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Does Anaheim make these Weight Loss mistakes?


Dear Anaheim resident,


Do you remember those times when you could eat whatever the heck you wanted? Whether it was a Churro from Knott’s Berry Farm or cotton candy from Downtown Disneyland, you would never really see the results in your body? In your earlier years you were toned and fit…but then all of a sudden it seemed like everything was catching up to you? You started gaining some inches around your waist, you started feeling bloated after eating junkfood, and you were out of breath after walking up the stairs? The problem is that no matter what your body type is like…


Bad habits in nutrition and exercise will always catch up to you.

There’s a big science behind it, but it basically comes down to the fact that your stomach goes into a state of shock from what it is forced to process. It usually takes years before symptoms start to appear, even though the ‘assault’ started long before. And once your digestive system is impaired to work properly, many toxins will build up in your body. Your body’s natural response is to increase your overall mass to reduce the % of toxins over your whole body.

So that’s why sometimes you may gain weight, without really understanding why…because it’s a natural reaction from your body to increase it’s mass to make the amount of toxins seem ‘smaller’.

Now, the optimum solution is to get to the root of the problem, which is to get your stomach back to normal functioning mode. You do this by eating whole foods and incorporating a good exercise program. And this is exactly what many Anaheim residents are doing these days.

This page will lead you to a better lifestyle starting today

My name is Michael Duivis, and I am a Personal Trainer in La Mirada and Anaheim. I specialize in Weight Loss & Fitness and every single aspect that comes along with it. Whatever case of weight loss is desired, I make it happen by overdelivering on my Personal Training service so you don’t waste any time in doing stuff that doesn’t work. Even though I’m very confident in my ability to give you the body that you’ve always desired…it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I got in shape myself. I actually used to be the worst example of exercise and fitness.


Out of shape ever since I was born, I decided in my early twenties to do something about my everlasting chubbiness and studied every single piece of lecture there was on how to lose weight, fitness, nutrition, etc. And once I got myself into shape, others started asking me to help them do the same thing on them…to make a long story short – I became a Personal Trainer in Brea and many other cities including Anaheim and started up my company Straight-Up Fitness shortly after.

Now I serve hundreds of clients with my Orange County Personal Training in which I come to you. I can train you either at home or in a gym in either Anaheim or through my Fullerton Personal Training program. Also, bear in mind that I do have…….

LA Personal TrainingTo see how this works, call:

(562) 413-6325

and apply for a free first workout session with me. Just to see how you like it.

Or, you can visit:

Anaheim Personal Training


My training is geared towards a 100% guaranteed success ratio. If you don’t lose weight or reach your desired goal, I guarantee I will keep training you until you will. My workouts are proven to:Personal Trainer Anaheim

  • Make you lose weight
  • Increase your energy level throughout the day
  • Tone and firm those muscles in your ‘problem’ areas
  • Motivate you through the whole process of reaching the ultimate physique of your dreams
  • Take you to school on Fitness and teach you step-by-step how to opt for healthier lifestyles

For many more benefits, or to read (many, many) more testimonials, visit

Personal Trainers in Anaheim

or call

(562) 413-6325.


If you’re excited to jump into this life-changing experience, but don’t live in Anaheim, you can also get High-Level Personal Training in Villa Park, and of course we also make Villa Park’s neighbors lose weight through our very advanced Personal Training in Yorba Linda.

Anaheim is located in the Orange County and is pronounced as ANN-hime. The name Anaheim comes from the Santa Ana river and the German word for home, which is “Heim”. Many Personal Trainers don’t realize this, but Anaheim is actually one of the most-populated cities in California with around 350,000 resident. Many personal trainers work in Anaheim, some oven not covering the entire city due to its size. The city of Anaheim is known for its theme parks, sports teams and nicely located convention center with beautiful palm trees. Anaheim was founded German families in 1857 where it started as an industrial center for aircraft parts, fruit, and electronics. Disneyland Resort is the popular theme park located in Anaheim, opening in 1955 and serving millions of people every year. While the Anaheim Angels are a very popular baseball team with a nice stadium called the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, the Anaheim Convention Center  is ranked the largest convention center  on the US West Coast.

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