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  • Discover the #1 Mistake that 97% of all middle-aged women make at the gym.
  • See two real-life examples of exercises that make your stomach flat again – especially after having a baby.
  • Discover how to lose as much weight as you possibly can without ever starving yourself.
  • Find out why regular machines don’t work for losing weight, and how you can instantly burn 247% more calories with simple techniques that cut your workout time in half.
  • Discover the REAL way to never hit a plateau again so you can keep losing inches & sizes all the way until you hit your swimsuit-physique.

This ten minute video is a formerly exclusive recording of Fit Body Boot Camp owners Irma Sandoval & Michael Duivis where they spill the beans on the most common mistakes that women make in their attempts at Weight Loss & Toning. Up until now this video was only reserved for clients who paid up to $247/month for access to Southern California’s #1 Fitness Boot Camp.

Plus you’ll also get five, once exclusive mealplans where you will be able to eat a variety of foods that accelerate your fat loss for 21 days in a row.

And you’ll get a special bonus gift, that…if you use it right…will make you lose an average of 2lbs/week and make you fit back into your skinny jeans in no-time.

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