Personal Training in Huntington Beach takes a new route

If this Huntington Beach Personal Trainer doesn’t make you lose your gut by this summer…you don’t pay a dime!

Hey guys,





My name is Michael Duivis and I am a Huntington Beach and Seal Beach Personal Trainer who used to be in horrible shape. Throughout my entire youth I was the laziest human being on the planet and I felt I would never lose my chubbiness unless I just chopped my stomach off.

Fortunately I decided to do whatever it takes to lose all my flab and around 6 years ago I got into the best shape of my life. I would have never thought this would happen to me, but once it did…I felt like a new person and I was devoted to never go back to where I was before.

If you don’t lose that gut by this summer, you’ll hate yourself later

And what better way to do that than to help others achieve the same results? That’s why I became a Personal Trainers in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach and I have been loving my life ever since. I really don’t feel like I’m working at all, I’m just living my passion. However, my #1 focus is to give you – the client – the best Fitness experience that is possible.

If you want to turn heads at the beach this summer, read this part…

I understand how busy you can get with work, family, school, and life in general. And often your workouts are the first to be sacrificed from your routine. Also, what’s even worse, you may see others around you losing weight…which is even more depressing. That’s why with my Personal Training in Huntington Beach I offer a guarantee for your results.

I understand how important it is for Huntington Beach to get their desired Fitness results, especially if the city itself is located next to the most popular beach in California.

If you want to lose weight, get toned, look more defined, or just get a flat stomach, then you’ll need a solid Exercise program with routines that have been proven to work & Advanced Nutrition advice that will have you living a healthy lifestyle for years to come. And that’s exactly what you get with Straight-Up Fitness’ Personal Trainers in Palos Verdes and Huntington Beach.



I never believe in ‘quick fixes’ as I know they will always backfire in the end. I have experienced this myself by trying out liquid diets, low-carb crazes, crazy cardio workouts, etc. But the fact is…besides plastic surgery, the only everlasting solution to your weight loss or body image is to have a Fitness lifestyle. And though my Huntington Beach and Irvine Personal Training gets you your results practically overnight…we also teach you how to do it by yourself so you can serve as that expert role model for your friends & family. No longer will you be wondering whether your workouts are really working…and let’s face it:

You are 100% sure if you have a Huntington Beach Personal Trainer who offers a guarantee on your results…that you will GET thoseresults.

So don’t wait another day. Because another day will turn into another week. And another week will turn into...

Call today to schedule a $1 session to test drive my Personal Training in Huntington Beach

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Huntington Beach Personal Trainers

There are a gazillion Personal Trainers in Huntington Beach, but Straight-Up Fitness’ boundaries reach further. We also have Personal Trainers in Garden Grove, though if you reside in the area you may also benefits from our top-notch Fountain Valley Personal Trainers

Huntington Beach resembles its many neighboring cities in the way that it used to be occupied by the Tongva tribe, where after this tribe was slowly evicted due to new laws and foreign diseases. The Spanish took over this land on which Huntington Beach now resides by having one of their soldiers receiving a large land grant to encourage people to live in that area and as a ‘gift’ since this soldier performed great military service. Once this grant was established the first street to become well-used in what is now Huntington Beach was Beach Blvd. Nowadays many tourists and surfers parade this street for its many Huntington Beach surf shops and wining & dining, but back then this street had a more serious character as it served the Huntington Beach passer-bys a means to drive cattle through. Huntington Beach became a ‘real’ city not even too long ago (about hundred years) and its first mayor worked closely together with the Huntington Beach Company as they occupy most of the lands. Residents looking to move to Huntington Beach must be aware that although some housing prices seem cheap, the property may reside on leased lands. So in the end your living in Huntington Beach will not only force you to pay mortgage, but also land lease, which ends up being just as expensive as living in any of Huntington Beach’s neighboring cities. Huntington Beach has many Personal Trainers, though the interesting fact is that they differ in specialty. Many of them are Huntington Beach Personal Trainers that hit the waves as soon as they’re done training clients, and I personally know other Personal Trainers that have no equipment as they use Huntington Beach’s many obstacles to use as exercise equipment for their Personal Training sessions.

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