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Dear Montebello,

Sometimes finding time to workout can be a true nightmare. I know it myself. Even though right now I am the #1 Personal Trainer in Pasadena and Montebello, I used to be above-average fat.

In the past, I would never have time to workout. Besides all things life has to offer, I had this thing called a job. And with this holding me back (or so I thought) I just ended up frustrated and exhausted that I never got around to being as healthy as I would like to be.

This all changed when I just jumped into a Fitness program and did whatever I could. At first I wasn’t seeing any results, but once I studied more and more books and writings on how-to-lose-weight, and I really got serious for over a year, my stomach finally started to go away and I finally had it down. This led me to first start helping others out, which in turn led me to become a Montebello and Cerritos Personal Trainer.

Now, to get back to the problem of you being too busy to workout.

Surveys have concluded that most people don’t like working out in the evening, but they just have to because of their job. Throughout the day your body has a natural up and down of energy…and whatever your daily routine is – your body adjusts to it swiftly (within days). What I’m saying, is that if you workout every day at 7PM, your body will benefit most from exercise at this time.

So this brings you to the question…should you rearrange your whole life just to workout at the same time every single day?

The answer is: No – of course not. However, here are some great tips that’ll keep you on track of your Fitness goals:

Make your workouts ‘fit’
Cut your workouts in half. You’d be surprised by how effective these short little workouts can be.

Wake up a half hour earlier
Get your workout in before your day starts. As mentioned above, your body will adjust eventually.

Split your lunch break in two
Instead of eating lunch for an entire hour (who does that anyway?), split your lunch hour in 2 segments of 30 minutes. One is for your (hopefully) healthy burrito, the other is for your workout.

Work out when the baby sleeps
Intended for you stay-at-home moms (which is the majority of my clients). When your child goes to sleep, take a break for some exercise. If only 15 minutes…it’s better than nothing.

Double Up
Perform workouts that have many compound movements. These are also called combination workouts. If you perform these 3 to 4 times per week you’ll surely see your stomach flatten out real soon. This is also the exact training model that I use in my Montebello Personal Training.

I’ve been a Personal Trainer in Montebello for over 2 years now, and I’d be happy to make you my next success story. If you were to sign up with me you must be ready and willing to get in the best shape of your life and burn all the fat over your entire body. The question is not whether this will happen, it’s more whether you are willing to take the first step and call (562) 413-6325 to schedule a $1 first workout session to see if my Personal Training in Montebello meets your needs.

My training has worked on too many clients for me to not give a guarantee, so if you’re ready to finally lose weight, tone-up, and get rid of your pooch once and for all. Call today:

(562) 413-6325

And if you want more information (more success stories), feel free to visit:

Personal Trainers Montebello


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Hacienda Heights Personal Trainers are also very popular with Straight-Up Fitness, just like our Downey Personal Trainer …who actually has clients from the surrounding cities of Bellflower, Bell Gardens, and Paramount.

The city of Montebello has a history of offering a vast production of lower, berries, and other types of fruit. This was due to Montebello’s past of being an agricultural community. Nowadays Montebello may seem a bit gritty being located right next to East Los Angeles, though it was only 80 years ago that the city of Montebello held the first flower show in Los Angeles. The big changes came about in Montebello when oil was discovered. This led to Montebello being crowded with black gold seekers and soon enough the oil fields in Montebello alone were producing around 18% of California’s oil production. Nowadays Montebello is a popular city for exercise, with the big health clubs often overcrowded in the evenings, and of which one in particular has a specific women’s area.

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