Elite Personal Trainer in Fullerton pulls back the curtains on his all-in-one Fitness program…

What the other Fullerton Personal Trainers don’t want you to know


Dear Fullerton resident,

Do you want to lose weight? But you feel like there’s too many options out there to do so? And does your head ever start spinning from all the myths that go around concerning weight-loss? One says that lifting weights is the way to go, the other says it’s all in your diet, while you may think it’s all about doing cardio

My name is Michael Duivis, and I’m here to resolve some of the confusions you may have. I am a Certified Personal Trainer in Yorba Linda and Fullerton and I offer Personal Training sessions that attack every single aspect of your overall Fitness. Having this Total Fitness approach will dramatically improve your body image so you’ll be sure to turn heads at the beach this summer.


I myself have been through the dark trenches of trying-to-get-in-shape-but-having-no-idea-how. It took me about 19 years of my life before I finally got it right, but once I did I never wanted to go back. I studied every subject out there on Fitness and once I put it all together into my own Fullerton and Brea Fitness Training Formula…I got in mind-blowing shape practically overnight.

 I remember when I was trying to figure it all out…

How do I lose weight and get toned without wasting time on the things that don’t work?


First I just did cardio…then I started all the ‘quick fix’ diets…and I also tried pushing it hard in the gym. But I never saw the results I wanted until I combined all three into one workout. The problem with most people is they spend too much time doing just one thing…and they keep doing the same…without even knowing it.


If you want to finally lose weight in Fullerton, and keep it off for the rest of your life…then here’s what you need to do


Have a Total Fitness approach towards your goals, don’t neglect anything and constantly switch up your workouts…this is what my Fullerton and Villa Park Personal Training programs are about. Here’s what happens:


  • You Will Lose Body Fat
    Lifting weights will make you gain weight….by adding muscle to your body. But because of this increased muscle you’ll also boost your metabolism which will burn fat. My workouts and routines are designed that you will always burn more fat with every single workout. Look at it this way, for each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35 to 50 more calories each day…That really adds up

  • You will get stronger…but not bulky
    Our Personal Trainers in La Mirada and Fullerton make sure your bodyfat % drops so you stay lean throughout the whole process of sculpting that physique of your dreams. The word ‘bulky’ comes from having a bit of muscle with a lot of fat. With my program you’re guaranteed to get as trim as you can be. Plus, increasing your strength will make you more swift in your daily activities while you reduce your risk of injuries.

  • You’ll decrease your risk of Osteoporosis, Diabetes, and Back pain
    My advanced weight training routines and techniques will increase your bone density while it improves the way your body processes sugar. Also it will strengthen connective tissues in your body that will make your joints stronger so you can kiss any back pains goodbye.

  • Your energy will get out of control
    A common side effect of my Fullerton and Placentia Personal Training program is that my clients start telling me how they jump out of bed in the morning. My sessions kick up your heart rate for a full 60 minutes, and this makes your energy constantly rise as you keep up with your new Fitness regimen.


There are many more benefits, though if you desire more information I’d gladly refer you to Fullerton Fitness Training or you can always call (562) 413-6325.



 If you live in Fullerton and you’re tired of carrying all that fat around all the time, call today and schedule a $1 first session in which you can test drive my Fullerton Personal Training program. And when you do, bear in mind that your results are guaranteed…



So it’s all up to you, all you have to do is make that first step…Call now

(562) 413-6325

Or visit

Personal Training Fullerton



Since many people work in Fullerton but don’t live there, I am happy to announce that we also offer Elite Service towards your Fitness goals by means of our highly qualified (and Mickey Mouse’s favorite) Personal Trainers in Anaheim.
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Fullerton started its history in 1892 when a couple of wells were created and lengthened for 13 miles, which connected Fullerton with oil fields that are in the area that is now covered by the nearby city of Brea. Back then, oil was the black gold and Fullerton definitely played its part in the developments. This caused many who lived in Fullerton or worked there to want Fullerton to become an official city, but in 1901 this proposal was denied as it was believed that this would cause saloons to be on every corner and that Fullerton would turn into an outlaw town often seen in Wild-West movies. Eventually the city of Fullerton, which was named after its founder whose last name was Fullerton, became an official city. This caused the city of Fullerton to settle itself in between many big cities such as Anaheim and La Mirada. In the 1920’s, Fullerton wanted to expand its industrial segment by creating a little sewer farm in the Southern part of the town. The farmers that would then be neighboring this sewer farm opposed this aggressively and caused Fullerton’s little suburb of OrangeThorpe to fall back under Fullerton rules and regulations. The reason why Fullerton wanted this is because there was a great economic boom due to the oil industry. This resulted in Fullerton using the resulting profits to improve their street, water, and sewer systems.

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