Top-Level Personal Trainer in Cerritos makes it easy for you…

The lazy woman’s way to Tone and Firm those Hips and Thighs


Are you one of the many in Cerritos who wants to lose weight….and you have all the greatest intentions…but you never really seem to get going on something. As a Personal Trainer in Downey and Cerritos I understand that it can be a daunting task to start up an exercise program just like that…especially if you’ve been ‘out of it’ for a while.

Well, I’m not here to get you down, it seems every time I train my Cerritos Personal Training clients at Liberty Park, I see many enthusiastic people shedding that fat and getting in good shape….

…But I feel like I’m always seeing the same faces…

And I know why, because I’ve been there myself…You’ll come home after a long day of work…and you’re just too lazy to leave the house again and work out. You may even fall in the “tomorrow” trap. Unfortunately this is a downward spiral.

I know all about it since I used to be the most lethargic guy in the world

It wasn’t until I made the definite decision to do something about my flab that I really attained that desire and dedication that made it easy to get in shape. Because that’s where it starts, your mindset. Your body does what your mind tells it to do. And if you’re one of those Cerritos residents looking to lose weight, keep in mind to take it slow.

Get in the best shape of your life, but do it step-by-step.

This is what my Personal Training in Cerritos is built on. Don’t get overwhelmed with the road ahead towards your goal; rather do something every day that makes you better than the day before. This can be as simple as parking your car further from your office (just don’t wear high heels when you do this). The benefits of taking your time include:

  • You’ll enjoy the process as much as your results (the definition of patience)
  • Because we won’t skip a beat, you’ll learn everything that is related to you reaching your fitness goals so you’ll know how to do it again in the future (on other people, YOU shouldn’t have to…)
  • This makes sure you’re losing weight in the healthiest way possible. Since we live in a consumer society, many times people opt for the fast solutions in weight loss…only to leave them stranded at the end. Losing weight gradually at a rate your body can handle will make your results stay with you (for the rest of your life).

And the best part is… losing weight is not that hard. If you live in Cerritos, you can now lose weight without wasting your money on stuff that doesn’t work.

See, 47% of Cerritos is overweight. And even though there are tons of ‘fast weight loss solutions’ around, this percentage has stayed the same for over 3 years. …

The solution is real simple. Do what works, and has been proven to work every single time, that is improving your Exercise & Nutrition. Don’t try to ‘game’ your health with pills, diets, 2 minute workouts, or anything else that smells controversial. Having been a Cerritos and Buena Park Personal Trainer for quite some time now I can safely tell you to stick to the basics and remember:

40% of your results will come from exercise (both cardio and resistance training)

60% of your results come from the food you eat (and how you eat it)

Think big picture and improve one part of both sides every day.
In the end you’ll achieve mastery over this part of your life and you’ll find yourself being in awesome shape. And this is the exact philosophy that I apply in my Personal Training in Cerritos. But rather than tell you how I believe my service is great, here’s a testimonial…

My Cerritos Personal Training gives you:

  • Intense workouts on location (Train wherever you like – office, home, park, wherever)
  • Detailed attention to your needs (No body is created the same, so both our Cerritos and Cypress Personal Trainers know that not one workout should be the same either)
  • Advanced nutrition advice (Within weeks I’ll make you an expert on what, how, and how often to eat)
  • Commitment (You’ll find it extremely hard to come up with an excuse to skip your workouts)
  • Consistency (The key to getting where you want to be, if you feel unmotivated and need someone to push you, then Personal Training in Lakewood and Cerritos is your solution)

The results you’ll get with my Personal Fitness Training in Cerritos will blow you away. I’m confident in saying that, and to make it even better, I’m so sure of my service that I’ll guarantee it to you

So really, if all the risk is on me…What else do you need to get started? ….It can’t be the:

  • Lack of time – because I come to you
  • Money – group session are as low as $35 per session
  • Results – they’re guaranteed, so…

With all that said, if you’re truly ready to eliminate your excess fat, remove your back pains, improve your posture, turn heads at the beach, and feel energetic throughout the day…then here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:

Call (562) 413-6325

Or visit:

Cerritos Personal Training

If you live in the nearby surroundings of Cerritos, you can still get an awesome workout experience in the nearby cities of Cerritos. In fact, our Personal Trainers in La Mirada are known to get their clients somewhat freaky results.


Cerritos has been around for a while, though the most recent events in history include the opening of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, which lies comfortable close by the Cerritos Towne Centr Project. This project has office, shopping, arts, and dining all combined in an outside location. Also, most recently the Cerritos Sheriff’s station has been opened, while the Cerritos public library had just been remodeled. These events were all planned and prepared to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Cerritos in the year of 2006. Everybody who has been to Cerritos knows that there are some nice houses, and the Cerritos Mall attracts thousands of shoppers every weekend, yet many wouldn’t think that Cerritos used to be the most rapidly growing city in California. In just 2 years starting at 1970, the city of Cerritos grew its population from 16,000 to a bit less than 40,000. This was caused by a great amount of upper-class Asian families moving into Cerritos. Cerritos saw a bit of a tragedy when on the 31st of August two airplanes, one big, one small, crashed into each other in mid-air. The little airplane crashed into a playground of a Cerritos middle school, though the big aircraft (a DC-9) fell upside-down out of the sky and fell right on top of 4 houses. This Cerritos tragedy caused for 15 deaths on the ground, and 67 in the airplane. A memoir of this whole incident can be seen at the Cerritos Sculpture Garden.





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