And The Winners Are…

For the Couples Challenge – Rosie and David


For our SUF Elite program – Antonia, Shaun, and Gaby



Here’s How You Can Get Results Like These In SUF’s 12 Week Private Training Challenge

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Angel Gonzalez Salespic  Lisandro Plancarte Salespic Liz Javier Salespic Meghan Crouch Salespic Stephanie Madera Salespic


If you’re sick and tired of being overweight and out of shape..

Fed up with your ever-increasing waistline, where your favorite clothes just don’t fit ‘like they used to’..

And you feel you’ve TRIED IT ALL but nothing seems to work..

Then right NOW we have an amazing opportunity for you to finally lose all your stubborn fat, get stronger, more definition, and trim down all your problem areas – without wasting anymore time on boring workouts or fad diets.

It’s called..


SUF Elite

SUF Elite is a 12-week private training challenge that is our Rolls-Royce program. It’s for people who are 100% serious about their results.

As of right now, we have..

>>>>>>> 5am Norwalk – 1 spot left

>>>>>>> 5:30pm Norwalk – SOLD OUT

>>>>>>> 5am La Palma – 2 spots left

>>>>>>> 5:30pm La Palma – 3 spots left


This program is not for everyone. It’s only for action-takers who do not make excuses and point fingers. Those people who know that they are where they are in life because of themselves.


Here’s how it works:


*** You will take your initial measurements and Before-pic on Monday July 13th.


*** You will take your final measurements and After-pic on Saturday October 3rd. (Professional Photographer, bikinis, etc)


*** You have 4 sessions per week with your group. Either 5am or 5:30pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and everyone comes together on Saturday at 9am for a group session.


*** You must post your food logs every day on our private facebook group.


*** If you are late to a session twice in a row, you are out of the program


*** If you start skipping sessions without telling your trainer first, you are out of the program


*** Trainers will be:
Norwalk 5am – Alonso
Norwalk 5:30pm – David
La Palma 5am – ..? Not confirmed yet. Maybe me.
La Palma 5:30pm – Lisandro


*** There will be a max of 8 people per session.


*** The winner of Best Transformation wins $1,000.


*** The cost is $299/month, or one up front payment of $750 if you pay cash (most people pay everything up front)


IF YOU WANT IN, then email with:


—- Your First and Last name

—- your age/height/weight

—- which timeslot and location you’d like (Norwalk 5:30pm is sold out)

—- what you’re looking to accomplish and why you would be a good fit for this program

—- how and when you are going to pay for it (most people pay $750 cash, but you can also do 3 payments of $299/month).

+++ IMPORTANT: Your spot is not secured until we receive your payment. +++


—>>> Email TODAY with all the requested info to apply for this program.<<<—