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How to start losing weight in Irvine….today


Dear Irvine neighbor,

Have you been overweight for a long time…and do you almost feel like giving up in your quest for Weight-Loss? Then make sure to take 5 minutes to read this page, as this Irvine and Huntington Beach Personal Training program may be the solution you have been looking for.

My name is Michael Duivis and as an Irvine Personal Trainer I know exactly what it’s like to be chubby, lazy, and just plain tired with the way your body looks in the mirror. I have actually been there myself as I was in horrendous shape all throughout my childhood years.

Right before turning 20 I made the decision to fully devote myself and lose all the flab around my waist and finally achieve that six-pack that I had always wanted. Back then I had no help from outside sources so I studied all the Fitness and Weight Loss books myself to fully comprehend how to lose weight, and most importantly…how to never gain it back on again.

That’s the problem I see with so many Irvine residents nowadays. I see many people get in that mind-blowing shape…only to keep it up for a month or two, where after the bad habits creep back up on you. The best way to go about this is to have a lifestyle change. You probably heard this before, but the #1 proven method into staying healthy for the rest of your life…is to take your Fitness goals slowly (but thoroughly). And that’s exactly what my Irvine and Villa Park Personal Training program is built on.


Here are some quick tips for you to get in shape…TODAY:


  • Know exactly where to start
    To actually ‘start’ is half the work, though you must know where to start. If you do too much at first, you’re bound to burn out in the end, or at the very least lose your interest. Especially in Irvine, weight Loss can be a daunting task with so many products and programs out there – so take it slow and start with what’s most comfortable for you.

  • Stay consistent (and enforce this from the beginning)
    Do you remember the last time you came home after work…and you just couldn’t make yourself do a workout? Find ways or people that hold you accountable…because nothing will work unless you do.


  • Challenge yourself
    Anything that’s too easy gets boring, so never let your workouts go stale and switch them up every 4 weeks or so. Or, if you want something more aggressive – have every workout be different, just make sure your Heart Rate stays up and you don’t rest too long thinking of what to do next.

  • Motivate yourself through friends and family
    I have found as a Personal Trainer in Orange and Irvine that my clients see more results if their surrounding are in support of their weight loss goals. Like I said, it’s a lifestyle change so ignore the negative influences as they only set you back.

  • Steer away from the gimmicks & fads
    Ignore the quick fixes as they all backfire in the end. To put it simple – if there really was a quick fix for weight loss…why is 46% of Irvine still overweight?

 For more information and useful tips you can enter your name and email address in the box to the top right of this page. And if you’re interested in trying out Straight-Up Fitness’ Irvine and Newport Beach Personal Training then call (562) 413-6325 to apply for a test-drive session. Also, bear in mind that with Straight-Up Fitness…your results are guaranteed.


 I’m absolutely positive that you will see the results of your dreams…and keep them for life. I’ve done it too many times before to not make the same happen with you. However, the only problem…is that you have to call this number and see when I can schedule you:

 (562) 413-6325

 Or, if more information is desired, you can always visit

 Irvine Personal Training


I used to commute to Irvine every day, and I understand that you may just want to ‘get out of there’ as soon as you’re off-duty. That’s why Straight-Up Fitness can also work for you as a Palos Verdes Personal Trainer, or if you live in one of the OC’s biggest cities – Anaheim – don’t forget to check out our site for hiring an Anaheim Personal Trainer.


Irvine once held over 65,000 acres of fields that grew exclusively lima beans. This was partly due to the increase in agricultural needs caused by the First World War Also, because of this war Irvine saw its first 2 Marine Air Corps facilities built on land that used to be held by the Irvine Company but was handed over to the government. The original founder of Irvine, Mr. James Irvine Jr., passed his company (the Irvine Company) over to his son in 1948. This new owner of the Irvine Company, Myford Irvine, applied a different approach than his successors by allowing some more growth of residential areas that were to come in place of the ranches in Irvine that still stood from over 40 years ago. However, it wasn’t until the city wanted to build a University (which is now called UC Irvine) that plans were made to build many residential areas around the campus, all of which could serve as homes to 50,000 people. Now if one drives through these areas it is obvious to see why Irvine is called the “perfect city”, since everything is just so impeccably clean. I train many clients in Irvine as an Irvine Personal Trainer, and I often have the feeling that if I drop my Protein Bar wrapper on the ground alarms will go off and I get arrested for littering. Still, I love being in the city if Irvine as I feel there are not many places like it around the world that are so well-organized and properly structured. To finish up Irvine’s history, and to explain how Irvine now has a population of over 140,000 – it was in the year of 1971 that Irvine residents decided to have Irvine expanded to protect its favorable tax base and to control the future of all areas surrounding the city of Irvine.

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