La Mirada residents struggle to find time for exercise due to their busy schedules,

until now….

How does La Mirada stay fit?

Revolutionary Personal Fitness Trainer reveals…


Dear La Mirada resident,

If you have ever had the slightest dream of having a perfectly sculpted body, with lean and defined arms, legs, and stomach…but you just never came around to get it…and you were starting to think about taking some weight loss pills…then you have just stumbled upon La Mirada’s best answer to your questions.

Hacienda Heights Personal Fitness TrainerMy name is Michael Duivis and I have been a Personal Trainer in Cerritos and La Mirada for over 5 years, having trained many clients from the Friendly City of La Mirada. In this time I kept making my Fitness program better and better and I am now proud to say that my Personal Fitness Training will have all my La Mirada clients achieve the results they want…guaranteed.

The way I go about Fitness and Well-being is by seeing it as a lifestyle change. If you want to lose weight and tone & firm…(and I’m sorry to tell you this)…there are no rapid solutions. While some people are happy with temporary results of losing weight (just to gain it all back later)…I believe only in permanent weight loss and knowing how to maintain your body image for the rest of your life. Therefore my Training will have you not only achieve that amazing body you want, in the process you’ll also learn how to do it by yourself…In some way you can see it like you’re going to school with me on fitness. Not like La Mirada High School…but more like Straight-Up Fitness school where you learn how to apply a healthy mindset towards your fitness, on a step-by-step basis.

Plus, of course you will reap all benefits from my advanced La Mirada and Downey Fitness Training program, incorporating:

  1. Workouts that will have your body in a Total-body fat burning mode, even while you’re not exercising
  2. Core strengthening exercises that will eliminate your back pain
  3. Balance and stabilization exercises that will enhance your posture and movements
  4. Dynamic cardio sessions that you will enjoy so much you won’t even feel like you’re ‘working out’
  5. Detailed mealplan advice, shopping lists and Nutrition teachings that will make you an expert in this area – practically overnight
  6. Around-the-clock guidance on reaching your Fitness goals

Then also take into account that your increased activity level will improve your vigor, mood, and sleeping patterns, and you have a small part of the big picture that I’m trying to paint for you here.

See, in order to lose the weight you so truly want to lose…exercise is the medicine of choice. Even though your lifestyle may consist of 40+ working hours per week, and frequent wining and dinings at La Mirada’s Theatre Center…exercise is still the way to go…and will always be.


They say that technology will always change, yet the human fundamentals remain the same. The same goes for the ‘science’ behind weight loss. No quick fix on the market today can replace a solid exercise and nutrition program, backed by an experienced and certified La Mirada Personal Trainer. The funny part is that when I talk to my La Mirada clients they all know this too, but yet they still tried the quick fixes along some point in their life. And to be truly honest, so have I. There’s just a magnetic attraction towards taking a pill and magically losing weight, it almost feels like ‘something for nothing’…but in the end…we all know it goes sour.

It was only 8 years ago that I myself was very chubby, lazy, and holding no idea at all how to work out or let along eat proper. After deciding to handle this part of my life once and for all I stopped contemplating and studied every piece of material in the world that has ever been published on weight loss. Soon enough I became an expert in this field and used all of my findings on myself. It was at that point that my life turned around for the better and I decided to help others in their quest for the body of their dreams.

Now I have my own company called Straight-Up Fitness, with which I serve La Mirada as one of my prime cities for clients seeking weight loss or an overall better body image and healthier lifestyle. For more information on my program visit Personal Trainers in La Mirada or call (562) 413-6325. Guaranteed results from my program include:

  • The physique that you have been wanting all your life (My #1 priority with my clients is to have them turn heads in a bathing suit)
  • A healthier image (thus meaning to be more energetic throughout the day, better concentration due to the increased bloodflow to your brain, and a more positive outlook on life – which comes from your increased activity level)
  • Healthy eating habits (You’ll go to school with me on nutrition to start having a healthy lifestyle. Note must be made this is a step-by-step process. I want you to carry my knowledge with you for the rest of your life so I give it to you slowly)
  • Increased flexibility (a better range of motion leads to an injury-free way of working out. Plus, more flexibility just makes you feel better throughout the day)

There are millions of more benefits that you get from my La Mirada and Fullerton Personal Training program, though I don’t want to overdo it and scare you away. However, the #1 benefit that you will NOT find with any other Trainer out there is….

Apply for your $1 first workout today with me, Michael Duivis, as your Personal Trainer:


(562) 413-6325

or visit

La Mirada Personal Training

Although I love doing my Personal Training in La Mirada, I am also glad to offer my services in the nearby city of La Habra Heights – you can see more about that program on my page for La Habra Heights Personal Training.

La Mirada lies within the Loas Angels County in the state of California. The name La Mirada comes from the Spanish definition of “The View” due to its nice sceneries and great parks for Personal Trainers in La Mirada. Although many assume La Mirada to be a small town, the population was actually 50,000 around eight years ago while La Mirada has grown quite a bit recently. La Mirada is known to be the home of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles University and the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. Around 3 years ago a big waterpark was opened in La Mirada with many pools and water slides. Because of these many recreational facilities, and La Mirada’s cleanliness and safety, the city of La Mirada was named as One of the Best Places to Live by a major News Network.

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