Looking good in Lakewood – Personal Trainer reveals…

The lazy woman’s way to firm up butt & thighs

Attention all females in Lakewood,

My name is Michael Duivis and I am a Personal Trainer in Lakewood. I train many clients of which the majority is female and has a goal to get tone & firm…just in time for summer. One thing that all my clients have in common is that they say my Lakewood and Downey Personal Training increases their energy like no other.

Now, since you’ve come to this page let me start off by telling you I’m NOT here to sell you anything related to either my Lakewood or Signal Hill Personal Training programs…

…Though rather, as a token of appreciation for you visiting my site, let’s talk about how YOU can increase your energy levels without hiring a Personal Trainer.

Have you ever asked yourself why you lack energy?

I know I have, and from my 6 years of experience of Personal Training in Lakewood, I have found it is often caused by lousy nutrition. The problem is that while busy men always find time to eat, busy women often skip meals or eat “empty” snacks. Therefore, here are 8 nutrition tips that can improve your stamina & endurance starting today:

1.                  Eat Often
The more often you eat, the less reason your body has to store fat. Think of yourself as a lion for a second. You have to hunt for your food…and once you catch your food – you never know when your next meal is coming. This is going to cause your stomach to store fat. Your body needs to survive – and with these irregular eating patterns a certain amount of ‘reserve fuel’ (fat) is required. Instead, think of yourself as a zebra, there’s grass right there on the floor ready to be devoured by you. So you’re constantly eating. And since your body will easily survive with these frequent snacks – it’ll see no reason to store fat…(by the way, the best snacks are almonds, fruit, healthy protein bars, and others)

2.                  Get your Riboflavin
Don’t worry whether you can pronounce it or not. This is Vitamin B2 and it breaks down carbohydrates and fats for energy. So…more of this will definitely help during endurance workouts. Good sources include milk, yoghurt, and high fiber cereals.

3.                  Iron Woman
Did you know that 50 percent of all active women run the risk of becoming deficient in iron
? And when this happens, your blood will no longer be able to carry oxygen to your muscles. To prevent all of this, and my Long Beach Personal Trainer clients know this, the solution is pretty simple – eat more whole-grain cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

4.                  Count your calories when losing fat
The most rigorous (and faulty) approach towards fat loss is to drastically cut all calories from your diet. I must admit, I’ve done this myself – thinking that all “fat-free” products would naturally be low in calories…wrong. This is the mistake many of Lakewood Personal Training clients made before meeting me. Fat-free foods are nearly always loaded with sugar. There are however some great fat-free foods that will boost your fat loss…to find out which ones either fill out your name & email address in the box to the right, or call (562) 413-6325 to speak to me directly.

That is the same phone # you call when you want to schedule a $1 session with Straight-Up Fitness’ Lakewood Personal Training program. This is my program that I offer to all residents of Lakewood who are looking to get in the best shape of their lives and who are looking to lose all their fat once and for all. I’m pretty confident that as a Personal Trainers in Cerritos and Lakewood I’ll make you another one of my success stories…in fact, I even guarantee it.

See, I can relate to everybody out there who feels sluggish, or just plain fat. I used to be the same, and it took me 19 years before I finally figured out how to achieve great workout results with no wasted time.

And once I got into the best shape of my life, I started helping others achieve the same. To make a long story short, I became a Personal Trainer and now I have served over 28 clients through my Personal Training in Palos Verdes and Lakewood ever since I started (Liberty Park is an awesome venue to train at).

So if you’re looking for a final solution to all your Fitness, Health, and Weight Loss needs, then call today and I might offer you a free session at no cost to you. Then you can try it out and see if it’s something you’d like to continue.

Call (562) 413-6325

Or visit

Personal Training Lakewood


Going from Lakewood to Cerritos Mall and other nearby cities is a small drive, that’s why you may want to check out our Personal Trainer in La Mirada.

Lakewood is a city in Los Angeles County, California, that borders other high-end cities such as Cerritos and Long Beach. I often find myself training in Liberty Park, even though it is in Cerritos – I consider it to be Lakewood as my car’s navigation tells me I’m in Lakewood. Liberty Park is one of my favorite places to train my Lakewood clients as it offers a lot of space and many amenities that you won’t find in any other average park. Besides there, I also have many clients in Lakewood’s nice residential areas. Considering that Lakewood houses around 85,000 people I can possibly build my whole business off of Lakewood Personal Training clients. The history of Lakewood is that it used to be called an instant city. This is because Lakewood would in 1950 grow bean fields and only 10 years later would show that it was a well-developed city. Some say Lakewood is a great example of a residential area made popular after WWII to house many servicemen and others affected by the war. Also, Lakewood houses many people working for the aerospace factories in Long Beach and the South Bay.

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