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Who else wants to look great in a bathing suit?


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You KNOW that’s a winning offer…


Are you slowly getting frustrated with the way your body looks and the way you feel? Are you too busy with life to lose all your fat from your problem areas? Do you feel you need to do ‘something’ to get started on an exercise program?


You could start by yourself…but you plan to do that tomorrow?


If this is the case, then do yourself a favor and read this page. It may just lead you to start a new lifestyle starting today…at no risk to you. The Fitness Boot Camp you are about to see, is perhaps the one and only guaranteed Fitness solution where you will burn fat, tone-up, and become healthier…

From: Michael Lawrence Duivis

Owner of Fit Body Boot Camp

Los Angeles and Orange County

October 18th, 2009







4:17 PM








My name is Michael Duivis and I’m about to tell you all about Fit Body Boot Camp and how we have made hundreds of LA and OC residents lose thousands of pounds and get into the body of their dreams. After watching my video or reading this page, you are invited to come try us out for a FREE trial session to see for yourself if we’re really as great as we claim.

But even if you don’t take me up on my offer, I want you to know that anyone can lose all their unwanted weight and achieve the body of their dreams.


In the past couple of years we’ve refined our training to an ELITE level where you are guaranteed to get eye-popping results and unleash your energy without any wasted time or effort. And to tell you the truth, I feel totally weirded out by saying something like that. If someone said 3 years ago I would get hundreds of people into shape (let alone be fit myself)…I would have thought they were nuts!


….I wasn’t always Mr. Healthy…

I myself probably have one of the worst set of genetics that has ever been given to mankind. I used to be the chubbiest, most out-of-shape, laziest kid on the block. I never really knew how to exercise the right way…and I was too lazy to do something about it…

Not a day would pass without me being ‘reminded’ of how out of shape & chubby I was. I would gasp for air after walking up the stairs, I would feel horribly ‘exposed’ in a bathing suit, I got literally ZERO attention from the opposite sex, and I always felt like I wasn’t shown the respect that I deserved.



MLD Testimonial


And deep inside…I knew I wasn’t treating my body right. Sometimes I would give exercise a try, but my self-esteem was so low I often ended up on the couch watching TV…It was like one big downward spiral where I just kept getting more and more lethargic while my jean size kept crawling up and up…

I always wanted to have my dream physique – yet I never took action on it. Overall I just never felt I was going to be able to…It just wasn’t cut out for me’.



Until I made the definite decision to get that dream body…

At a certain point in my life I started reading these motivational books (You may have heard of them, books like “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and of course everything that Anthony Robbins has ever put out). I really got into this stuff and it for once made me realize how everyone on this planet deserves to pursue their desires to live a fulfilling life.

Mine had always been to have that nice physique, and with my newfound attitudes and mentality…combined with my deep emotional frustrations of how my body looked, I swore to myself : “No MORE! I am going to get the body and LIFE that I DESERVE! I am going to get rid of this FAT and never have it come back!”


But because I wanted it so quick, I made the great mistake of being too eager…Instead of learning how to do it, I went and bought all the “quick solutions” you see advertised on TV or in magazines.


Here’s what happened…

  • The fat loss pills got me wired and anxious
  • The liquid diets were boring, and it was brutal going back to eating solid foods
  • The low-carb diets gave me FAST weight loss…which was all water. I also got a bunch of headaches
  • Doing double days of cardio and weights, 7 days a week, just made me irritated and completely frustrated with all my effort and still no results.
  • Not to mention the workout videos…they just made me feel plain silly.

I tried it all and nothing seemed to work!

It wasn’t long before the “just wasn’t meant to be” feelings came back, and although this left me frustrated…I decided not to become miserable about it. “Failure is only failure if it’s recognized as such”, and…really…I kind of KNEW I was about to be succesful. After all, I was running out of things that didn’t work.


Others were doing it…why not me?

The question was “How to burn all this fat? And the problem was that I didn’t know how to do it. That’s why I decided to study Weight Loss, Fitness, and Nutrition…until I got it right.

Have you ever had one of those subjects you totally devoted yourself to? Where you just HAD to figure out how it works?


That’s what I did with Fitness…

It wound up taking me over 3 years, spending all of my days in book stores and gyms. Looking back, I remember locking myself up for entire weekends to study the real science behind Exercise & Weight Loss.


My goal was to develop ’something’ I could do to lose weight…and not fail on me. In doing this, I discovered there is no quick fix for eternal weight loss…Every “effortless” weight loss solution is designed to end in failure.


