Losing weight in Pasadena can be so easy these days…

How to hire a Pasadena Personal Trainer


Dear Pasadena,

To hire a Personal Trainer could be the very best thing you have ever done for your Health and Fitness…or, it could also just be a frustrating waste of money, effort, and time, depending on who you decide to go with.

 The fact is, if your Personal Trainer is well-qualified and has a passion for what he is doing, then all that you need to do is follow his instructions. And it’s OK to ‘not like’ him sometimes…most good Personal Trainers push their clients a little further than what they would push themselves. So if he makes you do those 2 extra unannounced pushups, it’s because he cares about you.

For me personally, being a Pasadena Personal Trainer, I find that the way YOU look is a representation of MY work…so you better get into the best shape of your life or else I don’t even feel like taking your money. It’s for this reason that I am one of the few Personal Trainers in Pasadena who offers a guarantee.

If you have a specific goal in mind, or if you just want to get into plain better shape and lose weight, then you’ll definitely want to hire a Personal Trainer that has a great amount of knowledge. However, even though I hold 3 certifications myself, a far more important aspect is whether your Personal Trainer can relate to you. 

I have been through the darkest areas of the weight loss industry. I used to be unhappy with my body and this led me to try every single weight loss product on the market. You name it, I have tried it. And the funny part was that I knew all along that all I needed was a solid Fitness program and healthy habits when it comes to my nutrition…but I was just too…lazy (I guess ‘lazy’ is the word, or maybe it’s ‘stubborn’ – you know what I mean).

But once I made the decision to really leave my comfort zone and spend a year on studying who to lose weight, get lean, tone & firm, and improve my nutrition…that’s when my life turned 180 degrees. First I got myself into shape, where after the results of my ‘practice clients’ were outright amazing.


Personal Training Pasadena testimonial

I was training these ‘practice clients’ for free at the time, with the only requirement that they would refer me people who would actually pay. Because of the results I got – this business blew up fast and the demand for my services got out of control. That’s when I started up Straight-Up Fitness and since then I’ve been a Personal Trainer in La Canada Flintridge and Pasadena.

Of course I would love to add you to my list of success stories…all you need to do is call (562) 413-6325 to schedule a $1 first session and see if it is something you would want to go for. And if it is….then:


LA Personal Training


I will guarantee your results – so you have nothing to lose, except for lots of unwanted pounds of fat, big belly’s, cottage cheese legs, double chins, and all other things that sound cool but actually aren’t. Here’s what you need to do:


Call (562) 413-6325


Or visit


Personal Trainers in Pasadena



Personal Training in Pasadena is most exciting if you either work or live in the city itself. For others it may be frustrating to drive through Pasadena traffic to meet up with their Pasadena Personal Trainer in some nearby park. That’s why for your convenience we also offer La Habra Heights Personal Training.


Up until the second half of the 19th Century, Pasadena had an internal struggle whether South Pasadena should become its own city or if Pasadena should just stay one big city. In the end South Pasadena did become incorporated and is now it’s own little city, though not much different than the bigger city of Pasadena. Personal Trainers in Pasadena are in abundance, and many of them travel by bike not only to set an example for their clients but also to avoid the sometimes annoying traffic lights in Old Town Pasadena. Pasadena Personal Trainers must always be 15 minutes early to each session, that’s if you work for Straight-Up Fitness Pasadena Personal Training, and I know first-hand how long it can take before you get to make a left turn on one of the many busy intersections in Pasadena. Besides this, the police in Pasadena are no joke. One time one of my Pasadena Personal Trainers got a warning for having his client perform sprints – where the police man saw this and though it smelled a bit fishy why this person was running so fast. A lot of my business as a Pasadena Personal Trainer nowadays comes from not only Pasadena residents, but from tourists as well. This is because of it’s ‘small-town’ quality of life even though it’s a big city – and it’s residential streetscapes that give Pasadena a warm vibe to visit.

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