Personal Trainer in La Habra Heights makes weight loss a bit easier

La Habra Heights doesn’t need to eat perfect to look perfect


Dear La Habra Heights resident,

Nowadays it is often thought that in order to look like the celebrities on the red carpet, you need to have a Perfect Exercise program and you need to eat only the healthiest foods. Well, as a La Habra Heights and La Mirada Personal Trainer I am here to tell you….

Not really

There really is no such thing as a perfect Fitness program.

Of course there are tons of weight loss products on the market today, and all of them scream they are the best for your money…and even though I would love to do the same – I believe if there was one single solution to lose fat…everybody would be using it. Then as a result 46% of La Habra Heights would go from overweight to Fitness Model shape in the blink of an eye.

If you’re overweight and you have your hands in your hair trying to figure out how to finally lose all that fat…then your ultimate solution may be on this page.

The truth about getting fit, losing weight, and toning up is that it takes solid exercise, proper nutrition, AND strong motivation. You can buy all the ‘quick fix’ products in the world, but motivation is hard to find without someone pushing you that much further. I believe this combination of the 3 aforementioned things to get you your Fitness results time after time. And this is why with my Personal Training in Fullerton and La Habra Heights I even go so far to offer a guarantee on your results.


You want something that works, and with which you will keep the results for the rest of your life. That is exactly what I promise you as a La Habra Heights and  Brea Personal Trainer. I started serving the city of La Habra Heights over 5 years ago and I’m so confident that my Personal Training works that I offer to train you at my own risk.

La Habra Personal Training testimonials

Even though I’m making all these bold claims here, I used to be the least knowledgeable guy in the gym trying to figure out how to work the machines. It really wasn’t until my early twenties until I got myself into shape after I studied hundreds of books and writings on the science behind Fitness and Nutrition.

After dedicating several months of my life to learn how to lose weight and tone up, I started training others around me just for fun. The results were so fast that I decided to step it up a notch and become a Certified Personal Trainer in Downey & La Habra Heights. Now I hold over 5 years experience in La Habra Heights alone, and I’m waiting for your call to set up a first workout with Straight-Up Fitness. To take action now and try me out for $1, please call:

(562) 413-6325


 Or visit


La Habra Heights Personal Training


 La Habra Heights lies so close to other cities that I serve, that it’s only logical to announce that Straight-Up Fitness works as your Personal Trainer in Placentia as well. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally hire a trainer from a city far away from you – with our Personal Trainers in Whittier we may just be right around your block so you can schedule training sessions conveniently on your way from work or home, just like many of our Cerritos Personal Training clients gladly do.


The city La Habra Heights received its name back in the days when there were still Rancho’s all over the place and when a Spanish Don was given around 7,000 acres of field, which he called Rancho Canada La Habra Heights. The meaning for this name is “pass through the hills”, which makes sense as La Habra Heights lies right by the pass that many automobiles nowadays use by going up and down Colima Rd. I myself have many clients in the estates in these hills, though I may take 60 minutes to get there due to the curving nature of these La Habra Heights Hills’ roads. La Habra Heights received its first Post Office in 1898 and the city became official – thus meaning it had general laws – in the year of 1925. Soon after this, La Habra Heights followed up on the building of its city by incorporating a Police station, Fire station, and improving its infrastructure. An interesting fact about La Habra Heights is that it housed the Hass Avocado Mother Tree for over 70 years. This was a tree that was planted unintentionally, though became famous for spreading this popular fruit throughout many of La Habra Heights’s neighboring cities and regions.

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