And it makes sense…I mean, if there really was a product out there that could burn your fat without your effort…wouldn’t everybody be using it? The secret to staying in shape is having a healthy lifestyle, a solid workout regimen, and a positive mindset that does not recognize failure. And that’s not hard if you’re motivated and know what to do…But that’s the trick


You have to be Motivated and Know what to do

Once I had literally read every single article/book/dvd/manual ever published on the subject of Fat Loss…I started using all my knowledge on myself first. Here’s a picture taken 7 weeks after starting…


Soon enough, people started asking me for help…

And once I got into awesome shape, people I hardly knew were asking me how I did it. Some even went so far to ask me to help them. At first this startled me a bit, I was just a regular guy who happened to know how to get fit without wasting time…But since I figured it would be fun, I took on around 18 ‘test rabbit’ clients whom I trained. To my own surprise all of them reached their Fitness goals with ease…


And I had fun while helping these people

But it wasn’t long before I was getting too busy with these ‘free clients’, and since I had just graduated with an Engineering degree – I left the training alone to focus on my career…(or what I thought was my career back then)…

I worked hard at this job, but I couldn’t stop thinking about possibly starting my very own Fitness Boot Camp… I kept these thoughts to myself at the time…to be honest, I was very hesitant to tell my family that I was thinking of quitting my high-income 9-to-5…(“to become a Bootcamp Instructor?!?” – that’s what I figured they would say). I asked all my friends and even they called me crazy for even leaving that job…But still, with Napoleon Hill still fresh in my mind, I remembered his advice:

“Don’t wait, the time will never be just right”


So I changed careers with a “Do it…or die trying” attitude

And with my friends and family shocked, I set as goal to be the VERY BEST Bootcamp Instructor in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. It was an amazing feeling to get those 18 ‘test bunny’ clients in awesome shape…I could only imagine how it would feel to do the same with hundreds of others.

However, I soon discovered that many people were skeptical about joining a Bootcamp in Los Angeles or Orange County. Often times, people just simply had bad experiences with bootcamps. 9 out of 10 Fitness Bootcamps are held outdoors in the cold, with wet grass and mud leaving stains on people’s clothes. Also, many amenities were missing such as water fountains and restrooms. Not to mention that for some reason all clients had to pretend they were in the army and obey orders from some Personal Trainer dressed in camouflage pants.

Many times I had to reassure people that my service was different, and to back my words up I vowed to myself that I would go a different route. I would be the opposite of the bad Personal Trainer and Boot Camp stories.

First, I established powerful alliances with indoor locations throughout the city. As a result, not only do we have air-conditioning, restrooms, and vending machines, we also workout on spring-loaded floors that protect your joints. Secondly, all our training is focused on results – and we take on all fitness levels, leaving nobody behind (…and certainly no drill-sergeant-yelling type stuff).


I had a burning desire to make it happen…

After getting myself certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine I started up my Fit Body Boot Camp locations. And that’s when the law of reciprocity paid me back BIG TIME.

It turned out that all of my 18 ‘test rabbit’ clients whom I was training for free had been talking to their friends and family. I received so many referrals from every single one, that business was booming from day 1…in fact…



Business went a little too good…

Making so many people get the bodies they wanted…at such a rapid rate…made the demand for my services literally shoot through the roof…


LH Testimonial


And what always surprised me was that most of our clients thought that bootcamps were too tough…AND that they would never be able to achieve their dream body (“…certainly not in a bootcamp?!?”)

 This brought me back to my own struggles in losing fat – after all, I had the very same limitations in my head, and it prevented me from taking action towards a healthier lifestyle for years. That’s why we not only offer great workouts and nutrition advice, but also a solid mindset. One of our standards is that all clients are fed such positive motivation that everyone is 100% certain to see amazing results.






Here’s how we Stack Up against others…

Still doubting whether a Bootcamp is the way to go? Check this out…


And here’s how Fit Body Boot Camp specifically stacks up against all other bootcamps in town…

Apples vs Apples

OK, so how much does your bootcamp cost, and how do I get started?”

Well, first off I really want you to feel that being fit is worth a million dollars by itself. You only have one body and treating it right is priceless. However, if you were to work with me privately, or any one of my Personal Trainers you would pay at least $600/month. And even if you were to go for a budget solution (such as another Personal Trainer, or even surgery, or weight loss pills) you’d still end up paying around $400 per month (and this would be without any Money-Back guarantees like ours). The good news is that you don’t have to pay anywhere near those rates. You can get started with us for as little as $177 per month (that equals $5.82 per day), and all you have to do to get started is schedule a free trial session by calling 1 (800) 425-1296. Also, remember that we are the ONLY Fitness Boot Camp offering a 100% Money Back guarantee.


