So Arcelia won our SUF Elite round (click here to see that video in case you missed it).

She lost almost 30 lbs and over 10% Bodyfat. Here are a couple things she did to see those results:

-1- She followed our instructions to the ‘t’

Whomever your trainer is, wherever you are in the world – if you have a trainer, just DO AS YOU’RE TOLD..

Sounds simple, but.. you’d be surprised how many clients are told to eat Asparagus and eat Honey Nut Cheerios instead.

(The instant you eat sugar, all fat burning stops)

-2- She drank water

Over a gallon a day. 4 out of 5 Americans are dehydrated (And without enough water, all fat burning stops)

-3- She took Krill Oil

This gives you Omega 3’s. Long story short, they make your body ‘release’ your fat to be burned. It also clears your skin and prevents joint pain. And it improves your short term memory, so you’ll remember everything your partner ever said.

-4- She prioritized her sleep

The only time you burn fat and build muscle is when you’re sleeping. 8 hours is perfect, but shoot for 7, and remember that every hour you get before midnight counts double.

-5- She did jumprope on her ‘days off’

If you’re pressed for time, there is no quicker effective cardio then jumping rope or doing hill sprints. When jumping rope, either shoot for 1,000 jumps (in sets of 50, 100, or 200)…

Or switch it up and do ‘tabata’ intervals.. go 20 seconds as HARD as you can, then 10 seconds stop, and repeat until your hair’s on fire.

-6- She did Intermittent Fasting

‘Intermittent Fasting’ is when you don’t eat for 12-16 hours after your last meal of the day…

So let’s say you eat your last meal at 7pm, then the next day you start eating at 11am.

This leaves you an 8-hour ‘eating window’

In this window, you eat low-calorie and low-carb in the first 4 hours, and then eat most of your calories and ALL YOUR CARBS in the last 4 hours.

(you ‘feast’ at night)

Doing this, you basically ‘burn fat’ in the AM, and build muscle in the PM.

And during the fasting period you’ll improve your insulin sensitivity and replenish your liver enzymes (giving your digestive system a break).

While in your ‘eating phase’, you boost growth hormone, and you’ll probably sleep better after eating all them carbs.

It sounds simple, and it is – but you MUST eat big in your last meal. It’s counter-intuitive, but it works and is easy to follow (I’ll do a video on this soon in our SUF FB group).

Other than these 6 tips, Arcelia stayed consistent. Day in, day out, being patient.

And so can you..

If you just take one thing from this email, it’s this:

Weight loss… is not the same as fat loss.

You can lose 40lbs a month if weight loss is all that matters. Fat, muscle, and water.

But if you’re looking to keep it off.. then focus on fat loss instead.

And fat loss is slower. Like some good Bison Ribs. Cook them slowly and you’ll be in heaven.

Enjoy the process, wherever you’re at!



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