More and more Garden Grove residents are losing their flab

The secrets of a Garden Grove Personal Trainer

Dear Garden Grove resident,




If you are one of the many in Garden Grove who can’t seem to find the time to work on your Weight Loss goals, then at least take the time out to read this page. I am a Garden Grove and Palos Verdes Personal Trainer specializing in Weight Loss and Toning and I have been doing private sessions and boot camps in Garden Grove for quite some time.

Though there are many (maybe millions) fast weight-loss tips & techniques floating around out there…it’s important to just start with the basics. That’s what I did when I used to be overweight myself…I took my weight loss on step at a time, only to become a Garden Grove and Huntington Beach Personal Trainer in the end – and you can do the very same…

Personal Trainer in Garden Grove

I had been out of shape for all my life until it hit me that I could not live like this anymore. I devoted myself to Training & Nutrition and after trying out many things that don’t work…I came up with my own Fitness formula that I’ve been using on my Garden Grove and Long Beach Personal Training clients for years.

I know how frustrating it can be to feel lazy in the morning, to not fit in your clothes as you used to, or the worst of all…to come home after work and tell myself “I’ll workout tomorrow“.

That’s why if you want to lose weight and learn how to keep it off forever…but you need someone to push you…then having a Garden Grove Personal Trainer could be your greatest investment ever.

With Straight-Up Fitness the prices for Personal Training in Fountain Valley and Garden Grove range anywhere from $40 to $100 per session, with the most affordable type of Training being group sessions.

And the best thing about Straight-Up Fitness’ Personal Trainers in Garden Grove…is that your results are guaranteed…

So there’s really not much to lose…except for pounds

If any of this has sparked your interest just a little, then call now to schedule a $1 first session with a Garden Grove Personal Trainer on:

(562) 413-6325

In this we’ll compose a routine for you to follow and we can both get a taste of whether you’d be a good fit for a Garden Grove Personal Training program. For more info (and more testimonials) please visit:



Personal Trainers Garden Grove

Many Garden Grove residents like to keep their workouts either close to home or work. Therefore we meet those needs by also offering Personal Training in Redondo Beach.

At the time that the Orange County became official back in 1889, the city of Garden Grove held a hefty amount of 200 residents. But then the Pacific Electric Railroad came into place, many tourists and just plain visitors crowded Garden Grove. This would turn out to force Garden Grove to start installing phone services, gas, and electric services, all of which near Garden Grove’s center street called Main Street. Garden Grove lies close to many beautiful cities that are often praised for their high standards and clean streets. This can even be seen in history as after WWII many men who served in the war returned to reside in Garden Grove and raise their families there. At the time, prices for land in Garden Grove, this caused a great boom in population. Doing som the city of garden Grove became more modern at a rapid rate and its residents felt an increasing need for a city government. Therefore, Garden Grove has not been around for too long as it really only became on official city in 1956. However, even though the population of Garden Grove was already more than 40,000, at the moment Garden Grove holds over 175,000 residents, making it one of Orange County’s biggest cities (Top 5 in the OC).

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