Glendale Weight Loss Expert reveals how you can start working out today…for $1

How can this Glendale Personal Trainer make you drop 29 lbs in 3 months?

Dear Glendale residents,

My name is Michael Duivis and I deliver Personal Training in Pasadena and Glendale. Although I visit clients in other surrounding cities, it always seems that Glendale residents have a constant drive to be successful and look their best. And of course, we all want to look fabulous while shopping at the Americana or Glendale Galleria. I’ve had many clients in Glendale – some of which live in the Americana condominiums – and through this page I want to tell you how easy it is for you to be the next Glendale Fitness Success story.



Although I have trained hundreds of clients over the years, I myself used to be the poster boy for chubbiness and laziness

It took me about 18 years to figure it out, but once I formulated my own Fitness Formula I got into eye-popping shape without even spending too much time. And now I practice this on all my Glendale and Arcadia Personal Training clients with success.

If you live in Glendale, and you want to lose weight…but keep it off forever…then now is the time to start.

And if you’re like me, the actual ‘starting’ part is the hardest…I know – I used to say the exact same thing that you may say now when you come home after a long day of work…”Nahh, I’ll just workout tomorrow“.

Tomorrow never turns into today, until you do it today

And just to help you out in getting started, here are some of my favorite tips you can start implementing today for a healthier lifestyle. As a Glendale and Beverly Hills Personal Trainer I firmly believe that as long as you’re better today than you were yesterday – you’re doing great:

  • Limit the fruit juices

    Start getting your calories from ‘chewable’ food as it takes more time to digest and fills you up much longer. Doing so you’ll end up taking in fewer calories as you’re more satisfied throughout the day.


  • Get around 30 grams of fiber per day

    Having ‘chewable’ foods over liquids will cause you to feel full…especially if these foods are packed with fiber. I you want to clean your system out, regulate your blood sugar, and kill your hunger -> fiber is what you need, there are too many benefits to not have fiber.


  • Protein kills your hunger as well

    Fiber will stop your cravings, but if you really get hungry…then take some protein to temper that urgent need for sweets. This will keep you good till your next meal arrives (which shouldn’t be long if you eat often per day)

  • Spice it up

    Healthy food can be boring…if you don’t spice it up. Red pepper has been proven to actually increase your metabolism.


  • Drink green tea

    There’s a reason for all the hype around this drink, one of the best is that it helps burn fat.


  • Supplement a bit

    Though your workouts should have you more poised throughout the day, if you need a bit extra…taking ginseng will reduce your stress levels and may even fight depression.


  • Wait a second before you devour something you shouldn’t

    Hunger cravings generally last no longer then 11 minutes.

Use these tips and see how they affect your overall appetite and hunger cravings. Having a solid nutrition plan is 60% of the work. Of course the remaining part is all Exercise, and this is where Straight-Up Fitness’ Glendale and La Canada Flintridge Personal Trainers can help you achieve the goals of your dreams. In fact, we even guarantee it.

To schedule a $1 session where all you have to do is show up and try it out, then call NOW

(562) 413-6325

Or visit

Personal Trainer Glendale

I understand many people only commute (or shop) in Glendale, and for some reason whenever I’m in Glendale I end up visiting Burbank as well. Either way, Straight-Up Fitness also offers their Personal Training through their well-respected Personal Trainers in Burbank.

The history of Glendale shows a dramatic rise in population from 1920 to 1930 as the overall Glendale population rose from 14,000 to 63,000. As of now, Glendale is a beautiful city with a brand spanking new shopping center where you can find me often – it’s called the Americana at Brand. I already had been amazed by Glendale Galleria and its atmosphere, yet the Americana is in a league of its own. Still, even though this may make it seem Glendale is a peaceful city, it was actually only 20 years ago that Glendale was home to over 30 separate violent gangs. Nowadays there are only 5 gangs documented in the city of Glendale, though back then there was many activity in the Southern parts of Glendale that border the rougher North-Eastern Los Angeles parts of Eagle Rock and Glassell Park. With so many gangs alive in Glendale back then, it was very common to see turf wars break out right in what is now considered Glendale’s backyard. Going even further back in the history of Glendale, it’s a fact that the biggest business in Glendale used to be an endocrinologist clinic which was opened in the 20’s. A less appealing note is that Glendale used to be home to the Western headquarters of the American Nazi Party, which was led by George Rockwell. Rockwell got assassinated in 1967 while he left a Glendale laundromat, and his assassin got away by jumping over the roofs of the many Glendale shops on Brand Blvd. For three years in the 1920’s, 1926 to be exact, Glendale housed the American Green Cross, which differs from the Red Cross as they go over tree conservation and preservation. Glendale saw this office close only 3 years after its opening.

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