Palos Verdes Personal Trainer makes residents slim down fast

See how easily you can lose fat and tone-up your problem areas


To all Palos Verdes residents,

The society we live in today loves beauty, and it will probably be that way forever. As a Palos Verdes Personal Trainer I have helped tons of clients get ready for the beach right before summer hits, and I know how important it is to look stunning while hitting the waves. Still, I have been doing this for a while now, and through this site I want to help those out that may be inactive at the moment, or just never even thought about hiring a Palos Verdes and/or Long Beach Personal Trainer. These techniques should get you started on your fast-track to Fitness.

See, whenever I would start training in Palos Verdes I would discover that my clients would go on aggressive diets that were bound to leave them too skinny. And this is a problem I see all over Southern California.

There’s really 2 ways you can achieve the body of your dreams. And they both involve Exercise & Nutrition. Most of my Palos Verdes Personal Training clients are females who want to get tone & firm, especially in their stomach, butt and thighs. The definition of getting ‘tone & firm’ is really just to burn the fat over your entire body while conditioning the muscles underneath it. And muscle is not a bad thing here, the low body fat makes you ‘toned’, and it is the muscle that makes you ‘firm’.

Here’s the problem with Palos Verdes’ crazy diets

Instead of upping their exercise, many Palos Verdes residents lower their nutrition by going on some diet. This will cause you to lose weight…but it’s the wrong type of weight. You want fat loss…not muscle loss. And eating low calories while not having a solid Fitness program that includes both cardio and resistance training…will make you do just that.

Then once you lose the muscle, your metabolism drops so you burn less calories throughout the day. This will force you to eat even less, etc, etc, and the negative spiral just goes down and down…until you get frustrated with the way you look in the mirror and ask yourself “why isn’t this working?DON’T worry. It wasn’t too long ago that I was doing the exact same thing. I used to know NOTHING about fitness as I struggled with my own flabbiness for my entire childhood. 

It took me about a whole year to get everything in place to design my own Fitness Formula. After reading hundreds of books, magazines, and articles I used my findings on myself first – and I got myself into eye-popping shape real fast. At first I thought I just got lucky…but once I started using it on others I was seeing the same results.

This is what led me to start up my Personal Training in Palos Verdes – and I’ve been loving it ever since. Everybody wants to turn heads at the beach, and here’s what you need for that:

  1. Intense workouts that burn fat through a mixture of cardio and resistance training
  2. Proper flexibility training to eliminate all aches and pains (and enhance your posture)
  3. Balance training for your form (and to make you walk more gracefully)
  4. Solid Nutrition habits (to make it part of your lifestyle so you keep it up forever)
  5. Motivation to keep you consistent (somebody to make you do what you wouldn’t do by yourself)

This is exactly what my Palos Verdes and Hermosa Beach Personal Training offers, with the added fact that I visit you at your convenience and on your location. Straight-Up Fitness is an on-site Personal Training service so we can pretty much train all throughout the city (Beach workouts are always fun, though in-home is also great). So if you find you’re too pressed for time to workout, or you’re just not that impressed with the other Personal Trainers out there…and you really want to burn off all the fat from your problem areas, call (562) 413-6325 today to schedule a $1 session to try it out. Your satisfaction is guaranteed…

There’s really no risk, yet if you would like more information before scheduling your $1 session…then visit


Personal Trainer in Palos Verdes


Or call

(562) 413-6325


Palos Verdes’ Personal Trainers are no different than Straight-Up Fitness’ Personal Trainers in Yorba Linda, – so if you’re in the area, feel free to give those a try as well.



The city of Palos Verdes is known for its beautiful views, impressive schooling districts, high incomes, and exclusive coastlines and beaches. And the word ‘exclusive’ is typical for a city like Palos Verdes. Even the Personal Trainers in Palos Verdes are usually a breed that just ‘sticks’ to their city since they often can find a thriving practice just by word of mouth alone. Palos Verdes Personal Trainers are therefore not often seen in other affluent neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, or Newport Beach, but that can also be blamed partly upon Palos Verdes’ remote distance from all other cities except for Long Beach and Hermosa Beach. With my company however I actually love to perform Personal Training in Palos Verdes because of its exclusivity and often friendly neighborhoods. As a Palos Verdes Personal Trainer I often find myself working in mansions where space is often unlimited, and I often have my clients go up and down their own impressive staircases just for so called ‘active-rest’ exercises in between sets. This is to keep your heart rate up in between exercises that include weight training. All my Palos Verdes Personal Training clients don’t mind this as they feel they’re using their luxurious features of their house in ways they never thought they would.

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