Redondo Beach Personal Trainer asks: “Who else wants to look good at the beach?”

How to REALLY firm your butt and thighs

To all Redondo Beach women,

It’s not a secret that we all have different body types. If you would only look around at your local gym you’d see that everybody has a different posture and also a different way of moving around. Some have big shoulders, others have shoulders that round forward. Some keep their head up high while others seem to always stare at the ground.

But the biggest difference out there…and this either makes women happy or frustrated…is the butt. It’s a fact that not one butt is made the same. This is because everybody has a different activity level combined with how toned their ‘butt muscles’ are. And through experience I know a lot of females have that as their ‘problem area’. As a Personal Trainer in Palos Verdes and Redondo Beach, I say…let’s work with what you HAVE, and make it better.


Therefore, let me give you some of the best exercises that I regularly perform with my Redondo Beach clients. Doing these with proper form, and staying committed to a Fitness program with proper nutrition is a sure-fire way to get you the body (and legs) that you so desire:

This one is obvious. It’s the cream of the crop for toning up your legs and specifically your gluteus maximus (muscles of your butt). However, make sure you have proper form, squeezing your stomach the whole time, and keeping your heels pushed down on the floor.

I read somewhere that Jessica Simpson got to fit in her Daisy Duke shorts for her role in the Dukes of Hazzard…by doing lunges………………..Enough said…

Stand with your feet hip-wide and rotate forward through your hips, keeping your hands close to your legs and arching your chest up throughout the entire movement. This exercise is in my opinion THE #1 exercise to not only boost your butt outward, but also strengthen your entire back area. The problem is that it’s rather tricky, and there’s 2 ways to do it. I don’t recommend you doing this without supervision, as it is a must that you keep your back straight.

All these exercises are great for adding inches to your rear. Though to get in the real best shape of your life you’ll have to workout your entire body. It’s not cool if you just have one area of your body that you can show off. And trust me, I myself used to make workout mistakes like that all the time.

I learnt the hard way how to get fit and stay fit throughout the year. I used to be chubby and totally out of shape, but as a result of over a year of intense studying I composed my own Fitness Formula.

This is what I’ve been using on my Redondo Beach Personal Training clients ever since, and to pull back the curtains a bit…it relies heavily on making you get the maximum workout intensity in one-hour sessions. We’ll tone up your entire body, so you don’t have to spend any money, time, or energy in stuff that just doesn’t work. See, the science is if you perform non-stop resistance training exercises and combine them with proper flexibility and cardio routines, your heart rate will skyrocket and you’ll burn the most amount of calories. That’s how I train my Redondo Beach clients, and so far I have not had ONE client that DIDN’T get ready for the beach under my Personal Training.

With this page I want to give you some free information on what to do when you’re by yourself. Though if you feel like you could use some more help, and you really want to do whatever it takes to reach your Weight loss goals, then I recommend you to try our Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach Personal Trainers for a first workout session at the cost of $1. In this session you can try me out for a small fee, and if you feel like it’s something you want to go for I can have you as my client where we train either one-on-one or in group sessions.

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In the Beach cities it’s really not hard to find a Personal Trainer. That’s why Straight-Up Fitness serves the 3 major ones with its’ Hermosa Beach Personal Trainers being another popular pick.

Redondo Beach is one of the most active cities in which I perform my Personal Training in. Often time I’ll be servicing my Redondo Beach Personal Training clients at the beach while a Volleyball match is taking place only a couple of yards away. This makes sense, Redondo Beach does serve as the home for the Gold Medalists Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings. If one looks at their physiques it’s a great motivation and also serves as my goal to sculpt the bodies of my Redondo Beach Personal Training clients. Surfing is another activity I see performed a lot in Redondo Beach and I still remember seeing a surfer requiring CPR after he got slammed into the ocean bottom after he tried to catch a wave of over 20 feet. The most popular days to surf in Redondo Beach are Christmas day and New Years Day. Around the same time when the New Years Resolutions start coming in, and thus also busy times for our Redondo Beach Personal Training programs.

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