This Anaheim Fitness Boot Camp Guarantees You Will Lose 6 Inches Off Your Waistline, 4 lbs Off Your Problem Spots, And Tighten Up Your Whole Body In Just 3 Short Weeks… Or You Will Get Your Money Back!



Dear Anaheim resident,


If the claim above sounds too good to be true, then I totally understand. My name is Michael Duivis, and I started Straight-Up Fitness Boot Camp quite some years ago. If you would’ve told me back then that hundreds of Anaheim residents would have gotten in awesome shape at our bootcamp… I probably would’ve thought you were nuts…



Straight-Up Fitness Boot Camp is the ultimate fitness solution for your Anaheim weight loss & fitness goals. Whether you need to just tone up some of your problem areas, or you want to lose over 40 lbs without starving yourself, you have definitely come to the right place.


I can tell you in a million words how our program is the best, but nothing is going to matter as much as what your fellow Anaheim residents have to say about our bootcamp. The way we ensure your fitness success is by delivering short intense workouts combined with some small tweaks to the way that you’re eating.


Combine that with a 24/7 motivation coming from the instructors and fellow bootcampers, and last but not least – accountability to keep coming in for more… your success is pretty much inevitable as long as you follow our simple instructions.


And we truly have no doubt that you will not only lose weight, tone up, and feel great in our bootcamp, that we offer a guarantee that’s unheard of in any service industry out there.



now if this sounds like something you’d want to learn more about, we offer a one-time free trial session where you can get a taste of what it’s like… and a perfect opportunity to see if we’re really as good as we say we are. You will not have to put down any payment information or any commitment before trying us out, just register on this website, come through for your trial session, and at the end simply say “yes” or ”no” to whether you want to get on board our special introductory offer.



But if you’re still skeptical then I do understand. Even though you have a money back guarantee, tons of Anaheim fitness enthusiasts saying that our program works, AND an opportunity to try us out for free… I know that there can still be a ‘weird’ feeling that may be holding you back. And let’s face it, you probably just heard about us and have no idea if we’re the real deal… that’s why we came up with the most common questions that we get all the time from first-time clients just like you  -and we answered them as thorough as possible.




If you still have questions and you’re not quite ready to register for a totally free session, then simply call (800) 425-1296 and we’ll answer any questions you still may have. Don’t wait any second longer, and claim your opportunity to try this one-of-a-kind fitness center today by registering on this site. Then let us know what day & time you want to come in, we’ll hold your spot, and you will have taken your very first step into getting the body of your dreams. We promise it! Without any fad diets, yukky food, tedious workouts, or gimmicky workout equipment… just pure results with Straight-Up Fitness Boot Camp. We can’t wait to have you in our bootcamp, have an awesome day!





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