Guarantee version 3





But I have to be honest with you…

I would love to help as many people as possible, though we can’t accept everyone. Even after opening 4, 5 Boot Camp locations our schedules are getting booked fast. This is not some fake scarcity technique. I’m horrible at selling stuff so I wouldn’t even dare to try and make you think we’re crazy busy. We really are.


Here’s why our Boot Camps are so popular…

Because we know exactly how it is to be out of shape…we can relate to all clients. I myself have less than average genetics, yet I stay fit year-round since I know HOW to do it, and HOW to go from a lazy overeater to being energetic with a flat stomach.

We mix the most advanced and industry-proven weight-loss science with fun workouts that will transform your body fast. Not one workout will EVER be the same. You will never get bored and your body will always be guessing ‘what’s coming next’. All in all it’s a workout experience that gets you unsurpassable results…


Now…here’s what it takes to get in shape…


Call this number: 562 413 6325

And apply for a try-out session that will cost you $1…

However, since the demand for my Training is so high…I only want to train clients that are 100% willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

I’m also not the cheapest trainer around. I firmly believe in the fact that you get what you pay for, and concerning your health and well-being I don’t believe in ‘discounts’…So if you’re looking for a low-cost service (with low-end results) then please don’t waste my time or yours.

However, if you ARE ready to get in the best shape of your life…

…Then find out here how you can start your new body transformation today at ZERO risk…


If you’re 100% sure you value the way you look and feel, then call me at (562) 413-6325 and say that you want to schedule a first session. I offer your first session for only $1, just so you get to try it out first. Although most clients are ecstatic about the experience, I still want to make sure you get an idea for what I have to offer. Also I want to know if you’re right for my type of training (Again, I only accept people who truly want to lose that fat, tone and firm, and be healthy. I can not afford to have my reputation hurt by people who aren’t willing to do what it takes to reach their fitness goals).

If you want to get this area of your life handled once and for all, then here’s what you need to do:

Call 562-413 6325, and mention that you want to apply for your $1 first workout session. On the phone I will ask you some questions to set things up, where we’ll schedule an appointment at any location you desire (Remember, my service is on-site -> I come to you).

Upon starting your session you have ZERO obligation to start any program with me, guaranteed. If you don’t like it, just let me know and you might just make me a better trainer in the process.

The good thing is that I apply the same rates for everybody; depending on what package you purchase and whether you want one-on-one training or Semi-private (group) training…

…The bad thing is that this program is not for everybody. If you want to lose weight but you just keep watching everyone around you get tone and firm and you never take action yourself, then I’m sorry to tell you – but this program is not for you.

To put it simple, the sooner you call me – the bigger your chance you can start training right away.

Here’s the number to call:


 Call 562-413-6325 today to schedule your NO-risk Personal Training Session and you may soon find yourself on my site as another happy customer with a re-born body.

Right now you may be scanning over this page…trying to absorb all the information…and somewhere deep inside doubting whether this is the real deal

Remember, I used to be overweight myself, I know how it feels. That’s why I top my service off with a guarantee…



Wouldn’t it be nice if everything came with such a Guarantee?


  • Imagine what it would be like to melt all your fat from your body…How you would look in your favorite bathing suit with those firm legs, tight hips and defined arms…

  • Do you ever get tired when you walk-up the stairs? Would you like to have more endurance? More energy throughout the day, so you can be 2 steps ahead of your competition…all the time?

  • Are you tired of wasting time at the gym…not knowing if what you’re doing is actually working? Wouldn’t you want to have workouts that are PROVEN to give you results practically overnight?

  • Are your lousy eating habits causing others around you to do the same? Have you ever wanted to be that role model for others with a healthy lifestyle which you so gracefully maintained because it’s part of your life?

  • Have you ever stopped a workout…even though you weren’t done yet? Would having a Personal Trainer make you complete your workouts and make you do whatever is necessary for your results?

  • Remember? That time when you had an AWESOME workout (and felt like a million $ afterwards)? Wouldn’t you like to have that EVERY TIME YOU WORKED OUT?

  • Do you think you’re ready to receive an OVERFLOW of compliments on the way you look? Then call 562-413-6325 to try me out for $1 and at NO risk.

  • Remember, my #1 priority is your results. Do not worry about IF you’ll see results, rather start thinking about what you’re going to do once you HAVE your dream body…

  • Don’t forget…you have a 60-day money back guarantee

..At this very moment you have 2 things you can do:

1 You can click away this window and continue living your life the way you were, which may cause you to be in the same shape (or worse) next year. You may just keep doing what you always did, thus you will keep getting what you always gotten. While the most important thing is to start on something new…and something that is proven to work.

2 You can call (562) 413-6325 and get on the fast track to getting the body, health, and life you have always deserved.











Michael Duivis






P.S. I have been the most-out-of-shape person myself and I know how it feels to struggle with ‘seemingly-impossible’ weight loss. My program is designed to give you results – 100% guaranteed, and it will cause you to love what you see when you step out of the shower.

