Elite Personal Trainer in Buena Park lets his clients know…

You don’t have to be a Fitness Fanatic to be in Awesome shape

To all Buena Park residents,

Hi, I’m Michael Duivis and as an experienced Buena Park Personal Trainer it has come to my attention that my Buena Park Personal Training clients either throw themselves into a Fitness program with 200% intensity…or do nothing at all.

I know how you feel if you want to lose weight…you want results fast

Of course it’s great if you devote yourself 6000% to losing weight, burning that fat, toning those hips, but it’s just my opinion that you can’t keep up such intensity for a long time before you eventually burn out…and end up worse than when you started.

If you’re overweight, or you just want to tone-up and get in better general shape…and you feel like there’s all these things in life holding you back…then take your time, and do it like a professional would.

The way I work as a Personal Trainer in Cerritos and Buena Park is that during our Personal Training sessions I take you to school on Fitness so you’ll learn exactly how to do everything by yourself when I’m not around. Getting La Mirada Personal Training or from Buena Park is not another one of those ‘fast weight loss solutions’, it’s more for people who look at the bigger picture of things.

If you want to get the results you want, and keep them for the rest of your life…then start thinking about how a Personal Trainer can help you.

The problem whenever I say something like that, is that Buena Park Personal Trainers often have a bad rep because of the typical stereotypes that are associated with them. Many Personal Trainers in Buena Park don’t take their job as serious as they should, which leads them to be a bit flaky at times, or even worse, to see Personal Training as a part-time thing.

Having a Personal Trainer that can relate to you makes all the difference.

With Straight-Up Fitness things are different. Our Fullerton Personal Trainers and Trainers in Buena Park work with guarantees. The first guarantee is that I used to be in worse shape than you are right now.

The first 18 years of my life I had no activity at all. I even thought about hiring a Personal Trainer in Anaheim myself. I hated working out and I pretty much was made out of 0% muscle. At a certain point I got sick of being so weak & tired all the time and made the decision to act upon my fitness goals with a “get-fit-or-die-trying” attitude. The way I did this was through intensive studies on fitness and weight loss books and classes, and in the end it all paid off once I dropped 6% Body fat in less than 2 months. Once this happened I told myself I never wanted to go back to where I was before, so I studied a bit more on how to stay in shape.

Achieving your Fitness goals is easier than keeping them for the rest of your life

And this is where my career as a Buena Park Personal Trainer started. I began helping others out in their eternal quests for Weight Loss, and to my own surprise they saw amazing results using my theories and Training.

Now, back to the guarantees – the second guarantee that Straight-Up Fitness works with is that your results are guaranteed. I’m so confident in my Personal Training and the results that you’ll get out of it…that I guarantee it for a period of 60 days.


Having a Buena Park Personal Trainer from Straight-Up Fitness will make you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Burn Fat
  • Tone-Up
  • Gain Energy
  • Eat Healthier
  • Lose sizes
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes & high blood pressure
  • Increase your bone density
  • …and most importantly Straight-Up Fitness will make you want to workout again.

If this is something you really want to go for, to get your fitness goals out of the way (at no risk to you), then schedule a $1 session with one of Straight-Up Fitness’ Buena Park Personal Trainers today.

Call (562) 413-6325

Or visit

Buena Park Personal Training

Straight-Up Fitness also offers their services through their Lakewood Personal Trainers and believe it or not – even though the city of Cypress itself is pretty small – we have been getting requests for Cypress Personal Training as well so we offer our Training in Cypress too.


Buena Park started its existence when the King of Spain made big land grants on which explorers from Spain would settle. So first Buena Park was under Spanish influence, though around 1922 it turned to Mexico under which it would later receive statehood of California in in 1850. This led Buena Park to further increase its development by having a transcontinental railroad installed which would connect Buena Park to Los Angeles for easy access to the many Buena Park residents’ working facilities. Eventually the city of Buena Park was incorporated in 1953. Back then there was an agricultural center which is now the center and most popular residential suburb of Buena Park. Of course Knotts Berry Farm is now the main attraction of Buena Park, though the city also offers Indian Village, which is somewhat the same as little India which lays 15 miles away from Buena Park.

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