Long Beach Personal Trainer reveals fat-burning techniques

Get rid of your flab once and for all

Dear Long Beach neighbor,


Have you been wanting forever to lose all that fat…but you’re not sure how to go about it? You want to get in great shape…but you can’t find something that works like you want it to?


Don’t worry…yet. That’s the problem that I see many Long Beach residents struggle with. Nowadays so many ‘weight-loss’ products get advertised that it may leave your head spinning…and the problem is that the majority of our Long Beach and Redondo Beach Personal Training clients want to lose their fat rather now than later…with the result that they opt for the ‘quick fixes’ that are either uncomfortable, or just don’t last very long.

If the products on TV really worked, wouldn’t everybody be using them?

My name is Michael Duivis and I am a Long Beach Personal Trainer. I’m not here to tell you about how my Long Beach and Beverly Hills Personal Training programs are the best in the world (although I think they may be)…but I’d rather help those out that are struggling to get started on a Fitness program.

We all have in common that we want to get more out of life, yet when it comes to working out it seems there are too many distractions to actually get it done. So here’s what I want you to do – follow these simple steps to make your body burn more fat:

  • Get an assessment
    What I mean with this is to get a body composition test. This is where you check your weight, body fat%, and measurements. You can’t know where to go if you’re unfamiliar of where you are, and having all your info written down will tell you what’s happening with your body along the way.

  • Start a food journal
    Write down what you’re eating and when – this is often the best way to learn what’s causing you to be overweight. And the funny part (something our Palos Verdes Personal Trainers clients know all too well) is that it’s very hard to write down that you ate 3 brownies…making you more conscious of your meal choices in the future.

  • Eat more often
    Having 5 to 6 meals per day instead of just one gigantic meal will boost your metabolism a lot. You probably heard this before but you found it too hard to actually do it. The solution I give my clients is to prepare your food before you leave your house. Doing so you’ll have readily made food within your reach – and you won’t have an excuse to either eat out or skip a meal (Besides this, a little secret is that when you eat more often…you reduce your stress, improve your concentration, and increase your energy).

  • Stop eating when your hunger is gone, try not to get full…
    If you followed the advice in the point above, you know another meal is coming…try to stay busy in between meals and never get bored. We all know what happens when you get bored…

  • Start drinking around 70 to 90 oz of water per day
    At first this will be hard, but as with everything your body will adjust and actually start craving that extra water. Do this and you’ll soon feel more refreshed throughout the day, with less headaches and a reduced appetite.

    Of course there are many more tips and tricks to get you started, if you want more…enter your name and email in the box above, OR if you REALLY want to step up to your Fitness goals and reach them without wasting any more time, then call (562) 413-6325. Or for more information you can visit Personal Training in Long Beach.


    When you call I will personally ask you what your specific goals are so we can schedule a $1 session with no obligation on your part of buy anything from me. Just try it out first. And even if you do decide to sign up with Straight-Up Fitness’ Long Beach or Downey Personal Trainingyou are fully protected .

     See I used to be overweight myself. I know how it feels and I know exactly what it takes to get in shape and keep the fat off my body forever. Around 6 years ago I made the absolute decision to get that body I wanted and I went through so much trial and error that I pretty much ran out of things that don’t work.



    And that’s exactly why I am one of the few Personal Trainers in Santa Monica and Long Beach (maybe the only) who is so sure of the results that you will get, that you are at no risk upon training with me. With that in the back of your head…if you’re excited about losing weight…and you want to get this deal done starting RIGHT NOW, call:


    (562) 413-6325

    Or visit

    Long Beach Personal Trainers

    Long Beach is huge, though if you find yourself not in the area of this immense city, you can always refer to our Hermosa Beach Personal Trainer website.

    Long Beach started its history with the habitat of many various Native-American cultures. Once the Spanish explorers arrived the Tongva tribe was the largest to be found in Long Beach, with 3 settlements installed throughout the city of Long Beach. Because of many European diseases the original Long Beach residents saw a great decrease in population and this caused the Spanish to gain an upper hand in the city of Long Beach. Soon enough there were separate areas set up for the Spanish groups, of which one border ran straight across Long Beach’s Signal Hill. Another border was heavily discussed once a flooding had disrupted the Los Angeles’ river which would earlier serve as border for separate sections of Long Beach. Long Beach is a city known all over the world for its nightlife, tourist attractions, and origin of many styles of music. Driving down Ocean Blvd there are many high-rise condominium units that have Long Beach Personal Trainers working there or independent Personal Trainers serving private clients on the bordering beach. I myself have many clients in Long Beach, and one of my favorite places to train is actually the hills of Signal Hill. Nothing beats having a view over Long Beach’s Queen Mary while you workout. Long Beach became an official city in 1888.

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