P.P.S. Yes we have slots available at the moment, though with all the advertising and word-of-mouth we’re getting, our schedules are getting more booked as time goes on. Don’t procrastinate to the point where I’ll have to put you on a waiting list while in-the-meantime someone else is claiming your fitness opportunity.

P.P.P.S. When you call 562 413-6325 I’ll spend a few minutes with you on the phone to set your appointment up. Then once you start your session you are at NO obligation to purchase anything from me.


Call now: 562 413-6325

Straight-Up Fitness is an on-location Personal Training Service that offers one-on-one Fitness coaching and semi-private Personal Fitness Training, servicing the cities and surrounding areas of Anaheim, Arcadia, Buena Park, Beverly Hills, Brea, Burbank, Century City, Cerritos, Culver City, Cypress, Downey, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Glendale, Hacienda Heights, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Canada Flintridge, La Habra, La Mirada, Lakewood, Long Beach, Lynwood, Manhattan Beach, Montebello, Newport Beach, Orange, Palos Verdes, Pasadena, Placentia, Redondo Beach, Santa Fe Springs, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Signal Hill, South Gate, Villa Park, Whittier, and Yorba Linda.

Owner of Straight-Up Fitness

Los Angeles and Orange County

If you’re stil not convinced, I do understand. I myself have been scammed on the internet (…twice). Therefore to eliminate any doubt you may have, here are some real-life results people have gotten through Straight-Up Fitness:

Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited Access (5 days/week) to the most Cutting-Edge and Advanced Workouts in your neighborhoodWe combine SCIENCE with proven workout techniques and make it FUN so you’ll transform your own body FAST (Around week 3 of your program you’ll be able to do ‘suicide-pushups’ with a smile on your face)

  • Ongoing coachingIf fitness would come in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. That’s why we’re here for you 24/7 to coach and motivate you through the transformation that will…change your life! (You can even call us when you’re grocery shopping to ask which Peanut Butter to buy…)
  • AccountabilityNothing will work unless you do… I make sure you show up and DO the workouts and do them in the best manner possible, thus ensuring your results will come QUICKLY (Actually doing it is half the victory, and you will make so many friends in class that you’ll have more than one reason to show up)
  • Fun workouts63% of America has issues at work that include a mean boss, incompetent coworkers, and an overload of stress. Release all that negativity with fun workouts that improve your attitude, energy, and life in general. Plus, if it wasn’t fun you’d probably not show up (Most clients show up early and are eager to start the session…there’s a reason for that)
  • Individualized workout plansEver wondered whether your exercise was actually ‘doing something’? NO more of that! With my instructions and routines your every move makes sense (Besides, to reach a goal without a plan is just a dream…)
  • ConsistencyOur health always seems much more valuable after we lose it…So next January I want you to skip the “new years resolution” craze – because you’re already fit and you kept at it all-year long (57% of US population who starts working out on their own, quits within 60 days…that won’t be you)

Orange County Personal Trainers tell it how it is when it comes to Nutrition

  • Nutritional guidanceDon’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork… Instead, go to school with us on nutrition and you will finally discover what to eat, when to eat, and even how to eat. I warn you, you’ll be shocked when I tell you what foods are bad and how bad they really are (…you probably had one of them in the last 24 hours)
  • Workouts that push you beyond your comfort zoneIf necessary, we’ll put you on track. And we have no problem in pushing you to get things going for you (Having yourself pushed further than how you would push yourself is only possible in Boot Camp and is a sure-fire way to get results)


Here’s what will happen… 

  • Lose the weight you have always wanted to loseWith my tailored programs you will not only burn calories during the workout, but also throughout the entire day (And you’ll KEEP IT OFF – No more yo-yo behavior.)
  • Get lean and defined over your whole body – We’ll seek, kill, and destroy the fat you have in ALL your problem areas (So you get the legs, thighs, arms, and stomach you’ve always wanted)
  • Sleep better – Because of your increased activity level you will fall into a faster and deeper sleep (This will make you more concentrated and productive throughout the day)
  • Improve your mood – Not only will you be more rested and relaxed throughout the day, you will also start looking better which will boost your confidence and self-esteem (You’ll even reduce feelings of depression and anxiety)
  • Increase your energy – You’ll JUMP out of bed in the morning, and feel energetic all day long (And due to your workouts increasing your circulation…you may even improve your sex life…)
  • Combat chronic diseases – You’ll manage high blood pressure and your cholesterol will benefit too (On top of this, our consistent workouts will assist in preventing type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer)

Dear Friend,


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