Culver City Personal Training clients have nothing to lose…

Thanks to this Personal Trainer, Culver City can safely “Lose weight…or not pay a dime!”

If you want to lose weight, here’s what you really need to do, how this proven Personal Training program works, and how you can put it to work for you.

You’re about to go deep inside the sometimes twisted world of Fitness and Weight loss. If you’re one of the 23,000 Culver City residents that is actively seeking to lose weight, chances are you’ve been lied to. Many so-called ‘Fitness Experts’ are just out for your money and will promise you the world with their new product, diet, or weight loss program.

Although these spectacular offers sound very attractive, they all rely on the wrong principles. The problem is that many Culver City residents are just too busy to focus on a proper weight loss program….so instead of getting a Culver City or Century City Personal Training program they go for what seems to be the most convenient…but,

Going halfway on your health will always backfire.

And I should know, because I have done so for years. In my child and teenage years I couldn’t be pushed inside a gym as I hated fitness with a passion. The funny thing was that I secretly wanted to have a dream physique, yet I never pursued it out of pure laziness.

This all changed when I was told by a doctor that my blood pressure was abnormally high for my age. I then made the absolute decision to do whatever it takes to become healthier and get that six-pack that I had always wanted so bad. The way I went about this was to read every single book, article, press release, website there possibly was on Health and Fitness. Soon enough I became an expert on the science behind fat loss and once I used it on myself I got into mind-blowing shape practically overnight.

The results were so dramatic that my friends and family sometimes had a hard time recognizing me, and it didn’t take long before others would ask me to help them with their fitness goals.

This startled me at first, though I tried it out and was surprised by how rewarding it was to help others lose weight and improve their lifestyle. That’s when I decided to become a Personal Trainer in Beverly Hills and Culver City.

Now with Straight-Up Fitness I hold over 5 years of experience as a Culver City Personal Trainer. In these years I’ve built up quite a list of Culver City Personal Training clients, and it could be that you may turn out to be the next one. If you’re looking to lose weight, or get in better shape in general…and you feel like you’re being held back by time, your job, or other restrictions – then my service is perfect for someone like you. Here’s why:

  • Straight-Up Fitness is an on-location Culver City Personal Training service. This means that the Personal Trainer comes to you…with the most advanced equipment that’ll simulate an entire gym environment (minus the crowded locker rooms).

  • Usually we recommend you see a Culver City Personal Trainer 2 to 3 times per week, and no more. This has been proven to keep the Personal Training fresh, and in the days you do not have any sessions scheduled you’ll be provided with routines and habits to fall back on so you stay focused towards your fitness goals.

  • The exercise part is only 40 percent of the total equation; the other 60 percent is all nutrition. And this is taken care of through very advanced nutrition advice, shopping lists, meal plans…and most importantly…healthy lifestyle habits.

  • You’ll find that the Culver City Personal Training sessions will be the most intense and innovative workouts you have ever experienced. And the good news is you can bring as many friends as you want. In fact, group sessions are a bit more affordable than one-on-one Personal Training in Culver City.

Also…your results are guaranteed…

The one thing that separates Straight-Up Fitness from all other Personal Trainers in Culver City, is that we offer you your money back if you are not satisfied with your results.

Now with all that said, I understand if you have more questions. And I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you on Culver City or Glendale Personal Training, or, if you want to speak to a representative personally – call (562) 413-6325. In these days many people are cutting back on their ‘luxuries’, though I truly hope you’re not considering your health to be a ‘luxury’. Though my service is often referred to as ‘elite’ and ‘high-end’, it doesn’t mean it’s cost is out of range for the majority. So therefore, I want you to call today to schedule a $1 first workout to see what my Personal Training’s really like. Try me out and we’ll both see if you’re a fit for this Top-Level Culver City Personal Training program.


Call today (562) 413-6325

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Culver City Personal Trainers


With the 10 and 405 Freeways so close to Culver City, Straight-Up Fitness is also capable of offering Personal Training in Santa Monica.

Culver City is known for its often usage as scenery for Hollywood movies. John Travolta starred in the movie Grease and many shots were filmed in the streets of Culver City. It’s hard to believe, but even the original King Kong was shot in Culver City, while many smaller scale television shows were taped in the same areas. Culver City Personal Trainers are known to travel a lot between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, and they usually have a lot of Culver City Personal Training clients that they see in the many parks that Culver City has to offer. I personally love being a Culver City Personal Trainer as I just flat out enjoy driving through the streets that despite the many years, have not lost their historic touch. One of Hollywood’s blockbusters “The Aviator” was one of the first movies that actually named Culver City as Howard Hughes Aviation company had Culver City as its mailing address, even though the company resided in the neighboring Los Angeles area.

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