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Does Hermosa Beach make these Fitness & Nutrition mistakes?

Hey guys, hope you’re doing great,

Thanks for visiting my website designed specifically for my Hermosa Beach Personal Training pogram. I have no clue how you may have landed on this page – though I know one of the reasons could be that you want to get in better shape.

Before you start thinking about signing up for my Hermosa & Redondo Beach Personal Training program…let’s first talk about what you can do TODAY to begin your path to your Fitness goals. See, whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, or just be healthier in general…

…it’s very likely that you have been lied to

As a Personal Trainer in Huntington Beach and Hermosa Beach I have trained many clients on location, though it was only a couple of years ago that I would never have thought I’d be doing this. The fact is, I used to be in horrible shape myself.

Up until my early twenties I had no idea what to do when it came to working out. Even though I wanted to get that dream physique…I made the mistake of listening to every so-called ‘fitness expert’ out there. This only made me more confused, and it wasn’t until I started studying the real science behind weight loss and fitness that I got the body that I always wanted. This then lead to me becoming a Personal Trainer. As of now I have over 5 years experience in which I’ve revised my Personal Training in Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach to get you the maximum results.

The problem is that there are too many people who think they know what to do when it comes to Fitness. And I don’t mean to talk down on their intentions of giving you advice…but in reality it’s not too complicated to get the Fitness results you want. Still, me being a Hermosa Beach and Long Beach Personal Trainer

Here are the top 10 FALSE statements I hear most from my Hermosa Beach clients:

“I need to lose weight”

This is the most obvious common phrase that I hear from my Hermosa Beach Personal Training clients. And yeah, if you’re overweight even your doctor will tell you the very same…but don’t confuse weight-loss with fat loss. It’s easy to lose weight, but is all of that weight fat or muscle?

“I just gained 2 lbs!?”

I get this one all the time, especially in the first month of a Personal Training program. Whenever you start one of my Hermosa Beach Personal Training programs…and you have been inactive for a while…your muscles may ‘wake up’ and cause you to increase your weight (but decrease your bodyfat %). Besides this, there are just too many factors that influence a fluctuation in bodyweight. And of all these factors…none of them have to do with you getting fatter.

“I’m going on the …. Diet”

With my Personal Training in Hermosa Beach, I don’t do diets…I do lifestyles. The problem with diets is that it involves 2 features that nobody likes: Deprivation & End-date. For whatever crazy diet you may read about, the prerequisite is that you give up the foods you like and endure hunger. This only makes you want to eat more in the end. And once that end is there (the end-date) you’re back at step 1, or maybe even worse if you feel like you’ve deprived yourself so long that you deserve to eat what you love…and a lot of it. And for some weird reason the “eat whatever I want phase” always lasts longer than the actual diet that you did before it

“I’m just going to do cardio…that’ll get me nice & trim!”

Before signing up with me, many of my Hermosa Beach clients would think that because cardiovascular exercise burns calories…that any cardio will do. Well I’m here to tell you that not all cardio is created equal. First off it’s imperative to know that your best results will come from a combination of resistance training, proper nutrition, and cardio workouts. And when it comes to these cardio workouts, doing short sprints always beats power walking, and you may be surprised by how ineffective an elliptical machine really is…

“What diet pills should I take?”

Uhm…none yet. Diet pills are too much of a ‘quick’ solution. Is your nutrition 100% perfect? And can you tell me what the ingredients in those pills actually do to your body?

“I ate healthy today…I had a salad!”

That’s awesome, but don’t be afraid to eat a healthy sandwich. The fact of the matter is that salads never give you enough energy to workout on. Although you may be understandably afraid of carbohydrates, you are going to need them for your exercise (and energy production). Also, be sure to steer away from the bacon bits and croutons. And be very careful with your dressing…

“I started cutting calories, I just stopped eating breakfast….”

Nooo, don’t do that. Yeah I guess it would make sense to cut out calories by eliminating one big meal…but breakfast is too important to skip out on. When you wake up your body has gone without food for over 7 hours (depending on how long you sleep). So it’s safe to say your body needs to be fed…and doing so as soon as you wake up will jumpstart your metabolism and energize your day.

“The butt-blaster is going to ‘blast’ all the fat in my butt!”

Let me just bring out the truth right away: The butt-blaster is a machine that serves great for large gyms to sell memberships. The fact is that you can not spot-reduce fat on your body…and doing a machine exercise for the small muscle of your butt (the gluteus maximus) is a big waste of time unless you desire to just isolate on a small set of muscles that you’ll never be able to see unless you lose body fat all over.

“Lifting weights will make me bulky”

This is the biggest myth out there, especially amongst women. And I understand why…it’s because they see all these guys in the free weight area getting pumped. Now the truth is that lifting weights will increase your muscle mass, but for women this increase is far less than with men. And if you feel like you’re getting bulky from lifting weights, then first try to trim away all the fat to actually show the defined muscle. That’s essentially the definition of getting tone & firm.

“I can binge on this because it’s low-fat!”

Low-fat doesn’t mean it’s also low in sugar. In the 1980’s these low fat diets became real popular, and since then obesity has skyrocketed…enough said.

Now I understand all this may seem new to you, and I truly hope you learned something out of it. Yet if you’re looking to finally achieve those Fitness results that you have always wanted, then having a Hermosa Beach and Palos Verdes Personal Trainer may just be the very best investment you ever make. And the good news is that investment does not have to be too costly at all. At Straight-Up Fitness I offer a guarantee for my services…

So if you really want to go for it, and you feel you may just need the slightest bit of help, don’t hesitate and call TODAY to schedule a workout with one of Straight-Up Fitness’ certified Hermosa Beach Personal Trainers.



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 Hermosa Beach Personal Training

 I love training in Hermosa Beach, but I also don’t mind to work as a Personal Trainer in Manhattan Beach, in fact often we perform group sessions where residents from both cities come together. 

In the earliest times of Hermosa Beach its area was predominantly one big array of hills that were covered with grains. These fields would often be used by farmers residing in the area that is now Hermosa Beach as they would have their sheep graze upon this land and provide shelter for their horses on this landscape. The same went for Hermosa Beach’s neighboring cities of Inglewood and Torrance. The first real activity that put Hermosa Beach into place was a survey that was conducted in the second year of the nineteenth century. This led to a big pier being built only 3 years later that was constructed of wood and led Hermosa Beach residents and visitors to walk over 500 feet out over the ocean. However, this pier did not last too long as it was eventually washed away a little bit, which required a replacement ten years later that would maintain Hermosa Beach as a tourist attraction. Not only was this something new in the scenes of Hermosa Beach, it was also considered convenient back then for Hermosa Beach fishermen and nowadays even Hermosa Beach Personal Trainers as often Personal Training Sessions can greatly be enhanced by the backdrop they are performed in. This pier in Hermosa Beach is owned by the city and is now accompanied by an auditorium that has held various events, most of which would attract many Hermosa Beach tourists. The short version of the history of Hermosa Beach goes that the city of Hermosa Beach used to be owned by the Rancho San Pedro Spanish Land Grant, way back in 1784. Then fast forward a century and around ten miles of land were bought for $36 per acre by agents from A. Pomrov who had kept Hermosa Beach in fine condition so the land could easily be organized to become the city it is today.

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