouts for entertainment celebrities. It is actually the uprising of Internet Search Engines that has eased the tensions that were created by the newcomers in the South, and the more bohemian type Northern ‘old school’ Santa Monica residents. Whether South or North, Santa Monica Personal Trainers have plenty of locations to perform their training at. Even the advertising for Santa Monica Personal Training is spread all over the city, with billboards and bus-stop benches being the latest trend. As a Santa Monica Personal Trainer one of my favorite ways to favorably sculpt my Santa Monica Personal Training clients is to use stairs and steps, or just plain bleachers. Doing so my clients are sure to turn heads at the Santa Monica Beach, either a few months from then or just simply the next sunny Santa Monica day that comes around.

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