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 The 5 other ways to lose weight in Arcadia

Hi there,

My name is Michael Duivis and I am a Personal Trainer serving the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now and I have built up quite a client base in Arcadia. In the past few years, it has seemed that more and more people are having the same fitness goals. Statistically, 76% of my clients want to lose weight, and the interesting part is they all want it:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • …and Painless…

Now, I’m not here to tell you that my Personal Training is the end-all Arcadia solution to your fast, easy, and painless weight loss desires…because it isn’t. But what I do believe is that if you first have the right mindset, your weight loss experience will be much more pleasant than expected. That’s why (instead of trying to sell you guys my service) let me give you some insider tips on how to think like a true Fitness Model.

 My personal story is that I used to be pretty chubby myself. I got sick and tired of it one day and decided to burn of all the fat once and for all. At the time, I had no idea how to do it, so before I started studying the Fitness and Weight Loss books I decided to apply a mindset first…that would not recognize failure.

What I’m talking about here is… I chose to have a new attitude. I read once in a dictionary that the definition of attitude is how you prepare yourself for life’s challenges. If we have a submissive attitude, we will invite defeat – if we have an optimistic attitude, we will invite success. All in all, it comes down to the fact that you become what you think about.

So why am I talking about this? And what are these “5 other ways to lose weight in Arcadia”?

As an Arcadia Personal Trainer I see too many people jump into a weight loss program with the wrong attitude. Therefore before you even think about hiring a Personal Trainer (or spending money on other weight loss solutions)…consider these thoughts – they might just give you an attitude of success:

  1. Surround yourself with people who feel good about themselves.
    These are the ones with a positive attitude, the people that have achieved a great success of their own and are willing to share it. Negative-minded people will pull you down and then leave you cluttered on the side of the road. Positive-minded people will pull you up, reveal your hidden potentials and make you success-minded. Personal Trainers are great at this. Be infected by them.
  2. Always seek to step up.
    Have you ever started an exercise program – got results in the beginning – and then the results stopped coming – you got bored – and eventually you quit?…The problem is, your “initial” weight loss results are only a small part of your potential success.

    Ever heard of a mediocre success?                             There is no such thing!

    Success is always a step higher than mediocre. Seek always to step up from where you are. So when you stop seeing results – then switch up your routine and shock your body into another fat burning mode so you’ll get leaner than ever. If this is something that startles you, then my Arcadia Personal Training program may be a solution. Never will I have you rest on your laurels (Which is why I only accept the motivated ones).

  3. Look for opportunities in every challenge.
    The Chinese symbol for “Crisis” is comprised out of 2 characters: One represents danger and the other represents opportunity. If you have a challenge to lose that stubborn fat in your stomach, don’t be the victim of the negative feelings that may come from your problem – instead, let it motivate you to act upon the opportunity to pursue your beach-ready dream body.
  4. Learn, learn, learn.
    Our minds need to be fed…and not with the junk you see in the many infomercials on fast weight loss! Rather, learn step-by-step not only how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but also how to maintain it for the rest of your life so you’ll have the know-how to get in mind-blowing shape whenever you want. This is a huge aspect of the way I believe a Personal Trainer should do his work – not only over delivering on results – but also teaching the client on the real truths on how your body works.
  5. Be of service.
    Help others be successful and they will help you succeed. On the ladder of success, push the one above you towards the top and pull the ones below you. So once you have your fitness goals under control, pass it along to others. This will benefit you indirectly since it makes you feel good, AND you’ll naturally keep up your motivation to stay that role-model to others.

Building this attitude for success can be done quickly, just make the decision to do it. That’s what I did with my Personal Training in Glendale, resulting in my schedule being booked solid for years with clients from Glendale’s surrounding areas like Arcadia and I even hired Personal Trainers in Whittier. With this in mind I even incorporated a little assurance in case you were doubting whether this is ‘for real’


So if you’re tired of being in the “I’ll workout tomorrow” mode, and you feel ready to lose weight the healthy way…but you’re STILL doubting…then read this

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Personal Trainer in Arcadia

In case you were wondering “I don’t live in Arcadia – What about me?” – Straight-Up Fitness also has Personal Training in Pasadena. Another nearby city where you might hear of us is La Canada-Flintridge, since we have Personal Trainers in La Canada-Flintridge,

The history of Arcadia began when over 3,000 years ago the Gabrielino Natives settled for its water lands where the new Arcadia residents could hunt and gather. Hugo Reid was Arcadia’s first well-known settle as he was the 1st individual land owner of Arcadia’s area. He became more well-known as he sotcked cattle and built the first structure. Afer this, there were many other owners of the land, of which the most famous was Elias J. Baldwin who bought Arcadia for $200,000. He was quoted to have said that Arcadia resembled paradise due to its beautiful landscaping and foothill greeneries. He then started building all sorts of infrastructure so soon enough Arcadia would start resembling an actual city. The economy of Arcadia has always been based a bit on entertainment and hospitality, ever since it became a city in the year of 1903.

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