High-End Personal Trainer in Orange makes clients lose fat in the blink of an eye…

How to firm your thighs, flatten your stomach, and stay toned for the rest of your life

To all people living or working in the city of Orange,


It’s often said that it is easier to get to the top, than it is to stay there. And the same principle applies to your Fitness goals and overall body image. As a Personal Trainer in Garden Grove and Orange I know how important it is to look stunning…all year round, whether shopping at the Block, or laying out on one of the nearby beach cities.

If you want to get tone & firm like no other, burn off all the fat, and fit into clothes you’d only dream of wearing…then take 5 minutes to read this page.


With Straight-Up Fitness you receive Personal Training that is on location. We can train out of a gym, though we can also meet up at the venue of your choice (especially when your schedule is hectic, training where you want is very effective). Whichever it may be, you are guaranteed to see results with my training as I bring you the most advanced and up-to-date Workout techniques that are custom tailored to what you need.

In fact, because I’m so sure that my program works I’ll go the extra mile and guarantee your satisfaction. 

So if you have been thinking about doing ‘something’ about your Fitness needs, yet you don’t know what, consider that with Straight-Up Fitness you will be receiving the bigger picture on Fitness, Weight Loss, and Toning. With our Orange and Anaheim Personal Training will you not only achieve the body of your dreams…also be prepared:

  1. To be held accountable
    I’ll make sure you do what is needed to get in shape (…it’s my job)

  2. For ongoing coaching
    The best workouts will make you feel great, and through proper coaching you will stay on track to avoid all distractions

  3. For Nutritional Guidance
    You can burn off a lot of your fat just by changing the foods you eat. I’ll take you to school on nutrition and show you the secrets.


Add that to the fact that you’ll be training with an Orange Personal Trainer who has been through the weight-loss-trenches himself. I can relate to how you feel when you’re overweight or just plain out of shape. Not too long ago I was there myself.


I had to lose weight and tone-up the hard way as I never asked for help, and that’s why it took me over a year and many (many) failures in order to get where I wanted to be. You don’t have to do the same – if you want to look stunning this summer, visit: 

Personal Trainers Orange


Or call

(562) 413-6325

Straight-Up Fitness’ also has Personal Trainers in Villa Park.

The city of Orange began its history pretty early if it’s compared to other Orange County cities. Back in 1888 Orange was already incorporated though it wasn’t called Orange back then yet. Since the city of Orange was built around a Plaza, the city was actually called ‘Plaza City’ at first. But soon enough Orange became the real name. Just like many of Orange’s surrounding cities and communities, Orange first started growing fast in the second half of the 19th century. This was primarily because of the increased demand for California’s citrus fruits and the big real estate ‘boom’ in the 1880’s. Orange Personal Trainers don’t like to call themselves Orange Personal Trainers, pure for the fact that it sounds funky. With my business I refer to them as Personal Trainer in Orange, though that’s usually a mouthful by itself. Either way Personal Training in Orange is a great thing, and with the many parks and playgrounds around, there’s no excuse to skip out on your workouts if you live in the city of Orange.

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