Hey Michael here with SUF – hope you had a great Thursday!

By now you probably know the #1 supplement everyone should take – regardless whether you workout or not:

Krill Oil (or a high quality fish oil)

The benefits are too many to mention, but it’s the 1 supplement I’d say is an absolute must.

Then there’s protein powder.. pre-workouts.. creatine.

Most of us know about those.

So here are 4 supplements you may have never heard of.

Take these if your nutrition is already solid and you religiously take your krill/fish oil:

>>>>> Curcumin (or Turmeric)

This is kinda like Ginger, except a little more potent with all the same benefits.

It fights inflammation, which prevents lots of diseases.

And it prevents cravings, improves digestion, soothes joint pain, and studies have shown it might offer protection against cancers.

500 mg per day for women. 1 g per day for men.

>>>>> Vitamin D

Only way you’ll get enough Vitamin D in naturally is by walking around naked outside for hours every day. Preferably where nobody else can see you.

Vitamin D boosts testosterone, improves bone density, your immune system.

3,000 IU per day for women, 5,000 IU for men.

>>>>> Beta Alanine

You ever take a pre-workout and get that tingly feeling? That’s beta-alanine.

Beta-Alanine gives you more endurance in activities that last anywhere from 30 sec – 30 minutes.

So even thought you’ll feel it – it won’t do much for weightlifting sessions. Unless you’re going high reps.

Beta Alanine is best for cardio sessions. So like, on Sundays, right after church. Everyone else goes straight to IHOP – but you go straight to your car and scoop 2 grams of beta-alanine in your water. Then feel the tingles and do an intense hike, or hill sprints.

>>>>> Ashwaganda

A herbal extract that reduces anxiety and stress. In al all natural way.

I usually don’t recommend supplements to ‘fight anxiety’ – as you always become what you think about.

But with so many Doctors prescribing anti-depressants, I’m just saying that IF you’re in this boat, then try the natural route first.

These 4 supplements can boost your results and make you feel better. Check them out and let me know how it goes.

Also, tomorrow morning is Friday morning. I had a client no-show on Wednesday because “Se me pegaron las covijas”.

Which basically means “the blankets in her bed were stuck”

Don’t get stuck in your blankets when the alarm clock goes tomorrow. Get your workout in and your weekend will be off to a flying start!


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