High-Level Personal Trainer in Newport Beach pulls back the curtains…

What most Newport Beach trainers don’t want you to know

Dear Newport Beach,

Have you wanted to get tone and firm for some time now, but everything you do just doesn’t seem to work? What might very well be the problem is that you’re placing too much emphasis on your diet and your cardio workouts. And this causes you to miss out on what you really need.

If you want to look stunning while shopping at Fashion Island, or if you want to turn heads at the beach this summer…then read this page.

First, I’m not a big fan of using the word “diet”, as diets always indicate something that’s temporary. And cardio workouts are great, but without resistance training you’ll end up looking skinny & flabby…not a good look if you plan to wear a bathing suit this summer.

My experiences as a Newport Beach and Palos Verdes Personal Trainer have led me to understand one thing. And this is that muscle burns fat. I actually knew about it for years (you hear it all the time), though I never fully understood until I lost my own flab practically overnight doing workouts incorporating both cardio AND weights.

After getting into this shape and starting up my Newport Beach and Redondo Beach Personal Training businesses, I have trained many clients from Newport. Many included females who at first were too scared of lifting weights. They would see all the big guys in the free weight area and think they would look just like them…But the fact is, there’s a science behind all this. See, I had to dig up all the info on burning fat myself when I was still chubby. I did it the hard way and I made MANY mistakes in trying to get my dream physique. After more than a year of trial and error, I formulated my own Fitness formula that I have been using on all my clients thus far, with amazing results.

Women who train with dumbbells and other weights do not get bigger…all they do is increase their muscle’s density and strength. So never worry about bulking up…Remember,

  • The main fuel for muscle…is fat
  • Muscle shapes your body
  • Your metabolism is based on how much muscle you have

With that said, if you want to get into phenomenal shape – you want to have workouts that combine weight training with cardio and solid nutrition habits. And that’s what I offer as a Newport Beach Personal Trainer.

And yes, I even guarantee my Training to you since I’m just that confident that you will see the results that you desire. However, even if you’re reading this page there’s a big chance that you just click away and go on with what you were doing. That’s how many people never get to where they want to be. If you want to get rid of your cottage cheese legs…forever…or you’re just tired of being plain overweight and your ultimate desire is to get more out of life with a new body, then call TODAY to schedule a $1 first session with my Newport Beach Personal Training:


(562) 413-6325

And if you want to know more about what my service looks like, and what others are saying about it…be sure to visit this site:


Personal Trainer Newport Beach

For high-end service Newport Beach is the place to be, yet I’d be silly not to mention that Straight-Up Fitness will also give you amazing results through our Hermosa Beach Personal Trainers.

Newport Beach has a history that may not be too long, but very eventful. Of course many people know Newport Beach from the TV show “The OC” – a show which later resulted in the cast being given the key to the city of Newport Beach. However, some significant events in the history of Newport Beach include the opening of the Newport Beach Public Library in 1989, and one year later the start up of the slightly controversial Newport Coast Area development. Only several years later one of the main military bases in Newport Beach was closed, though many citizens felt it could be used as a commercial airport in the future. Still, in 1999 this Newport Beach facility, the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, was closed for good. Around 5 years ago, the US Army corps of Engineers agrees to dispose 400,000 cubic yards of sand that came from the Santa Ana River, instead of reinforcing the beach line of Newport Beach. Newport Beach is urrently a very popular city for Newport Beach Personal Trainers, yet many find it very hard to settle a Newport Beach Personal Training studio because of the high rent. The trend is that every 2 years at least a couple of these studios go out of business because of this – often blamed upon poor marketing and no usage at all of Internet Marketing. Still, in Newport Beach Personal Trainers are very common and from my experience as a Newport Beach Personal Trainer I have found it an amazing city to train in with it’s cleanliness and high-end attitude.

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