If this Hacienda Heights Personal Trainer doesn’t make you burn

fat, lose weight, and tone-up in the blink of an eye,

then he’ll keep training you for free until you reach your goal


 Hacienda Heights Personal Fitness Trainer

Hi my name is Michael Duivis and for the last couple of years I have trained many clients from the Hacienda Heights area. I love to be around the so-called “Eastern Beverly Hills” yet I have frequently been surprised by the beliefs that go around in this beautiful city. Many times I would begin training someone from Hacienda Heights, whether it were Los Altos high school teachers or Dentists on Hedgepath Ave…and they would be going about fitness all wrong.


From all the inquiries I get from my Personal Training La Habra Heights and Hacienda Heights and people I sign up, 87% has as goal to lose weight AND tone & firm. However, often I would have to completely revamp a beginning client’s workout regime as they would rely too much on cardio workouts. I can remember having multiple Hacienda Heights clients hiring me as their Personal Trainer to make them do cardio, as that is what they thought would make them lose weight.

They couldn’t be further from the truth…

The fact is, doing cardio is great for the respiratory and vascular system – but it will never make you tone and firm. In order to lose weight while keeping your muscle intact (thus making you nice and toned) you will have to incorporate weights into your workout. This is how you’ll stimulate your muscle to give you that ‘cut’ appearance in your arms, legs, and especially stomach. Besides this, doing weight training also makes your bones stronger, increases your immune system, and boosts your metabolism for long periods (so you’ll actually be burning fat while in your office job).


This is exactly what my Personal Training in Brea and Hacienda Heights style is based upon, and why I have built up such a strong set of clients in Hacienda Heights. Quite often you can find me training group sessions at the Manzanita and Thomas Burton Park…Mixing a little bit of cardio with comfortable workouts with weights that have my clients’ jaws dropping once they see the results that come from it.


Not once have I left a Hacienda Heights client in OK shape…I always make sure they’re in phenomenal shape, literally ready for swimsuit season. What’s the best part about my Hacienda Heights and Montebello Personal Training program is that my clients mantain their current lifestyle, no matter how busy they are. I come to you so there are no worries about driving to an overcrowded gym and waiting in line to get on a machine.

If you’re a Hacienda Heights resident looking to firm your hips to the fullest and have a flat stomach for the rest of your life…without wasting time…then this page is the answer that you’ve been looking for.

If having a Personal Trainer come to your facility and ensure you get the results you want without wasting time is something you might be interested in…

Call (562) 413-6325 to schedule a $1 first workout with no strings attached.

Bear in mind that I can not just accept anyone. Since the way my clients look is a representation of my work, I will only accept the people that actually want to achieve the body they so truly desire. So if you feel like you meet this requirement…

Call (562) 413-6325

or visit

Hacienda Heights Personal Training


P.S. Space is limited and I have a couple of slots available at the time of this writing. Call today to check for availability. In the event of a sold-out schedule, Straight-Up Fitness also offers nearby Arcadia Personal Trainers.

The city of Hacienda Heights (91745) began its history when John Rowland and William Workman purchased the title to Rancho La Puente when they arrived here in 1841. After this, the area was split into North Whittier Heights and became known for its avocado, citrus and walnut crops. It took all the way until after World War II that the area became a residential suburb. North Whittier Heights changed its name to Hacienda Heights in 1961. Hacienda Heights attractions include the Homestead museum, the Thai Buddhist Temple, and the Los Robles, Manzanita, Pepperbrook, and William Steinmetz Parks.

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