Santa Fe Springs women have been reported to look younger than last year…

The secrets of a Santa Fe Springs Personal Trainer


To everybody living or working in the city of Santa Fe Springs,


Hi, my name is Michael Duivis and I am a Personal Trainer in Santa Fe Springs. The most common thing I see about my Santa Fe Springs Personal Training clients,  is when they workout by themselves, they focus only on one thing at a time…


And the truth is that if you want to look great this summer (wearing that bathing suit you were always too afraid to wear…) then you’re going to need these 4 things…and do them all at the same time – in the same workout:

  • Healthy Nutrition habits
  • Cardio workouts
  • Resistance training
  • Consistence

Of course it’s cool to perform each one of these Fitness elements separately…but who really has the time for that? That’s why my Santa Fe Springs Personal Training program focuses on having you meeting your Fitness needs, in a manner that you don’t have to worry about the ‘IF you see results‘…but rather ‘HOW SOON you’ll see results’.

The most popular type of Personal Training in Santa Fe Springs is Group Sessions. I perform these often at offices, or sometimes I perform as a Personal Trainer for the staff of an entire company. Whatever your case may be, it is my job and my passion to get you your desired results without wasting any time, effort, or money. And speaking of money, I offer a 30-day guarantee for your results.

Me doing this makes me the only Personal Trainer in Santa Fe Springs that offers a money-back guarantee. And the reason why is because I’m confident in our ability to have you lose weight, burn fat, tone-up, and get in awesome shape…BUT, this is only going to work if you’re willing to put the work in. You can spend all the money in the world on having a Personal Trainer, but if you don’t do what I tell you to…you will only be obstructing your own progress.


And I should know as I used to be just like that. I was stubborn, lazy, and I had no clue on how to lose my own weight that I had been stuck with ever since I was a child.



It took me some very hard work (and a year of studying what’s right & wrong), but fortunately YOU don’t have to go that route. It’s safe to say that I made all the mistakes for you, so I’m able to tell you exactly what decision to make to get you your Beach-ready-Body as fast as possible.


Santa Fe Springs Personal Training testimonials

To schedule a first session with me, you need 2 things: A working phone and $1. The cost for the first session is just a dollar, and after that, the price per session depends on how many people you will be training with. Either way, to find out more…

Call (562) 413-6325


Or if you seek more in-depth information on my Santa Fe Springs Personal Training program, visit

Personal Trainers Santa Fe Springs

I know many people don’t live in Santa Fe Springs, but actually commute there. And Straight-Up Fitness offers Personal Training in Downey and many other nearby cities, though I have often found that people that worked in Santa Fe Springs actually hired a La Mirada Personal Trainer.

Santa Fe Springs is a city that wasn’t incorporated overnight. It actually took many committees to finally make it official that Santa Fe Springs could call itself a ‘city’. And now it is a thriving place where many businesses reside in it’s busy Industrial complex. Personal Trainers in Santa Fe Springs often have hard times getting around in the city in the afternoon. This is because of the many trucks that flood the ways of Imperial Highway and Telegraph Road. However, with my Santa Fe Springs Personal Training program I enforce a ’15-minutes-early-or-free-session’ policy that will put the Santa Fe Springs Personal Trainer on the spot if he gets caught up in the sometimes nasty traffic. Straight-Up Fitness is also a member of the Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce. Though I have been finding it hard to visit the Business Card Exchanges as I keep getting more and more Santa Fe Springs Personal Training clients to train.

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