Here’s how you can FINALLY get Tone ‘n Firm with SoCal’s #1 Bootcamp by paying only $299 for the ENTIRE year…




HB 2.0 deal pic




  If you watched the video…….


……….You KNOW that’s a winning offer 




As of September 19th:

Costa Mesa……………………….SOLD OUT

Fountain Valley…………………SOLD OUT

Culver City……………………….Open

Yorba Linda………………………SOLD OUT





If you still have questions, you can call me on (562) 413-6325 or email me at But before you do, see for yourself what results you can expect….


Dear Friend,

If you want to:

  • Get in the best shape of your LIFE
  • Tone & firm your entire body
  • Lose all the jiggle from your arms
  • Get healthier overall
  • Increase your energy in the fastest way possible
  • ….And no longer fall into the “I’ll workout tomorrow” trap………….


I’m going to make you an offer you CAN’T refuse.



I want to cut straight to the point here: The regular price for my bootcamp is $297 per month for UNLIMITED access if you commit to 12 months. That means you can attend Los Angeles’ & the OC’s #1 Fat-Burning and Stomach Flattening workout as often as 5 DAYS PER WEEK….all for just $297 per month (which equals to $3564 per year – nutrition advice included).

BUT since you found this page….


….here’s where it can get REALLY GOOD for you:


I’m letting the first 20 people into each boot camp for $299 for the ENTIRE YEAR….That’s $299 for a whole YEAR of Fitness Bootcamp training where you can come as often as you want (equals out to less than $0.82 per day).


Yes, there is 1 Small catch……


And here it is: To get in for this price you MUST promise to help me out put in your best effort to refer me paying clients.

Personal Training in Yorba Linda


And I understand if that seems like hard work to you….but imagine yourself melting fat all over and looking more stunning every day…..don’t you think people will ask you how you did it? Besides, I’m going to give you some powerful referral tools to get the job done with your eyes closed.


And to make this a TOTAL No-Brainer for you…………….


50 bill front


I will give you $50 CASH for every new client that you bring me


50 bill back


So even if you were skeptical about paying $299 for an entire year of bootcamp training, you can EASILY make your investment back 10x over!

See, as I help you get to your goals for $0.82 per day, I need you to help me get me to my goals by referring me clients. Doing so….YOU get in the best shape of your life while I won’t have to pay big $ for marketing.



It’s a total win-win (but only for the first 20)


This is NOT some fake scarcity – I’m putting links to this site all over the web and once I have 20 ‘Human Billboards’ that have paid their $299 I’m taking this site down. Then the lucky 20 are going to start kicking butt on a daily basis (see above for which locations are sold out already).


And just to take away ALL your doubt….I’m giving you your first session FREE for you to try it out. This way you can make an informed decision whether my bootcamp is a perfect fit for you.


If you’re a go-getter, then do this:


Email to your:

  • Name
  • Phone#
  • Preferred location
  • Date you can start

Here are the locations & schedules:


Yorba Linda Personal Trainer

One more time….to tone & firm your entire body for the next 12 MONTHS for $0.82 per day, email your name, phone, location, and date you can start to


…If you still have questions – call me on (562) 413-6325…But whatever you do….DON’T procrastinate….because I can GUARANTEE you that this deal won’t last very long…….

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