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The secrets of a Burbank Fitness Expert


To all Burbank residents:

If you are one of the many that are currently trying to lose weight (which is 59% of Burbank)…or if you have ever gone on a diet in general…then you’ll definitely want to take 5 minutes to read this page. It’s very likely that you’ll be able to relate to it.

Throughout my years of being a Personal Trainer in Santa Monica and Burbank I have led many to live a healthier lifestyle (…even though my approach is not like others out there…).

Most of the time, I would start training clients that had tried everything already. They had already been on the crash diets, the 60 second workouts, the low-carb craze, etc, etc (Some of them had even hired a Burbank Personal Trainer before). Pretty much, they had tried all the stuff that seemed ‘effortless’ and either saw no results with it or received lousy service.

The problem with all these diets and exercise-made-simple plans out there is that they never take the ‘big picture’ into account.

In reality, weight loss is very simple – it’s all about this:

If you burn more calories than you eat…You lose weight…

If you eat more calories than you burn…you gain weight…

With that said, it would be logical to just cut all your calories and expect instant weight loss …right?

Yeah, I guess you can go that route…but then you’ll be confusing weight-loss with fat loss. And this is something the weight loss clinics and Personal Trainers in Burbank don’t want you to know – weight loss and fat loss are not the same. When you lose weight, it’s not guaranteed that all of that is fat. In fact, if you were to just follow a diet and ignore the exercise, the majority of your lost weight will be muscle. This will have you:

  • Find it impossible to get toned
  • Break down your immune system
  • Weaken your bones
  • …and most importantly, lower your metabolism which will cause the notorious yo-yo effect in the long run.

And that’s why my Burbank Personal Training program is different. Having been booked solid as a Personal Trainer in Burbank for years made me not only establish a business of Personal Training in Beverly Hills, I also make my clients reach their goals…keep them forever…and teach them how to do it for themselves or others. If you really want to lose weight in Burbank, it’s not just about some ‘simple solution’. The #1 way to attack your fitness goal is think big picture. After I compose an extensive meal plan for you with tons of nutrition advice to give you a healthy lifestyle, the exercise will start:

  • First, we strengthen your core (This will have you doing all exercises properly and will eliminate any back pain you may have)
  • Second, we’ll make sure you increase your balance (This is a little trick to have your muscles work together so you’ll feel stronger throughout the day)
  • Third, we’re going to increase your endurance (You’ll keep up longer in what you love doing)
  • Fourth, we’re going to do dynamic weight training that will leave you toned, breathless, and confident in the new body you’re achieving.

I’m 100% sure of myself that I’ll deliver the results that you want…because I’ve been through the same hardships that everybody goes through when they were overweight. As a matter of fact, in my teenage days I was very chubby and my stomach was as soft as a pillow.

I always wanted to have a dream body, yet I never got one until I spent a couple of years studying what’s right and what’s wrong. And it’s this same expertise that I deliver in my Personal Training in Burbank. The way my clients look is a representation of my Personal Training program so you can rest assured that I give you the dream body you wanted…guaranteed.

All it takes is one phone call to set up a first session with me for $1. You will have no obligation to purchase anything. I’ll train you to the same detail as my other clients, just to give you a taste of what it’s like to have a Certified Personal Trainer in Burbank. Then we’ll take it from there and I can show you prices for one-on-one training or group training. To find out more, visit:

Personal Trainer in Burbank

P.S.  So if you’re thinking about losing weight, and you want to get in touch with what you REALLY need, then you can also just call this number to set up a first workout with me to see how you like my Burbank Personal Training:

(562) 413-6325

In case you’re reading this page, and you’re interested…but you don’t live in Burbank – be sure to visit Straight-Up Fitness’ , Century City Personal Trainers. And of course we also offer Personal Training in the very nearby city – on the other side of the mountain – of Glendale through our Glendale Personal Training .

Burbank is a beautiful city that was held by 2 Spanish land grants, the first of which was Don Verdugo in 1798. It is here that Burbank came into existence and business started picking up. During the railroad wars when the tickets were very cheap, many people fled into Burbank to set up their business and residences. Further down the road, Burbank’s continued growth led to the development of aviation and entertainment in Burbank. The reason for this is because of Burbank’s preferable location, close to Hollywood and the Los Angeles Airport. In the mid-1920’s the Lockheed Company bought a small piece of Burbank land on which it built a plant for the production of its planes. By the time of World War II, Burbank was housing over 93,000 employees that until then had made over 17,000 planes. This vast amount if equipment made Burbank well-known in the Aviation industry as Burbank’s planes helped during the Battle of Britain. The war itself, caused Burbanks population to rise from 54,000 only 2 years before the end of the war. Another factor that made the Burbank population rise was in the 20’s when the motion picture industry moved to Burbank. Walt Disney also moved to Burbank as it had outgrown it’s Hollywood quarters and purchased around 50 acres of Burbank property.

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