The Fountain Valley Personal Trainer secrets to having a beach body






If you’re one of the many Fountain Valley residents who wants to get in better shape, lose weight, firm your legs, and define your arms…but can’t seem to find time to do all that?…Then take about 3 minutes of your time to read this page on my Personal Training in Fountain Valley program…Hey, it may just fit for your needs – who knows…

My name is Michael Duivis and I’ve been a Personal Trainer in Fountain Valley for over 3 years now. I recently saw in a TV report that Fountain Valley was rated one of the top 10 places to live in California…and I can only agree to that as I love training in one of the city’s beautiful parks.

However, the main problem that I see most of my Fountain Valley Personal Training clients struggle with is that they can’t find time to workout. And when they do have the time…they don’t really know if what they’re doing is effective…

Well I’m not here to tell you exactly what to do in this little article, but through many years of trial and error I have come up with a Fitness program that is proven to deliver results.

My program is so ‘proven’…that I even guarantee your results

I have a history of being overweight for over 18 years, and I never knew how to lose my everlasting gut until I finally started studying the true science behind weight loss. This was a long process, but once I got it down I saw results on myself that I would have never expected.

This led others around me to get curious and ask me for help. So I started training these people for fun…and almost ‘accidentally’ got them in the best shape of their life, time and time again. This led me to believe I should do something bigger with this Personal Training thing….but I heard so many negative remarks about Personal Trainers out there.

…How they’re unprofessional, show up late, talk about their personal lives, look in the mirror all the time…

But I decided to not let that get to me and just become one of the best Personal Trainers out there, and so I did and now I’ve been holding a steady roster of Fountain Valley clients.

Here’s where Fountain Valley goes wrong…

In my experience as a Fountain Valley Personal Trainer I find that the residents of this wonderful city are a bit too busy with stuff other than their Fitness and Health. And to be honest, this is very common in the USA in general. Still, if you want to lose weight, or just plainly reach those Fitness goals you’ve wanted to get for a long time…here are some of my tips you should start off with:

  • Strike a balance between your daily life & your workouts

    Starting a Fitness program with too much intensity will cause a burnout in the end. So take it slow, as long as you’re better today than you were yesterday…you’re doing an awesome job. In my opinion as a Fountain Valley and Seal Beach Personal Trainer, too many people in Fountain Valley get caught up in the “get it now & get it fast” craze…but the fact is this doesn’t work in Health & Fitness. Besides that, all aspects of your life rely on one another in some way. This may sound off-topic, but your health is relied upon by nearly ALL functions that you do throughout the day. I’ll even challenge you and ask you to tell me what part of your life would not improve if you were in better shape…

  • Find a role model

    Info products, fat loss pills, workout routines all teach you how to lose weight…but a role model actually makes you DO it. Having a Personal Trainer is one of those ways to achieve the results of your dreams…by having yourself pushed further than what you would by yourself.

  • See yourself already achieving your weight loss goals, and have that picture in your head every single day

    This is a trait that I know every successful person has (I actualy learned it from this client of mine when I was a Personal Trainer Signal Hill). They always see themselves winning before the contest has even started. If you plant images in your head of you having that ultimate physique, or walking on the beach with confidence because of your self-acquired beach body…and you see these images in your head every single day, then there is nothing that will derail you from your path to success.

  • Get the same workout in half the time

    In a recent survey, 69% of Fountain Valley considers their lifestyles to be ‘above average’ hectic. And sadly enough, your workouts are often the first to fall in a busy schedule. I don’t have to tell you this is a downward spiral, but I will tell you that it’s possible to get an awesome fat-burning workout in half the time.













How to burn fat…without wasting time

What you want is a high intensity workout that combines cardio with resistance training so you’ll be pushing both your cardiovascular and muscular systems to their limits. Add this to solid nutrition habits and you’ll see stunning results with your eyes closed. This is what you get with our Personal Trainers in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley. Whatever your goal, if Iwe’re not already booked…I’ll make sure you get to where you want to be.

And I even go so far as to guarantee this. I am one of the few Personal Trainers in Orange and Fountain Valley that will offer your money back if you are not satisfied for any reason under the sun.

If you want to achieve your Fitness goals, and keep them with you forever, then call today

(562) 413-6325

Or for more information you can visit

Personal Trainer in Fountain Valley

Even though we’re busy with our Fountain Valley clients, Straight-Up Fitness is also proud to offer service to Fountain Valley’s neghboring city in our luxurious Garden Grove Personal Training program. 


Fountain Valley had its first school established in the 1890’s, along with the establishment of a General store and a Post Office. Before this, Fountain Valley was primarily nature and farmland that would grow wheat and barley. Fountain Valley never really had any value in its property until the pioneer by the name of James Talbert channeled the Santa Ana River, which caused the price of a Fountain Valley acre to grow from $50 to $500. Sub sequentially; the creation of his area caused the population to rise from 21,000 at the turn of the century to around 62,000 only 20 years later. Soon enough, the area now known as the city of Fountain Valley saw 2 villages forming. Then only 40 years later, Fountain Valley was in full bloom as there were several freeways passing the city and as a result it became the 21 sity of the Orange County in the year of 1957. The development of Fountain Valley has grown to ecstatic heights, with CNN calling Fountain Valley a “Top-10 place to live” in the entire country, only to be outdone by the nearby city of Irvine.

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